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  • Two New Weapons for the TTT Rotation Server

    • Start Date: 08/29/2019
      Completion Date: 10/09/2019
      Expected Completion Date: 10/10/2019

    Weapons Shop Expansion

    As of August 29th, a recent idea of adding new weapons into the Traitors and Detectives weapon shop has been approved by the current server manager @Pancake Jenkins


    The original forum topic which can be accessed here covered 4 separate weapon ideas I had. Pancake expressed interest in two of the four guns, the Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun. He informed me of this inside a discord DM, and confirmed he is approving this project. This project will be updated upon each step. If you wish to read on the process this project will take, read on.


    The Programming Stage

    Due to this being my first project as a developer for GFL, this may take a little more time. I will be responsible for getting the proper code written for the functionality of these two weapons. All of this will be written using GLua, using the text editor known as Atom. Atom will be used because I find it to be the best editor for me when scripting with GLua. Staff will likely be updated on this process as I work, but non-staff may be left in the dark until this stage is complete. Please remain patient during this process, I want to make sure these guns are written correctly and in a way that is easily readable for any further bug fixes or balancing.


    The Playtesting Stage

    This will be the point where I will require volunteers. Playtesting will happen within a private server that is hosted by me. This will ensure that the actual server is not affected by any testing and can run without being disturbed. The volunteers (if available) will join my server to play TTT as normal. However, the main task would be to test out each weapon.


    We would be paying close attention to how the weapons influence the flow of the game when it is vanilla TTT. There will be no GFL plugins and scripts for this part of the stage. We will use this time to explore multiple maps, and get a feel of these new weapons. We will be noting any moments of reward, frustration, accidental RDM, lack of utility, and other things that could impact the player who uses the weapon, along with the player who gets shot by the weapon. Any bugs will be quickly addressed to me, and I will find ways to fix these bugs.


    How to Apply as a Volunteer

    Due to how this works, I will be needing people to pitch in and play in the server. Mind you, there will be moments where multiple server restarts and some waiting may take place. I will be needing cooperation and patience from volunteers to help make this stage of the weapons development easier. And hey, maybe we might actually have some fun TTT rounds during the process.


    Please note that 8 is a minimum. We would like to have as many volunteers as possible. So even if our 8 volunteer goal is reached, please still apply!


    You apply by sending me a message with this exact format:

    Steam Url:

    Discord Tag:
    Times when available:
    Your Time Zone:


    Do you have a microphone? :

    Are you a regular in TTT rotation? :

    How long have you played TTT for? :

    If you have any additional comments or concerns you wish to address, do it here:


    You can send this message through the PM system on this website, or through Discord itself. My Discord Tag is Dustin#5962


    If I accept your application, I will add your name to the members list. We will need at least 8 members before this process can begin.


    The GFL Alpha Testing Stage

    Once the main testing stage is complete, we will move on to this step. (Hopefully) We will be able to join a private server that has the GFL TTT Rotation plugins. With the GFL addons, and the fact that this is an internet server rather than a "local" server made through the "start game" option, we will have a better means of testing these guns. I will be able to note any reports of bugs with the GFL plugins enabled. The volunteers and I will also be able to pay attention to how the flow of the game is different with these guns when we are no longer playing vanilla TTT. Hopefully this can be a possible arrangement that the TTT rotation staff can allow. This step will only come in much later in the process, so we won't have to worry about this until it comes to that point.


    The GFL Beta Testing Stage

    We have finally decided that these guns are ready to be tested in the official TTT Rotation server. When Pancake is ready, we will temporarily restart the server so we can add these new weapons. Once the server begins again and people join, they will find new guns in the traitor menu and the detective menu. I will be keeping a close eye on any reports of the weapon bugging out or feeling unbalanced. Volunteers are free to help out with this process. If there is multiple reports of one issue, then I will make the proper changes. This process will probably be the second longest if not the longest stage until the weapons are considered "final".


    After a while of close monitoring and balancing, I will declare when I find the weapons are completely finished. And that will be it!


    The Cosmetics

    The model finding, sound design, etc. will be found/done by others. This process isn't currently fully planned as of August 29th. Once a plan is made by me, Pancake, and anyone else who takes part in the planning, I will post it here.


    The Progress so Far

    The progress of this will be divided into specific sections. Once something is complete, I will edit the content below.


    Programming Stages - Accounts for 30% of the progress

    Setting Them Up as a TTT Weapon - DONE

    The weapon will need to be operational for TTT. Will find the correct files and code to make this happen. 2%


    Writting Out the Gun Mechanics for the Revolver - incomplete

    Accounts for 10% - 95% complete


    Writing Out the Gun Mechanics for the Shotgun - DONE

    Accounts for 10%


    Ensuring the Revolver is Ready for Testing - DONE

    Accounts for 4%


    Ensuring the Shotgun is Ready for Testing - DONE

    Accounts for 4%


    Playtesting Stages - Accounts for 38% of the progress

    Getting 8 or More Volunteers DONE BUT STILL KEEP APPLYING!

    Total Volunteers: 10

    Accounts for 4%


    The Playtesting Stage - DONE

    Will be done in 67th way. 16%


    Preforming the Alpha Testing - incomplete


    75% complete


    Preforming the Beta Testing - incomplete

    Accounts for the last 2%


    Cosmetic Stages - Accounts for 32% of the progress

    Finding Audio for the Revolver - DONE

    Finding proper reload sounds and gunshot sounds. 3%


    Finding Audio for the Double Barrel Shotgun - DONE

    Finding proper reload sounds and gunshot sounds. 3%


    Proper Models for the Revolver - DONE

    Accounts for 8%

    Proper Models for the Shotgun - DONE

    Accounts for 8%


    In-Sync reloading times and animations for the Revolver - DONE

    Having the reload animations and such match the reload time mechanic for the gun itself. 5%


    In-Sync reloading times and animations for the Shotgun - DONE

    Having the reload animations and such match the reload time mechanic for the gun itself. 5%


    All Progress Updates:


    August 29th - Hey bois, it started.


    August 31st - Gun Balancing and Code Finishing

    Today was pretty eventful. We had a huge turnout of volunteers for testing. I don't want to cloud up this post with tags, so just know there's a huge chunk of people I am extremely thankful for. Thank you guys for helping out as much as you did.


    The Revolver did not have a ton of changes from its original plan. The revolver seems very balanced and well fit for traitor. Right now I still need to program the iron-sight mechanic and make it to where the revolver doesn't do less damage to limbs. This should be a really good traitor weapon.


    The Double barrel had a few moments where it needed to be buffed to justify paying a whole credit for it. The main changes were involving the bullet spread. In its current state it is pretty decent, but I plan to change a few things to make this gun a little more powerful. The code itself is completely finished development, it just needs a few minor reworks to make it a weapon worth being used by detectives.


    As of right now, still no materials like sound or models. However, this will probably be something that comes later on. Due to my GED testing, this will likely hold back the progress of these two guns a considerable amount. But I will try my best. Right now the first stage of playtesting will continue. Once models and sounds are made for the guns, the alpha testing stage will begin and we will be going to the various maps to test each weapon and how they play with all the GFL plugins (if possible).


    September 1st - Work and Progress


    After 2 hours of trying to fix the problem where the Revolver does only 41 damage to limbs, I wasn't able to find a way to properly fix it without script errors or removing the ability to do headshot damage. I will be calling Xy on the 2nd to get some help and figure this out.


    The double barrel shotgun was buffed to make it more worth the credit it costs. In its current state, I believe it's a perfectly viable option for detectives. I also plan to slightly buff the Revolver by speeding up the fire rate slightly.


    The Revolver now has a model and has sound, but some further code needs to be written to make clients download all the needed files to make the Revolver model have textures. This should be an easy fix. Right now I also need to still program in ironsights. Since I will already be in a call with Xy, he will likely assist me in making this as well.


    Alpha testing may begin a little sooner than expected. Though alpha testing may not be finished until roughly the end of September if not later. It depends on how my schedule plays out. I plan on seeing if I can't find a model and sound for the double barrel shotgun as well on the 2nd. If I have the time, I may also write the shop details and descriptions. The shop icon may be something I save for a later time for it isn't a priority.


    September 4th - Work, and Lots of It


    For the past few days I have gone through the most frustrating part of this entire development process. I spent at least 6 hours each day trying to fix bugs and get things working. I believe I have finally got everything working correctly.


    I want to thank @KeiraJJ and @Udane for being so helpful during this process, especially Keira. They both sat through multiple hours of nothing waiting for me to fix bugs and write code. They helped me test so many things out. The development process would've taken MUCH longer without their help.


    The mechanics of both guns have been refined and balanced. The playtesting crew I've had has done wonders at giving me helpful feedback. The guns have been improved and balanced in many ways and I truly think the mechanics are almost finished.


    The revolver currently has ironsights now. However, it still does not have the damage scaling issue fixed. I made a poll in TTT rotation to see what the members have to say about changing it or keeping it as is. I will be keeping an eye on this poll until it closes.


    All the models for each gun is completely chosen and finished. The audio works fine as well. The only things missing are the icons for the shop. This may be something I will require help with.


    There is still some progress left to take care of, but I feel this is going to go very well.



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