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  • Email Rust/Steam Developers

    • Start Date: 04/21/2018
      Completion Date: 01/01/1970
      Expected Completion Date: 01/01/2019

    Since a Rust update in early February, a major networking issue exists. The issue is explained on a technical level in this thread. Basically, the server.ip command isn't obeyed by Valve's Master Server. Therefore, it is more than likely reporting the incorrect public IP to the Valve Master Server.


    In our situation, due to how our firewall is setup, we need the Valve Master Server to grab a specific internal IP (which will be sourced out as the Rust's external IP through a Source NAT rule). Unfortunately, it is grabbing the machine's internal IP instead of the IP we assigned it to using the server.ip command. The machine's internal IP is sourcing out as a different external address than the Rust's external address. Therefore, clients are requesting the wrong IP in the server browser and the server doesn't show up.


    I will be emailing the Rust/Steam developers regarding this issue. According to the Rust developers, this is a Steam issue and they are investigating it. Though, it has been over two months now and no results...


    Knowing Steam/Valve, we will more than likely have to investigate this issue ourselves and find out the cause directly.


    Note - Our Rust server is currently not functional in the server browser due to this issue. Another task will be addressing a work-around I plan on implementing.


    This is a project moved from our old Technical Tasks database to the Projects database. Some sensitive information may have been cut out when moving to the public.

    Leader: Roy Members - Roy
    Progress - 20%

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    An update on this, I plan on creating the email while I am on my trip tomorrow until April 28th (unless if I become too busy with work-related training and so on).


    I will also be compiling a list of emails to send to including Rust and Steam developers.


    Thank you!





    Dear Rust and Steam developers,


    I would like to address an issue that started occurring after a Rust update in early February. The issue is explained in the following thread from Oxide:




    At the moment, the Valve Master Server retrieves the machine IP (or the default route) instead of the IP specified with the `server.ip` command. For servers running under NAT, this can be troublesome.


    My server is running under a firewall and experiencing this issue. My machine's internal IP is `192.168.x.y` which gets sourced out as the firewall's external IP. My Rust server's internal IP is `192.168.x.y` which gets sourced out as our external Rust IP. Therefore, when the Valve Master Server retrieves the machine's internal IP which gets sourced out as the firewall's external IP, it is trying to request the incorrect

    external IP and displays the server as offline in the server browser under the incorrect IP.


    Although there are a few workarounds such as a firewall rule that sourced the machine's internal IP out as the Rust external IP. I believe these are inconsistent and sloppy.


    Overall, I am hoping the Rust or Steam developers can address this issue and eventually fix it.


    If you need any help with testing, please let me know!


    Thank you for reading.


    1. Still need to work on that email and add more information.
    2. Still need to compile a list of Rust/Steam emails to send this to.
    3. Sending the email out on a Monday at 8:00 AM PST (when devs over there start working) would probably be best.





    I have a friend of mine compiling a list of emails for Steam/Rust now. Once he sends me back the list, I will then work on sending the email to them.





    Update - Still waiting for a list of emails.



    Changed Task Priority to Low



    Decreased task's priority due to finding a proper workaround for our server detailed here:



    I am still waiting for a list of emails of Steam/Rust developers.



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