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    2. The Promotion IV - New TF2 Division Leader

      Hello, everyone! I am proud to announce a new TF2 Division Leader, @Pedro for his work with the servers! Please join me to welcome him for his promotion. He will do great by leading TF2 Division.

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    3. RuneScape, Overwatch and Left 4 Dead Forum Removal

      The RuneScape, Overwatch and Left 4 Dead Forums are going to be hidden in 3 days. (31/07/2019) If there is anything that you would like to get from there, please do. If you are reading this after 31/07/2019 and want something from a thread from these Forums, message me or another Director.

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    4. TF2 Discord

      In short, we have a TF2 Division Discord now: https://discord.gg/ZhJqnfy Yep, it's a thing. Our 2Fort and Hightower servers have both seen immense success in player retention and population, therefore, they have been moved out of the Expanded Divisions Discord into their own. Congratulations to @Pedro and his Admin team for managing and creating such a great division.   Thank you!

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    5. A new server in Garry's Mod.

      Good morning, afternoon or evening.   Recently the Division Leaders, Directors and myself have talked about the lack of population surrounding Purge. Purge came back near the end of January and beginning of February. The server had a decent population for about two to three months before it started to die. I won't go into why it died because this isn't the post for it. But even with attention and effort put into Purge the population never really started to take off again. With this we have decided to close down Purge.   But a new server will be taking it's place, PrisonRP. It has the same base or system as both Purge and DarkRP except there is an actual end goal or purpose. Currently there are only two US servers both in development, then the other servers are located in Europe. With this I believe it has a lot of potential compared to some other game modes such as DarkRP. Right now @Nick is helping out with the map, thank you by the way. At this moment not a lot of things have been developed for PrisonRP but there will be an update somewhere stating when the release date will be. My main goal is to have a well founded economy along with trying to build onto the community.   Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear your feedback! -Dalaw  

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    6. Passing the torch - New Garry's Mod Division Leader

      Hello, I would like to announce the new GMod Division Leader, @Zero! @Zebra has decided to pass the torch to Zero essentially because he will be too busy with his life and hasn't been able to actively help the community as he usually does. Zebra will be sticking around for the next few weeks to help Zero get settled in with his new role in the community, and then he will be set down to Community Advisor after that time has passed.    Zero is noted for his technical knowledge, development, and server management.    Please join me to welcome and congratulate Zero, and to give thanks to Zebra for the work he did with Garry's Mod Divison. 

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    7. Issues with donations

      Hello! Since the site move, we have been having issues with donations. We think that we have got them fixed, however should you find out that we have not fixed them, please make a thread in the donation issues subforum with the following information:   Steam ID (Preferably in 64-bit format): Server(s) that issue is occurring on: Date of donation: Length of VIP or amount of donation:   Thank you for your patience while we address this issue.

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