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  • Start The Squad Division

    • Start Date: 07/24/2018
      Completion Date: 08/26/2018
      Expected Completion Date: 08/01/2018

    I would like to start the Squad division as soon as possible. Yesterday, we received a Squad server license here:



    This is a very big opportunity for us in my opinion. Especially considering the game's community server statistics are very well.


    I plan to host two Squad servers. One in Strasbourg, France and the other in Montreal, CA (IPs will be geo-located to Chicago, US). I believe the slot counts for these servers will be around 80 - 100. 


    I have a manager in mind for these servers who I will be announcing in the future. The next thing we need to do is build an admin team for each server. My goal is to have 24/7 admin coverage.


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    Leader: Roy Members - Roy , k2nod , Argyros
    Progress - 100%

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    We so far have one server admin. I have PM'd two others asking if they're still interested in being an admin for our Squad division.


    I will be searching for more as well.


    All admins MUST follow these guidelines. This is a requirement for the license.



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    I've added two server admins. @CrusTi and @Cally. @Argyros will also be helping with the division.


    We currently have one Squad server set up in Germany. This is a AAS-only server. @CrusTi is idling on the server currently and we're going to see how it goes. Here is the current map rotation:



    Al Basrah AAS v1
    Belaya AAS v1
    Chora AAS v2
    Fool's Road AAS v1
    Fool's Road AAS v2
    Fool's Road AAS v3
    Gorodok AAS v1
    Kamdesh AAS v1
    Kohat AAS v1
    Narva AAS v1
    OP First Light AAS v1
    Sumari AAS v1
    Sumari AAS v2
    Yehorivka AAS v1
    Yehorivka AAS v3


    We will make adjustments if necessary.


    After we experiment with the Germany server, we will be also setting up a server in the United States.



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