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      GFL is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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    2. Partnering with Pig's Indie Games

      Hello! I'm happy to announce that we are partnering with Pig's Indie Games. He is currently working on quite a few games, including SCP: Rebirth and Multibombers, his latest project. Multibombers will be released on September 28th and is based off the game Bomberman, but with the addition of first person gameplay and multiplayer. The game will be free to play and is available on steam.   Patreon - https://patreon.com/GlorifiedPig Discord - https://discord.gg/pigsindiegames Steam Page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/931260/Multibombers/

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    3. GFL Newsletter - September 2018

      GFL Divisions CWRP changed to Imperial RP Council Changes This month in GFL, we had witnessed the release of a new division within the community. Classic survival-builder game ‘Terraria’ is now home to a GFL server, lead by new Server Manager Elliot. With it being freshly set up by this SM alone, it had spawned overnight thanks to Benroy and Xy as well. The server is set to be a building one, with pvp included. Here’s hoping to seeing many old and new faces alike come and checking out GFL Terraria! In other news, our newest GMod server, CWRP, has turned to the dark side with an eventful switch to Imperial RP. There are 11 new battalions from Stormtrooper to Sith to be a part of, along with new character models, new jobs to perform, and new tryouts for these battalions. Take part in a variety of tasks such as Attack/Defense missions, Assassinations, and Invasions! The server is currently locked from the public but expects to be ready within the month! Will you succumb to the dark side? On the Social side of GFL, there’s been a major change to some roles/positions. The newly-reinstated council was disbanded and rebranded as Team Leaders, each one in charge of a certain aspect instead of a general field. Benroy as TL of Moderators, Pyros as TL of Event Management, and Unknown leading Public Relations. All current moderators that made the cut now have perms across our discord, our ts3 server, and our forums, PR spreads the word about GFL while maintaining a happy relationship between members and community, and Event Managers can plan events for the divisions or even discord events! The remaining council members Crusty and FlyingJoe were dispurst to the ARMA project (Crusty) and co-leader of Media Team (FlyingJoe) in the meantime. Here’s to looking up, GFL! Social Media Links Events Fun facts Public DiscordFacebookTwitterSteam GroupReddit GCC: PUBG Extravaganza Date: October 6th, 2018 - 3-6 Eastern Link: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/31256-pubg-extravaganza/ GFL Terraria: Terraria was released on 26th May 2011, over 7 years ago.Imperial RP: With Imperial coming after Clone Wars, the switch indicates time passing, and was launched with the event: Order 66, a major plot point in the series.With the merge, we have now 11 mods (not including higher-ups with the same perms) to take care of our social platforms!

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    4. Changes to staff structure

      Many of you have probably noticed the introduction of a couple of ranks, noticeably: Moderation, Event Management, and Public Relations. Essentially, these are the result of the council being split up into separate teams with a former council member as their leader (These former council members have the same level of access as the council did). We hope that this new structure will allow more people to get involved with the administration of the community as a whole and will address issues that we previously had with the council rank itself.   The following teams were created as a result of the split:   Moderation Moderates the GFL Discord, TS3 Server, and Forums Assists in the selection of new moderators Application: https://gflclan.com/forms/6-moderation-application/ Currently lead by @Ben Roy   Public Relations Helps maintain good relations between GFL and its community Advertises GFL in a respectful manner (i.e. not getting on other servers and spamming ‘JOIN GFL!’) Assists managers in making sure that bans are consistent with community policy. Application: https://gflclan.com/forms/13-public-relations-application/ Lead by @Unknown   Event Management Involved in the planning and execution community events, as well as reaching out to other communities for event related purposes. Assists managers in putting on events for their server. Application: https://gflclan.com/forms/12-event-management-application/ Lead by @Pyros (Might be reassigned to somewhere else, tbd)   Currently, none of the new teams have strict requirements with the exception of Moderation (due to its nature).   PFAQ (Probably Frequently Asked Questions)   Q: Why was I/[INSERT FORMER MODS NAME HERE] removed from TS3 Admin/ Discord Moderator? A: Due to the expansion of the role to include all platforms, trusted did a vote on all current communications staff. If >= 50% voted Yes, the staff member was retained, but if they didn’t get enough yes votes, then they were removed from the position. If you were removed from the position, you are free to re-apply at any time using the link above.   Q: What happened to Crusty and Flyingjoe? A: Crusty is now the manager of the upcoming Arma 3 server and flyingjoe is now overseeing the media team alongside SadBandit (who is still the primary leader).   That's all for now <3  

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    5. The Return of CSS ZE!

      I'd like to add a little clarity to the rumours spreading about CS:S ZE/RU community returning. I'll refer to GFLclan.ru as RU and GFLclan.com as GFL to make this easier.   Juky (whom some of you may remember) had got into contact with @Roy as he had some concerns with keeping the server hosted on their end. They then discussed the possible return to us, and before that decision was finalised, there were some terms from both ends.   Juky, Shinigami and Botox will, at this moment in time, remain banned The server will be moved to our OVH server and the plugins will be recompiled to ensure the servers safety Current permanent VIPs within RU will transfer over to GFL The server will be having 2 server managers (@Dogan and @Backy) from within the RU community—Soft Serve and Vanya’s official ranks are still under discussion The current server rules and admin team of CS:S ZE will remain as they currently are As is currently the norm, global admins (Council/DL/TA) will also respect the rules within that server and will ensure that if they are to join the server that they familiarise themselves with said rules   There are also a couple of points I will mention. For instance, due to the current issues within RU, the donations from RU will not be transferring over to GFL; this is in relation to the issue above about hosting the server. There are also discussions happening to unban Juky (he would not be given a rank), as thanks for bringing both communities together and to enable him to continue playing on CS:S ZE. Feel free to comment your opinion as well.   These are the majority of terms which were discussed and are relatively simple. We would like to ensure that CS:S ZE isn't altered as much as possible, as we don't want to alienate the current players. Overall, we believe this is a good step for both communities in burying the hatchet and moving on. I would also like to thank the RU members who have been involved within these discussions, especially Juky, who initially brought this to us and helped find common ground between the communities.   This means that we will start seeing people from RU getting involved within GFL over the next few weeks, I'd love if we could make them feel welcome and get to know each other as one big community bound by a common interest!   If you'd like to read over RU's post on this topic it is here: https://forum.gflclan.ru/d/935-a-tale-of-two-turfs-community-merge-backstory They do cover some points which I haven't within this post.   I am also going to link the CS:S ZE Discord for anyone who is interested in getting to know some of the RU members before this move is fully completed: https://discordapp.com/invite/JyAxA7K   Finally, I’d also like to personally welcome everyone from RU and I hope to get to know as many of you as possible in the near future!

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    6. (New GMOD DL) wElCoMe baCk bUtTer

      Hello Again!   @ButterKing5000 has decided to return to his post as GMOD Division Leader after a short break, and will be helping with the expansion and maintenance of the division. We're looking forward to working with you once again!

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    7. GFL Newsletter - July 2018

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    8. Changes to the forums

      Hello users, as many might have seen, we made several changes to the forums. Here is the list of all of them: Created a Sub-Forum where you can give your feedback to our Staff team, only you and TA+ will be able to see the full post; Added Clubs back; Separated the Art Interest subforum and the Media team subforum; Cleaned up forums in general; Removed Supporter category and migrated its contents to knowledge (everything in there was solely related to problems with donations); Moved events to Announcements and Event Suggestions to suggestions; Moved General and Divisions to the top of the forums; Moved all interest subforums to clubs; Merged Software and Hardware into Technical Support; Moved the Supporter Knowledgebase to Support; Moved Perk Issues under General Support and renamed it to Donation issues; If you find any issues, please report them. Cheers! 

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    9. New Technical Administrator

      Hello once again! I'd like to welcome @AverageDrink to the GFL Staff team. He will be serving as the leader of our dev team, something that we have lacked for the past couple of months.   Thanks.

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    10. Dystopia Server

      GFL now has a dystopia server! The game is free and available from steam.   You can connect to the server by typing `connect` in the console (without the `).   The server's gametracker can be found here: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/   The dystopia server is located in Europe and is managed by @Kite9867

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    11. GFL Newsletter - June 2018

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    12. GFL Newsletter - May 2018

        A PDF is attached for anyone who would like to view it in a pdf reader over an image file.GFLNewsletter2(1).pdf    

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    13. CS: GO BHop Redone

      Merry Christmas I'm happy to announce that the BHop server has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new timer.   The servers are going to go online at 4:00 am (CST for NA, CET for EU) on the first day of Christmas.IPs: NA: EU:   Timer The previous timer had way too many bugs and a lot of issues which is why I decided on switching the timer to 'shavit’s simple bhop timer'.   Core features of the new timer are: Good Hud with a lot of statistics support for map tiers very good rank calculation based on map tiers (even tho there's no chat tags yet) trigger-based zones central replay bot checkpoint menu and it's Open Source (GPL 3.0) and very actively being worked on and much more. also, it doesn't crash the server every 2 hours and makes zones load for over 10 minutes   Maps A full list of all maps can be found here. My plan is to add 25 maps every week. This will last over 6 months until there are no more maps left on gamebanana. However, there are other sources for maps so there's probably gonna be more. Maps are also sorted by tiers which represent their difficulty. Tier 1 maps are very easy while tier 6 maps are very hard.   Other Plugins and Features pushfix, slopefix, movement_unlocker etc. for the best bhop experience showtriggers - see triggers while the timer is stopped or practicing. ssj - advanced jump stats Discord integration - this is still being worked on but atm. you can see new records on the discord server. (you can see also see ac detections)   Discord Server This server exists for some time now. Join here. It's probably the best place to talk to me about suggestions or similar stuff other than the forums.   Admins Due to a lack of activity in the admin team (I don’t blame you), I will rebuild the team from the ground up which means that all the BHop staff will lose their ranks. However, they can apply again and if they are active, they will have a big chance of getting accepted again. However, this means that I'm currently looking for admins. If you're active and want to help out the server, feel free to apply in this subforum.   A look at the future I'm currently working on: replay synchronization cross server and discord chat relay Planned stuff: better discord Integration for the timer forum integration for the timer chat tags for rankings (hurry up shavit) and way more.    Thanks to shavit for the timer. @Roy for helping me with all the backend stuff I can't do myself. @Reeve for some advice with the server. @Bae for some advice on the art you can see above.   Have fun.

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    14. *NEW* Prop Hunt Server

      After a couple months of hard work the prop hunt server has been re-released. I would like to thank the following people for contributing to the making of this server.   @Zebra & @Violator- Taught me how to basically do everything and spent many hours working on this server. @Roy- Running this server out of pocket and setting a ton of stuff up that I probably don't know about. @Leks, @Winter, & @Xy_-Having to deal with the many questions I have to ask . @_Marshmello_, @Gary, @mbs, @Squanchy, @Jat02, @Finnick, @Winter -Willing to become part of the PH admin team and they also helped test the server before it was released.   Sorry if I forgot anyone a lot of people helped make this server and I might not now about everyone that did. If you are interested in playing on the PH server the IP is: If you want to read the rules click here, or if you are interested in applying for admin on the server click here. Hopefully I'll see you guys on the server!  

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    15. [Server Update] New Gmod Murder Server!

      Hello everybody!   As you may possibly have seen (if you are in the Garry's Mod section at all), Murder 1, aka Murder 24/7 Construct, has been locked for a fair amount of time. During this time, I was making some major updates to the server.   And now I am proud to announce that Murder 1 is now known as General Rotation! Multiple maps have been added and clues have been added to every map on the rotation, in addition to massive updates the Pointshop, as you may have seen in the Murder Changelog for about the past 2-3 weeks.   So please come check it out! Murder General Rotation is now completely released and I hope you all enjoy it!   Come join:   Credit to @inHaze for this magnificent new artwork/loading screen.   Cheers everybody!

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    16. *NEW* CS:GO TTT Server!

      Welcome, everyone! This is a pleasure for me to announce that we have a new TTT server for CSGO. This has been a long time coming and should have been back up awhile ago. We  have a couple perks here and there, feel free to join the server and check it out.   I want to thank everyone that came on during the beta, and everyone that have given me this opportunity to make this server.   Come join us on CSGO, the IP is:

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    17. New [CS:GO] Deathrun server!

      Greetings everyone! After long development, it’s my pleasure to announce that we are now releasing a new server for cs:go! The server includes a lot of perks for members, supporters, and VIPs such as hats, masks, player models and more!   I would like to thank all the people who help to test this server, as well as the developers who have been helping me produce some plugins.   So come join us on CS:GO, the IP for the server is:

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