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  • Email Valve Regarding Poor Community Server Support

    • Start Date: 07/25/2018
      Completion Date: 01/01/1970
      Expected Completion Date: 01/01/2019

    I would like to email Valve regarding the poor community servers support in games such as CS:GO and TF2.


    For CS:GO, I've made the following Reddit threads that hit the top page without any response from Valve:






    I understand the chances of Valve responding is very low. However, I do think it's still worth a try. In the end, what harm could be done? It gives me more experience with writing emails and so on.



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    This is something still on my to-do list. I've been talking to others about this as well.


    I did a couple requests with the Steam Master Server for CS:GO. As of right now, there is a 20,000 max servers cap on the Steam Master Server. When trying to pull all CS:GO community servers from the list, it exceeds 20,000. Therefore, I decided to do two separate queries, one which included all empty servers and the other which included all non-empty servers. I concluded ~19,000 empty servers and ~2,000 non-empty servers. This totals to around ~21,000 servers and I performed these requests a few months ago. Since them the amount of community servers has probably only grown.


    The in-game server browser has a cap of 4,000 - 5,000 servers. Therefore, if you think about it, a normal player only gets to see 4-5K servers out of the 21K total servers. With that said, a majority of the servers are empty.


    The in-game server browser also sorts by ping. If you think about it, a lot of major companies spin up hundreds of CS:GO servers in certain locations that stay empty. If the player is near this location, they would only see mostly empty servers (in-game server browser sorts by latency, so go figure). In my opinion, this is pretty bad for the player to see and probably results in them exiting the server browser and going to match-making if they haven't played a community server before.


    What I'm going to propose to Valve is to have things setup similar to how Garry's Mod is. A rating system. The higher your rate is, the more further down your server shows. The lower your server rating is, the higher the server shows on the list. Basically, the server browser should sort by the server's rating ascending. Therefore, the lower the rating is, the better. I'm pulling this code from the JavaScript file the Garry's Mod in-game server browser uses and this is how they determine the server's rating:


    	data.recommended = data.ping;
    	if ( data.players == 0 ) data.recommended += 100; // Server is empty
    	if ( data.players == data.maxplayers ) data.recommended += 75; // Server is full
    	if ( data.pass ) data.recommended += 300; // If we can't join it, don't put it to the top
    	// The first few bunches of players reduce the impact of the server's ping on the ranking a little
    	if ( data.players >= 16 ) data.recommended -= 40;
    	if ( data.players >= 32 ) data.recommended -= 20;
    	if ( data.players >= 64 ) data.recommended -= 10;


    As you can see, the rating starts off with the client's ping to the server (remember, the higher the rating is, the worse). If the server is empty, it adds +100, if the server is full it adds +75, and if the server has a password, it adds +300 (servers with a password definitely should show up at the very bottom of the list).


    With that said, if the server has 16 or above clients, it SUBTRACTS 40. If the server has 32 or above clients, it subtracts 20. And finally, if the server has 64 or above clients, it subtracts 10. Though, 64 or over player limit is useless in CS:GO since the maximum players can only be 65 (limited by the client/server).

    I believe this system would work best for CS:GO. With that said, empty servers should also be showing up in the server browser slower than servers with at least one player. This is also how it is in Garry's Mod. If my server is empty, it usually takes 30+ seconds to show up in the server. However, if it has a player, it normally shows up within 10 - 20 seconds depending on the location of the server (servers closest to you normally show the fastest).


    I guarantee if the server browser was fixed, all servers with at least one player would start gaining more players because players will actually be able to find them in the server browser. With that said, it would be nice for Valve to actually address the suggestions and issues I addressed in the Reddit threads I linked in the original post.


    I will be recommending this to Valve and may even make a Reddit post if I get no attention from them.



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