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  • A GFL Video Game

    • Start Date: 10/09/2019
      Completion Date: No value
      Expected Completion Date: 12/01/2019

    (Quick reminder. Make sure to follow this project page to stay up to date on the Development process. I make a comment every time I have a new video to show as an example to present progress.)


    A GFL Video Game

    So, I recently had a new idea for a game.


    For those of you who may know, there was an official hunger games event that took place within GFL using that hunger games simulation site. This was actually loved by many. Some people have even wanted to see it happen again. Well, how about this. Instead of a hunger games simulation... what if we had an actual video game?


    Don't get me wrong, it's super fun seeing hunger games simulations. But the only problem is the fact that every simulation only happens once. Once it is made, it's made. But with a video game? You could play it as often as you'd like.


    The Type of Game

    This video game is going to be a basic 2D shooter and platformer. There won't be any amazing sprite animations or whatever, I was never good at making that kind of stuff anyways. No, this is focused on gameplay. The enemies you will fight will be actual members within the GFL community. Each enemy will have a different mechanic to them, and will appear in various times of the game.


    I plan to have a system where you can level up and such. You can get new guns and maybe even more health. But the game itself will not be easy. It'll be a hopefully fun challenge >:D



    The Enemies

    As shown in this forum post, each enemy will be a member in GFL. These members will apply to be an enemy in the game, giving an ideas they have.


    If you want to apply to be in this game, you can apply here, using this application.


    Please note, I may not be able to make your enemy exactly as you want it. In the end, I am trying to make a fun and balanced game. Some things may need to be sacrificed. But I will try my best to stay true to your requests.


    The Development

    The development of this game will be done by me. It will be done using C++ and the SFML Game Engine. I will actively update everyone on my progress as time progresses. Please be patient as I develop this. It will take time.


    Anyone experienced in C++ can offer assistance if they wish. I will inform you if I need your help, and how that help could be given. Just note, everything will be written in C++. This means that I cannot be helped by you if you do not know C++. You do NOT have to know how to use SFML. If you know C++, you can be of help to me.


    I will also keep in touch with all the members who applied to be an enemy in-game. I will likely be doing a lot of communication between them to get questions asked and figure out plans. So if you have applied, be ready for me to contact you at any time.



    The Progress

    This games progress "status" can be changed at any time. Game development is complicated, and it would be impossible for me to accurately map out each step I will be taking. So use the percentage values as a reference and an idea on what is to come.


    Also note, just because the percentage may eventually read "97%" does not mean the game is very close to completion. Once I reach that point in this games development, my job will then be to refine all the mechanics to make them better. This will likely take time as well. I will let you all know when the game is finished.



    The Controls

    Movement and Direction

    Fluid input handling

    Refining motion and feel

    Bug testing


    Aiming and Shooting

    Responsive crosshair motion

    Improving efficiency

    Comfortable crosshair design

    Non-restrictive input sensitivity


    The Map


    Playable map generation

    Refining the map generation algorithm

    Ensuring playable space in all locations

    Bug fixing


    The Mechanics


    Gravity mechanic refining



    Functioning bullet mechanics

    Functioning bullet-to-crosshair mechanics

    Refining bullet-to-cosshair mechanics

    Gun balancing

    Bug fixing


    Artificial Intelligence

    Proper input handling

    Mechanic refining for every enemy

    Functional Gun handling mechanics

    Funtional input with gun mechanics

    Proper player detection mechanics

    Proper player handling mechanics

    Refining player related mechanics

    Making unique player handling mechanics for unique enemies

    Refining unique mechanics

    Way too much bug fixing and testing


    Enemy Design

    Making memorable and unique mechanics for each enemy

    Optimizing them for fun and balanced gameplay

    Optimizing for a reasonable difficulty curve

    Refining mechanics


    Boss Design

    Fun and creative gameplay

    Memorable boss fights

    Good music

    Lots of playtesting




    Updates, Code Snapshots, and Video Demonstrations


    October 10th, 2019 - 1 day in development



    image.thumb.png.5fd6e6a067e8bda7fa911953b61cad7e.pngMost definitely some weird code on this one. This is the code for the map generation. I don't believe I've written code quite like this before. Kinda cool


    October 11th, 2019 -  2 Days in development

    I probably won't be able to update daily once I get into the more complicated code. Especially when I am making the enemy mechanics. But for the time being I have the luxury of showing daily updates. The early stages usually sees a lot of progress each day.



    October 17th, 2019 - 8 Days in development


    October 20th, 2019 - 11 Days in development

    Don't worry the AI have guns. I just don't showcase that here and just make them hurt the player through contact of sprites.


    October 23rd, 2019 - 14 Days in development

    Go to 2:20 in the video if you wanna skip to the chaos.


    October 26th, 2019 - 17 Days in development


    One of the characters in the game. Probably the most unique character yet, so this code is a little chaotic. Nothing too bad though.


    I am around the point to where I can start making actual levels and move on to refining some of the aesthetics of the game. I will likely still add a few more enemies, but at this point I am actually getting close to finishing that part of the process. Well... at least until I make the boss battles ;D


    October 30th, 2019 - 20 Days in development


    Leader: _Rocket_ Progress - 60%

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