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      GFL is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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    2. [Announcement] GMod Expansion --TTT3 and TTT4

      Welcome! We have launched two new TTT servers for our Garry's Mod Division. First up is TTT Vanilla, which is the good ol’ classic Trouble in Terrorist Town. This server will be managed by @Waylon Smithers and @Yogpod. To easily connect, open Console and type "connect" (without ") or simply click here.   After that is TTT Anarchy, which is a different take on the gamemode where the rules are next to none. This will server will be managed by @Xy. To easily connect, open Console and type "connect" (without ") or simply click here.   If you’re interested or want to learn more, then please visit the links below.   https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/1350-ttt-vanilla/https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/1311-ttt-anarchy/https://discord.gg/cdPNUkz

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    3. GFL Newsletter - June/July 2020

      June/July 2020 Newsletter       Introducing Council - Trigger - Council is now GFL's highest authority. It consists of Directors and representatives from some of our divisions. They will be responsible for GFL on a daily basis and each will be in charge of certain fields. For example, Director of Communications will be directed by Shuruia and Director of Divisions will be directed by FrenZy. The Directors will be responsible for fulfilling the Council's wishes. We also have Division Representatives. Skittlez is the representative for our Rust Division, and Pyros will represent our GMOD Division. Council will also be led by Nick, the Executive Director. He has the overall responsibility for GFL. These changes were made in an effort to improve communication between staff members and the community.   Read more about the big change here ---> https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/60005-announcement-the-future-leadership-of-gfl/     3 New CS:GO Servers (Climb Timer, Decoy Dodgeball, and Bhop #2) - Trigger - We have released 3 new CS:GO servers over the last 2 months. These being Climb Timer, Decoy Dodgeball, and Bhop #2. Climb Timer is basically parkour for CS:GO. Your only goal is to reach the end point as fast as possible. You will have to go through challenging obstacles to achieve victory. Next up we have Decoy Dodgeball, a gamemode centered around knocking out the other team with dodgeballs. This can take place on various maps including gymnasium, tournament, and nuke! Last on our list is Bhop #2. It plays the same as Bhop #1, but with a #2 instead. Players can freely switch between both at any time.   HG x GFL CS:S Scrim - Trigger - A cross-community tournament held by GFL (Games For Life) and HG (HeLLsGamers). Both teams will have 23 players with a few subs for any problems. Everyone who participated in the event will be entered into a raffle for two separate $10 gift cards. Participants will also receive a unique badge. A successful event held by GFL and HG!    New Division Leader - Dragoon - Recently, our Team Fortress 2 Division has had a vacant place for a Division Leader. With this in mind, we’ve recently selected a new Division Leader! Selected for their management and communication skills, we have Coven! Under the leadership of Coven, the Team Fortress 2 Division will thrive and prosper.   GFL's TF2 server, 2Fort 1, reaches #1 ranking - Dragoon - There’s some more good news from our Team Fortress 2 Division, and it’s a very noteworthy achievement. 2Fort 1, which is one of our two servers that’s on the 2Fort Map, was able to reach the #1 Ranked Server on Gametracker, comparing against every other server on Team Fortress 2! Although the server has since dropped a few places since then, this is a major accomplishment! To the players and staff that helped to make this feat possible, thank you all, for making 2Fort 1 a great place that Team Fortress 2 players can enjoy!   The Graphics Team Renovations - Dragoon - There are a plethora of teams here at GFL. Recently, our Graphics Team has undergone multiple changes. The original purpose of the team was to just take requests from GFL Members and above, and they did things such as creating profile pictures, forum signatures, or even simple art. However, the team has undergone many changes in the past few weeks. While the team will still take requests, the main focus of the team has shifted from the aforementioned requests to revamp many outdated graphics around everything GFL related, while on the side, they have posted tutorials and resources for many things connected to graphics. Of course, if you are to notice any abysmal or outdated graphics, then make sure to report it to the GFX Team here.   Brand new ARK server - Saizy - A new ARK server is being set up by Stoodly! ARK: Survival Evolved is a game where you can tame dinosaurs to collect resources, fight for you, and be your loyal companion! Learn new blueprints to build up yourself, or your fellow tribesmen, find bases to raid with your dinosaurs, and fight against other players! Can you tame a Giganotosaurus? Will you become the Alpha Tribe?    Future of Breach - Saizy - Breach hasn’t been updated a lot recently but one of their managers, Duc2000, wants to share his plans for the future of the gamemode! This include things from new maps, new SCPs, new ‘quality of life’ improvements, and even new special rounds! If you love the SCP fandom and you’re interested in a multiplayer game surrounding it, why not join the community to be there for those exciting, upcoming updates?        Applications   Writer Applications: - Writers are tasked with creating Newsletters and taking on requests for GFL. We are currently looking for more writers, so if you're interested in helping GFL then please visit the links below.   More information about Writer here ---> https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/48338-writing-team-information/ You can apply for Writer here ---> https://gflclan.com/forms/98-writer-application-form/   GFX Team Applications: - Being apart of the GFX Team means tackling incoming art requests. Some examples of these requests would be banners, profiles, etc. Visit the links below to learn more.   More information about GFX here ---> https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/58153-graphics-team-overview/   You can apply for GFX here ---> https://gflclan.com/forms/128-graphics-team-member-application/

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    4. The Future Leadership of GFL

      Hi everyone, this announcement will be the first of many discussing changes to our community’s top-level leadership. We believe these changes will have a positive impact on how quickly and effectively higher-ups work with staff and the community. The changes are as follows:   We are introducing a new top-level authority which we have chosen to call Council. This group of people will set the agenda and direction of GFL. The distinction from the old Director role is that Council members will not inherently be responsible for the day-to-day operations of GFL, and only the Council as a whole can make decisions, i.e. individual Council members cannot make decisions on their own. The Council, as of right now, consists of the Board of Directors and representatives from our larger divisions.   Let’s talk about the “new” Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be responsible for GFL on a daily basis and can make decisions that do not go against the Council's direction. However, there are some things only the Council can decide on. The Executive Director is the chairman of the board and has the overall responsibility for GFL on a daily basis. The rest of the Directors are each responsible for an area of their own.   Without further ado let’s introduce the initial roster for the Board of Directors: Executive Director: @Nick Director of Communication: @Shuruia Director of Divisions: @FrenZy Director of Teams: @Ben Director of Tech: @Xy   The Directors will be joined by the following two division representatives to form the first Council roster: Representative of Rust: @Skittlez Representative of GMOD: @Pyros   If you would like to learn more about the roles mentioned above, you can read about them here.   With the Council introduced, we will soon release a schedule for meetings which anyone from the community can attend. We will be looking for members of the community to join the council in the coming weeks. More information about this will come in future announcements.

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    5. CS:GO Expansion -- Bhop #2!

      I am happy to announce that we've now officially launched a second Bhop Server. It's been a long time coming and something we've thought about for quite some time. @Foley has done an amazing job with it and I'm sure those of you that are a fan of the gamemode will agree.    This server is pretty much identical to Bhop #1. It's meant to be there as an alternative for our regulars. Being able to hop ;] between the two of them depending on their preference for the map that's being played and also, of course allowing us expand our playerbase as a whole.   Thanks. We sincerely hope you guys will enjoy! IP to the server:  

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    6. New TF2 Division Leader - Coven

      Hi everyone, I am proud to announce our new Division Leader - @Coven! He is known for his management and communication towards to TF2.    Please join me to welcome him as new Division Leader.

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    7. CS:GO Expansion -- Climb Timer and Decoy Dodgeball!

      I'm happy to announce two new additions to our CS:GO Server roster. KZ/Climb and Decoy Dodgeball. For those that might've been around for a couple of years would know that both of these have existed before, and I am personally excited to see how they'll fare now, and I also have high hopes for both.   We have picked out two very driven people to manage these servers. @Infra will be managing KZ, and @FordoGreenman Decoy Dodgeball. Leks and I have faith in both of these guys. They have done an amazing job so far and I'm sure they'll continue to improve with time.   We also want to give a shoutout to @ves who just became manager for Minigames about a week ago, but didn't get this type of recognition simply because Minigames has been around for a while.    So, please feel free to join either (or both!) of these new servers. We appreciate any sort of feedback and sincerely hope you enjoy.  KZ/Climb: Decoy Dodgeball:

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