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  • [IPS 4 ] Restructuring The Member System

    • Start Date: 09/02/2018
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      Expected Completion Date: 10/01/2018

    I've posted an idea thread long ago and had positive feedback.


    The content of the idea can be found below:






    This is another idea I discussed with @Darkling yesterday.


    I would like to simplify our Member rank in GFL. I believe making it so people don't have to apply for Member would be more simple and ideal than what we have now. Instead, linking their Steam account is what is required for the Member rank. With that said, when a player links their Steam account, if it passes all the checks, it automatically makes them member. If the user is banned or removed from the member rank on the website, it will automatically remove their member rank from the game servers as well. If the player un-links their Steam account, it will remove their member rank from the website and game servers.


    In my opinion, telling players to sign up on the website and link their Steam account instead of sign up on the website, link their Steam account, and apply for member would be more attracting and could get more players to visit and sign up on our website. With that said, our goal is to get as many people to our website to sign up as we can which results in a larger database of emails we can use for newsletters and generally getting more people involved in the community.


    When a player links their Steam account, it will also check for previous VAC bans and GFL-specific bans. If it doesn't pass our checks, an application will be submitted for review. This application will need to be reviewed by our Member Application team or higher. The player and Member Application team (or higher) will have access to this application and will be able to communicate over it. If the application is approved, it will give the player the Member rank on the website and game servers (by a click of the button). Our moderation teams will also have the ability to revoke player's member ranks which will remove them from the website and game servers automatically. We also plan on adding other functionality. This will need to be coded using the IPS 4 API, though.


    Please let me know what you think!





    Anyways, how this system will work is when a user signs up on the website and links their Steam account, it will automatically give them Member status. IF they have VAC or GFL ban(s), it will go into the moderation queue and will have to be manually approved (e.g. similar to the IPS 4 report system). The user affected and the moderation team will be able to communicate with each other through this manual application.


    As for the project itself, we will need to implement this into IPS 4 and that's why I am creating it.



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    So a little more on what is required on the back end for this system.


    • When a user signs up and links their Steam account using the Steam Login Method IPS 4 application, it checks if the Steam ID has any GFL-related bans and VAC bans.
    • If there are no bans (GFL-bans that resulted in an un-ban shouldn't be included), the system should automatically assign them Member status both on the website and game servers.
    • If there are valid bans, an application should be submitted to the queue.
    • The queue will be managed in the ModCP. Moderators and the user affected should be able to communicate on this application.
    • The moderator has the choice to accept or deny the application. When the application is accepted, it automatically gives the user Member status on the website and game servers and sends them a private message stating they've been accepted. When the application is denied, it locks the application in the queue and sends the user a private message stating their application has been denied.
    • Moderators and up should have access to a portal within the ModCP to control the Member status of each user on the website. They should have the option to revoke their member access which includes removing the status from the website and game servers. With that said, they should also have the ability to enable the Member status of a user.
    • This system should also work with future systems we make for GFL such as the donation system.


    That's all for now.



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    I would also like to add:


    • Users who do not have Steam can apply for Member. This would simply go into the queue and would need to be manually approved. There would be some fields they'd have to fill (e.g. Why they would like to become member, etc.).


    For divisions that doesn't use Steam IDs to verify a player, I feel it'd be best to make a plugin/script that allows a user to type "!link <user id>". The <user id> would be the user's ID on the website (e.g. https://gflclan.com/profile/xxxxx-username/ the x's are the user ID). When this happens, it sends a request on the website stating a player in-game is claiming to be them. If they hit the verify button, it will respond back as verified and the in-game player would officially be linked to the user on the website.



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    23 minutes ago, Fafy said:

    The !link could also be used on servers that do use steam id, so the person doesn't have to look for their steam id

    Agreed. It could also automatically link the Steam account to the website user.



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