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    2. New CS:S Division Leader + Updated TS3 Rules

      Hello, fetchers. We are henceforth promoting @MrManslayerX as the second CS:S division leader.   It may seem odd that we would even need a second division leader for CS:S, given the circumstances that the division is under. However, this is not a matter of what we strictly need, but rather a matter of fulfilling untapped potential. @Thomasdavid097 is sufficient to simply maintain the division, but the addition of a second division leader means that expansion within the division will be a much smoother process.   It would also be prudent of me to note that our TS3 server has a new rule page. @SkittlezExZ wrote a rule page that @Dano and I edited in order to create a detailed guide to the rules (and the related punishments) that exist within our TS3 server. It also briefly details the purpose of several ranks within GFL, as well as providing some helpful links.   The TS3 rules have always been available in the description of the lobby. 

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    3. New CS:GO Division Leaders

      Hello, everyone. I’m happy to announce two new Division Leaders for the CS:GO division, @Deltacommander and @HackingPotato.   First off, many of you may have noticed that I am not as interested in our CS:GO division as I was before; I’m willing to help out with it, but I’d like for someone else to be the main DL. That is why we were searching for a replacement for quite a while now. Adding these two new DLs for CS:GO will mean a good amount of changes coming soon and more people to go to if issues arise. They’ll obviously have to get used to everything first, so it may take a few days. Regardless, these are very promising additions. They have already presented us some plans for the future that we’ll start working on shortly and most of the higher-ups are looking forward to what they can bring to the table. To assure that both of them have a strong technical side to their already great leadership skills, Ariistuujj, denros, Roy and I are going to train and observe them. These additions will not only help the CS:GO side of GFL, but they will also provide us with a new view on lots of things regarding the whole community. Deltacommander will still be able to actively manage and watch over our Zombie Escape server since he isn’t the only one in charge of CS:GO, so there’s no need to worry about that. Overall, we believe that the addition of these two will freshen up the CS:GO division and help it become what it used to be.     (Little side note: The fact that we were likely going to get one or two new DLs held me back on some promotions, as I wanted to discuss the candidates with the new DL(s) first and to give them an opportunity to train them, as well. These other promotions will be discussed and done soon.)

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    4. Official Merry Christmas from GFL

        The Christmas VIP giveaway will still be open until 8 AM GMT.  

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    5. Battle of the Communities (CS:GO Tournament)

      Hello, everyone. As you might’ve read before here, EdgeGamers have invited us to their third annual Battle of the Communities. It is a CS:GO tournament which every community attends with a respective team to represent them. The tournament will take place on the 5th and 6th of November, it will start at 1 PM EST. The rules can be found here. It will be hosted in North America. Please take that into consideration if you aren’t located anywhere close to the United States. To organise everything appropriately, we have to reach our roster in until the end of this weekend. We didn’t expect to have an issue with this, but as I’ve already said, not many people have contacted me after our last post pertaining the topic. If you are interested in participating for us, quickly message me on the forums. (https://gflclan.com/messenger/compose/?to=4)I will need your Steam profile and your MM rank (previous ones are also important; there is no requirement).

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    6. Update on Board of Directors

      Tonight's the night.   As of writing this post, the only members of the Board of Directors are @Roy, @Cypher and I. The emptiness that is currently being experienced within the BoD is attributed towards the recent resignations of @Santahiggle (Floopy) and @Kim. This post will not detail these resignations and is rather intended to announce the successors.   @denros is the first of these two. He previously rejected an official designation within the BoD, although he came to change his mind on the matter. This should not come as a surprise to people given that he has already been acting in a capacity that one would expect of a GFL director. Such duties include coding for IPS plugins and modules, site maintenance, handling supporter/VIP requests and participating in discussions.   Already esteemed and respected in his position as a CS:GO division leader, the second individual in the spotlight is @Dano. Although he is younger than the norm, Dano already expends time and effort into areas outside the onus that his current position affords him, such as aiding with server/division/TS3 management and resolving disputes. I am also partial to admit that he is of a similar level of linguistic ability to myself, which is a boon in the discipline of writing such posts as this.   Brief Q&A: Q: Isn't Dano our sole CS:GO division leader? Isn't removing him from that station detrimental? A: This is true on paper, although there are certain circumstances that will allow us to surmount such issues in practice. @Ariistuujj and @denros are already on board with the upkeep of CS:GO in the technical sector of its management. The rest of the charge that comes with being a CS:GO division leader (which alone isn't enough to overburden him) will remain with Dano for the time being.   Q: Won't the BoD be dominated by Europeans in a primarily American community? A: There have been worse offenders of this in the past where we still managed. We have also taken steps since then to improve communication within the hierarchy of GFL. For instance, the issues that arise from time zone differences matter little in the Discord server that server managers+ are entitled to use for the purposes of communication, cooperation and requests.

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    7. Update on Roy + CS:GO Technical Administrator Promotion + Battle of the Communities

      Some of you may have noticed that @Roy has been absent for the past couple of days. The reason for this is that his PC has fallen under the dreadfully harrowing curse of hardware failure. I can spare no details on when Roy shall return, thus leaving this message as merely a disclosure of Roy's present situation.    Of course, the absence of Roy means that the burden of writing announcement posts for noteworthy events must fall to someone equally as charming and charismatic. I'm not one to shirk the onus of destiny, so without further delay...   CS:GO Technical Administrator: @Dano will remain as the sole CS:GO division leader for the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that he is doomed to handle the technical affairs of the division by himself. As of today, @Ariistuujj has been designated as our latest technical administrator. The rank itself was originally introduced in a broader sense, although Arii's focus will be on CS:GO. Please keep in mind that the duties of a technical administrator are (as the name implies) that of the technical aspects of division management; do not bother Arii with communal issues that should rather be addressed to a division leader.   Battle of the Communities: A representative of http://www.edge-gamers.com/ contacted us on the 4th of August in an effort to introduce GFL into a pool of communities for participation in an event they call "Battle of the Communities". If the name isn't enough indication, this is a tournament that promotes friendly competition between various communities. More specifically, the chosen participants will play matches that are held within a 5v5 CS:GO setting. The tournament is typically held at the end of October or the beginning of November. As we have accepted the invitation, we shall promptly need to form a team with which to compete. Please contact @Dano if you are interested in the prospect.

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      Recent Server Updates

    1. *NEW* Garry's Mod Jailbreak Server

      Hello everyone. I would like to announce the opening of GFL's GMOD Jailbreak server. The server is now open for the public for all to enjoy and will include MANY perks such as player models for members and over, jukebox and custom tags for Supporters and VIPs. I would also like to thank everyone who came on to help test and would be giving everyone who came on during the testing phase 3000 pointshop points to spend on whatever they like.   I would also like to thank the Garry's Mod division leaders @Violator and @Zebra for helping me along the way.   If you would like to join the server open up console and type "Connect"

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    2. *NEW* Garry's Mod Deathrun Server!

      Hello everyone! After long development, the Garry's Mod Deathrun server is now out for the public! The server includes MANY perks for members, supporters, and VIPs such as tons of player models, CS:GO knives, a jukebox, and more!    Furthermore, we would like to thank everyone who came on the server during the beta, so I will be giving out extra points to those who helped test the server out. For the time being, there is also going to be 2x points (100 points per 5 minutes instead of 50).   I also would like to thank @Violator for his long and dedicated work to the server and @qDogg for making the loading screen. Thanks to all of those who helped out as well.   Now that the Deathrun server is out, come join us! The IP is  

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    3. Added Server Updates Block

      I have created a front page block for managers, this section is called server updates. This was an idea given to me by @Kim. Basically managers can now advertise and submit important server updates to the front page.    So how do you do it? 1. Click Add New Server Update on the front page. 2. Please use a sensible title and post.  3. If you have a custom image upload it, this must be 1920x1080 resolution. I don't want shitty images being used either. Remember this is the front page. If you don't have a custom image, leave it empty and default image will be used.   As this can be abused all manager updates will have to be approved by community advisers+ before it is shown on the front page. This process is automatic and community advisers will be able to approve posts through modcp.    Thanks Denros.

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