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    2. New Division Leader

      Hello everybody! Please welcome Garry's Mod's newest Division Leader, @ButterKing5000! @ButterKing5000, @Violator, and @Zebra will be working to get the Garry's Mod division back on its feet. This includes fixing our current servers and expanding into new servers at a steady pace (especially Europe servers).   Congratulations @ButterKing5000!   Thanks!

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    3. Will you define GFL’s future?

        GFL is always striving to improve, and you might be just what we need! So please spare a moment to read this. GFL is actively looking for developers to populate our development team, and you might fit right in! Are you interested in programming whether that might be PHP, Lua, SourcePawn or another language? Do you want to help improve GFL? Are you willing to spend time making GFL awesome? Then you’re more than welcome to shoot an application our way!   As a developer, you’ll be working together as a team to improve our servers across all divisions! GFL is an ever-growing community with many projects spread across said divisions. This means that you have a lot of freedom as a GFL developer; it’s up to you if you want to work on the forums, a server, or both! You don’t need to be a master of programming; a high spirit and strong will can get you far, and the rest of the developers will always be there to help! As a developer, you will learn how to cooperate with other developers, effectively use version control, turn an idea into a product, and guide technical discussions in the right direction.   GFL is a non-profit community and relies on volunteers who want to make a change and improve GFL for everyone. This means that a developer position is an unpaid job, however, there are benefits. You will receive a Developer-tag on all GFL game servers, and in the future more benefits will follow. This includes personal VMs for hosting whatever you feel like! We’re looking forward to making that available for all our developers. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications which you can send here.   Thanks,@Nick On behalf of GFL Development Team

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    4. GFL and Trello

      We have a lot of work to do in order to get back to where we once were. Many of our users ask us what we are currently working on and until now, we couldn't give them anything to look at besides some text.  We have decided to use Trello. We currently have a team setup which includes individual boards for specific ideas, projects, teams, and more!   Each board is tagged with either [Idea], [Project], [Team], or [Other]. Here is a list with the definitions of each: [Idea] - An idea we are discussing. Once discussed, it will likely be upgraded to a [Project]. [Project] - A project we are working on. [Team] - A board dedicated to a team (e.g. Community Advisors). [Other] - Other boards for GFL and more.   While most of our boards are public, Higher Ups may also make team-visible boards and private boards (tagged under [Other]).   Feel free to take a look at our boards here. If you have any suggestions for Trello, feel free to comment on this announcement!   Thanks!

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    5. New Technical Administrators

      GFL's development state hasn't really been great. We've had no development team for quite some time but things are about to change with the addition of 2 Technical Administrators. Welcome both @Nick and @Xy_ to the Technical Administrator role. @Xy_ was moved from Community Advisor to Technical Administrator due to his abilities with back end work and @Nick, formally Killer-Banana, is returning back from his absence.   We're looking forward to seeing great things from the both of you.

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    6. Official GFL Public Discord

      GFL's Official Discord Server!   Hello everyone, as some of you can already see we have opened up an official GFL Discord server! This is something that was talked about in the past which we didn't think would work alongside our TS3 server. Now that we understand it much more, we can see that TS3 and Discord both have slightly different, but useful, functions.   @denros has been hard at work making the GFLbot for the server, this comes with a few commands which can be used, such as: !role / !roles which will change your role on discord to match your forum rank. !8ball command to ask the bot questions and receive a yes/no or in between answer.   We'll be looking at what we can do to improve the server as well, so if you have any suggestions make sure to let us know. The discord is going to be moderated by CA's, DL's and the Directorate until we decide upon a Discord admin team to help out.   If you want to join make sure to link your discord account with the forums by clicking here You can also join the discord by clicking here   Hope you all enjoy and happy chatting!

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      Recent Server Updates

    1. *NEW* Prop Hunt Server

      After a couple months of hard work the prop hunt server has been re-released. I would like to thank the following people for contributing to the making of this server.   @Zebra & @Violator- Taught me how to basically do everything and spent many hours working on this server. @Roy- Running this server out of pocket and setting a ton of stuff up that I probably don't know about. @Leks, @Winter, & @Xy_-Having to deal with the many questions I have to ask . @_Marshmello_, @Gary, @mbs, @Squanchy, @Jat02, @Finnick, @Winter -Willing to become part of the PH admin team and they also helped test the server before it was released.   Sorry if I forgot anyone a lot of people helped make this server and I might not now about everyone that did. If you are interested in playing on the PH server the IP is: If you want to read the rules click here, or if you are interested in applying for admin on the server click here. Hopefully I'll see you guys on the server!  

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    2. [Server Update] New Gmod Murder Server!

      Hello everybody!   As you may possibly have seen (if you are in the Garry's Mod section at all), Murder 1, aka Murder 24/7 Construct, has been locked for a fair amount of time. During this time, I was making some major updates to the server.   And now I am proud to announce that Murder 1 is now known as General Rotation! Multiple maps have been added and clues have been added to every map on the rotation, in addition to massive updates the Pointshop, as you may have seen in the Murder Changelog for about the past 2-3 weeks.   So please come check it out! Murder General Rotation is now completely released and I hope you all enjoy it!   Come join:   Credit to @inHaze for this magnificent new artwork/loading screen.   Cheers everybody!

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    3. *NEW* CS:GO TTT Server!

      Welcome, everyone! This is a pleasure for me to announce that we have a new TTT server for CSGO. This has been a long time coming and should have been back up awhile ago. We  have a couple perks here and there, feel free to join the server and check it out.   I want to thank everyone that came on during the beta, and everyone that have given me this opportunity to make this server.   Come join us on CSGO, the IP is:

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    4. New [CS:GO] Deathrun server!

      Greetings everyone! After long development, it’s my pleasure to announce that we are now releasing a new server for cs:go! The server includes a lot of perks for members, supporters, and VIPs such as hats, masks, player models and more!   I would like to thank all the people who help to test this server, as well as the developers who have been helping me produce some plugins.   So come join us on CS:GO, the IP for the server is:

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    5. GMod SCP Breach

      Hey everyone,   We have launched a new GMod server running the gamemode Breach. Come check out the server and see why it's one of our most popular servers already! Make sure to add to your favorites.   See the following posts on how to play.   Credit to @Kubnair for bringing the gamemode to our attention.

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    6. *NEW* Garry's Mod Jailbreak Server

      Hello everyone. I would like to announce the opening of GFL's GMOD Jailbreak server. The server is now open for the public for all to enjoy and will include MANY perks such as player models for members and over, jukebox and custom tags for Supporters and VIPs. I would also like to thank everyone who came on to help test and would be giving everyone who came on during the testing phase 3000 pointshop points to spend on whatever they like.   I would also like to thank the Garry's Mod division leaders @Violator and @Zebra for helping me along the way.   If you would like to join the server open up console and type "Connect"

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      GFL is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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