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    2. New Web Machine + Move

      Hello everyone,   In the last couple months or so, we've purchased a new web machine. This machine was only 99 cents more a month and has upgraded hardware components. This machine was the same package type as the old machine (SP-64 on OVH) which is why it was around the same price.   Here are the old machine's specs:   Intel Xeon E5-1630 v3 @ 3.7 GHz. 64 GBs of DDR3 RAM. 2 x 300 GBs SSD. 2 x 2 TBs HDD. 1 gbp port. $144.00/m.   Here are the new machine's specs:   Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 @ 3.8 GHz. 64 GBs of DDR4 RAM. 2 x 480 GBs NVMe. 2 x 2 TBs HDD. 1 gbp port. $144.99/m.   This was obviously worth the extra $0.99/m, lol. The NVMe storage will certainly help with our MySQL server's performance as well.   We're also restructuring everything with this new web machine. This includes completely rebuilding the back-end servers. We're looking to make things more efficient. I'm hoping this allows us to grant certain permissions to our developers that will allow them to do what they have to while keeping things restrictive and secure. One thing we did poorly with the old machine was over-allocate SSD space to certain servers that didn't need it. This resulted in us running out of SSD space to assign to servers that needed it and it's risky shrinking a disk because it can result in possible loss of data.   Anyways, I've spent most of the weekend setting up the servers on the new machine and things are looking pretty much ready. I've already moved my personal websites to the new machine and things are running great (Browser.TF, Pop.Browser.TF, and g.gflclan.com). @Xy_ has been a great help and we're in the process of moving things over. At some point today, we will be moving this website over to the new machine. This will result in a couple hours of down-time. Last night @Xy_ attempted this already, but ran out of time. Therefore, we will have to resume the move after he gets home today. We will also be moving SourceBans at the same time since it'll make the website transition smoother (i.e. we have functions within the website that relies on the internal connection to the SourceBans database). This will require edits to the database information the game servers point to.   I would like to move everything before the end of the month. If this is the case, we won't have to pay for the old web machine again.   Other things we will have to move include the following (thinking off the top of my head):   HLStatsX. Beta websites. GitLab. TeamSpeak 3. Other databases used by game servers. Discord bots.   There is a chance we may miss something or bugs will be introduced after these moves. If you discover a bug, please report it to a Director or @Xy_ and I.   Thank you.

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    3. Reintroduction Of Our TF2 Division

      Hi everyone,   We are reintroducing our TF2 division. These servers are being hosted under our new network and ever since setting them up, have been doing fairly well. As of right now, there are no Division Leaders and Server Managers. The Directors and I will be managing the division for the time being until things stabilize and are proven to last.   Servers 2Fort We've setup a 2Fort-only server with fast respawn two days ago. So far, it has reached 20+ players both days and filled up fairly quick. The server is basically vanilla apart from fast respawn and the 32-player limit.     Orange X3 GFL's classic Orange X3 server is back! The server is running the original Orange X3 map along with having fast respawn. Apart from the location, the server is just like how it was back in 2011 - 2013 when it was the top Orange X3 server in TF2 (got to 8th in the world for all TF2 servers at one point via GameTracker). This was one of the first successful servers within GFL and apart from the old TF2Ware server (which may come back, who knows?!), is the only server I've paid out of my pocket for back in 2011 (back when we had a private hosting provider on the West Coast of the US). I've honestly missed this server and I know many others have as well such as @Alejandro and @Ben. It got to 32/32 (full) the first night we've released it again (which was tonight). Therefore, I'm having confidence it'll do well.   Here's a video by myself showing how the server was back in 2012. The server is setup very similarly now in regards to general game play:       Mario Kart Mario Kart is another addition we plan to add to our TF2 rotation if everything goes to plan. GFL had a very successful Mario Kart server setup back in 2011 - 2013. It contained things like jetpack which made the server enjoyable to many. I plan to set it up very similarly with the classic Mario Kart map and jetpack plugin (if there's an improved version of the old plugin, I will use that instead). This was personally one of my favorite servers to play on back in 2011 - 2013.   Here's a video I made back in 2012 showing how the server was:     Conclusion We are starting out with these three servers to start. However, the first two have been off to a good start. I will continue to monitor their growth as time goes on and decide whether or not we want to open more servers. However, let's focus on these three first. I am also working to build an admin team for these servers as well and if the division seems like it'll be worth it in the long-run, we'll start looking for Division Leader(s) and Server Managers.   If you have any questions, please feel free to reply.   Thank you!

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    4. Monthly Game Giveaway

      Hello! We've decided that we're going to try to give games away every month as a way to give back to the community. I cannot promise that we will run a giveaway each month, but I will certainly try to. With that being said, we're going to start by giving away a copy of Don't Starve Together this month.   To enter, reply to this thread. Members get 1 entry and Donators/VIPs get 2 entries (It does not matter when you purchased supporter/vip, as long as you are a current donator when I go and compile the list of entries).   Rules:    - Must not already own the game  - Must be member to enter.   If you have a suggestion for next month, let me know!

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    5. GMod TTT UK Minecraft server released

      Hi, this is just a server announcement stating that TTT UK is released now. The IP is:   Features: Spec DM CS:GO Knives in Pointshop Several Player models 6 maps ttt_mc_67thway_b5 ttt_mc_dolls ttt_mc_frozen_cargo ttt_mminecraftcity_v4 ttt_minecraft_rooftops_b_v85 ttt_minecraft_redux Cool T weapons Extended weapons for innos to use   Credits for folks who helped developing the server and giving feedbacks Almost all TTT admins @JadedJade @Dralga @Zero   Not to mention... we're having a competitive giveaway for launch. Number 1 on leaderboards for 2 weeks get permanent server-side VIP. 

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    6. The Promotion part II: New Garry's Mod Division Leader

      Hello, we are back with another announcement - new Division Leader for Garry's Mod.    Please join me to welcome @Fafy for his promotion as he is more experience with GMod technical and development side. 

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    7. The Promotions: New CS:GO Division Leaders and Directors

        Hello, I would like to announce the new Board of Director members and new Division Leaders for CS:GO. Please welcome @Liloz01 and @WigglesWorth as the newest member of the Board of Directorate, given with the work they've done within GFL as a leadership role under GFL teams. Now for the new CS:GO Division Leaders, please welcome @Leks and @Cobra, for their management experience with the servers.  I'm very excited about GFL in general, I'm looking forward to working with Wiggles and Oscar(Liloz01), and to see CS:GO Division to improve as it goes on.

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