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    2. GFL Newsletter - May 2018

        A PDF is attached for anyone who would like to view it in a pdf reader over an image file.GFLNewsletter2(1).pdf    

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    3. New Addition To The CS:GO Division

      Hello! Please welcome our newest addition to the CS:GO division, @xSnowyAngel! @xSnowyAngel has successfully managed our #1 CS:GO Zombie Escape server for over a year now and has proven to us he is very talented and dedicated.   The CS:GO division is still in the process of being rebuilt and we decided to add an additional Division Leader to help @Bonk rebuild the division!   What Happens To Our CS:GO Zombie Escape Server? Many will now ask what is going on with our CS:GO Zombie Escape server. I had a couple long talks with @xSnowyAngel about this and we both agreed this server still needs to be mainly focused on. @xSnowyAngel will remain as Zombie Escape's server manager and will be offering a second hand with other servers in the division along with helping @Bonk. We will ensure Zombie Escape still gets the attention it needs to continue succeeding and staying as CS:GO's #1 server.   Overall, congratulations @xSnowyAngel! I know you'll do a great job!   Thank you!

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    4. Website Moved & IPS 4 Upgraded

      Hello everybody, I am pleased to announce that we have successfully moved the website to the new machine and upgraded IPS to version 4.2 which includes new features.   Recently, we have been suffering from an attack against our old web server. After spending a large amount of time trying to tune our old web server's configuration, we have decided to just move to the new web machine. Although the new machine wasn't entirely ready, we made last second preparations just so we can bring the website back online.   Since our machine wasn't entirely ready and we haven't done extensive testing, bugs are expected. A majority of these bugs will likely be related to the current theme since the IPS 4.2 upgrade affected that the most. Though, other bugs which are more complex is a possibility.   I have gone ahead and created a new Bug Tracker database here. If you see any bugs, please report them there!   We apologize for the downtime and we hope you enjoy the website being brought back online! We will be making website adjustments including theme improvements and more in the near future!   Thank you!

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    5. The New Media Team & A Brief Word on CS:GO

      The New Media Team @Roy has always envisioned GFL growing to be as large as it can be. In accordance with this, we have been searching for ways to expand GFL through various mediums.   After mulling over a base idea that was originally proposed by @Joshy, we have decided to reform the Creative Team into the Media Team. This team bears many similarities with the old Media Team in that it is split between two subsets. One of these is the already existing GFX Team, which will largely remain the same in its structure. The second subset is the Marketing Team, which will be responsible for the act of "marketing" (hence the name) GFL through outside channels. This differs from the previous Media Team in that they—the members—are not solely bound by the social media platforms that GFL has already established. The new focus is to be proactive, rather than reactive. Despite only being established in their own right for a short duration, the event coordinators will also be absorbed into this new subset.   As the teams currently stand, they are led by @Bae (GFX) and @Duc2000 (Marketing). You may contact them with your interests and concerns. @Darkling will also remain as the primary Council correspondent for this team.   CS:GO & Division Leaders We realise that some of you have expressed concern for the lack of division leaders for our CS:GO division. This is doubtlessly a valid concern, although you can rest assured that two potential new division leaders are coming through the pipeline. These two are already being put through their paces by showcasing and discussing their plans with the directors.   In the past, we often carried the tendency to hastily promote people to fill the void left in some of our higher positions. This is something we have recently been trying to stray from in pursuit of a more "quality over quantity" atmosphere, which means that such lapses in present leadership may become more commonplace as a consequence. The intended end benefit is to have trained division leaders with more motivation for the role, rather than individuals who are mediocre and merely have the position for the sake of eliminating vacancies.   Thank you for your understanding in the matter.

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    6. CS: GO BHop Redone

      Merry Christmas I'm happy to announce that the BHop server has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new timer.   The servers are going to go online at 4:00 am (CST for NA, CET for EU) on the first day of Christmas.IPs: NA: EU:   Timer The previous timer had way too many bugs and a lot of issues which is why I decided on switching the timer to 'shavit’s simple bhop timer'.   Core features of the new timer are: Good Hud with a lot of statistics support for map tiers very good rank calculation based on map tiers (even tho there's no chat tags yet) trigger-based zones central replay bot checkpoint menu and it's Open Source (GPL 3.0) and very actively being worked on and much more. also, it doesn't crash the server every 2 hours and makes zones load for over 10 minutes   Maps A full list of all maps can be found here. My plan is to add 25 maps every week. This will last over 6 months until there are no more maps left on gamebanana. However, there are other sources for maps so there's probably gonna be more. Maps are also sorted by tiers which represent their difficulty. Tier 1 maps are very easy while tier 6 maps are very hard.   Other Plugins and Features pushfix, slopefix, movement_unlocker etc. for the best bhop experience showtriggers - see triggers while the timer is stopped or practicing. ssj - advanced jump stats Discord integration - this is still being worked on but atm. you can see new records on the discord server. (you can see also see ac detections)   Discord Server This server exists for some time now. Join here. It's probably the best place to talk to me about suggestions or similar stuff other than the forums.   Admins Due to a lack of activity in the admin team (I don’t blame you), I will rebuild the team from the ground up which means that all the BHop staff will lose their ranks. However, they can apply again and if they are active, they will have a big chance of getting accepted again. However, this means that I'm currently looking for admins. If you're active and want to help out the server, feel free to apply in this subforum.   A look at the future I'm currently working on: replay synchronization cross server and discord chat relay Planned stuff: better discord Integration for the timer forum integration for the timer chat tags for rankings (hurry up shavit) and way more.    Thanks to shavit for the timer. @Roy for helping me with all the backend stuff I can't do myself. @Reeve for some advice with the server. @Bae for some advice on the art you can see above.   Have fun.

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    7. GFL Demographics 2017

      Hello Everyone! Once more, there will be GFL Demographics, like the past two years. If you would like to check last years results, go here: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/9684-gfl-demographic-2016-results/ We hope you fill the form and let us know about GFL as  a whole! But.. what is GFL Demographics..? Well, It is a set of ANONYMOUS questions that only have a statistical purpose!   So hop on the bandwagon and fill the form!  https://goo.gl/forms/ZfH8sGrylR1W4Q5C3   Info The Form will close on the 31st December and results displayed on the same week. Originally posted @-q-   https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/22517-gfl-demographic-2017/   Thanks!

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    8. Event Coordinator Team Released

      Hello everyone. You may have noticed that we have a new role on the forums called Event Coordinators. This role was inspired by GCC and their approach towards event management. Currently there are four members of GFL who have been doing amazing work within GCC and pushing them forward with every event they produce. These members are @Runda @Pyros @Syntax and @Kubnair. The sheer amount of effort each one of them has put into their work within GCC is phenomenal! That is why these members will be the first four to start up our Event Coordinator team!   Now for some details about this team and what they can do within there new role. My aim for the team is for one GFL event a month, starting with a Christmas themed event which they are starting to work on now. They will continue to work within GCC to provide events. However they can now request usage of GFL's servers and any other reasonable resource for use within GCC and for GFL events. They will be able to use the Creative team to create GFX for events and for recording/streaming and tweeting the events.  They have access to request the Developer team to edit plugins for usage within events. They are able to work with our Server Managers to be able to create events on our current servers. They have been given permissions to directly post and feature posts within the events sub-forum. Lastly they have been given TeamSpeak permissions to edit and use the Event channel, in order to support using TeamSpeak during events.   Now I would like to mention that working within GCC is not required by the role, however the team does need to be involved in the events from GCC.  There will be opportunities for members to apply and help out the Event Coordinators but that will currently be handled through PMs instead of an application form.   This new role is something that will give us all something to look forward to and will help provide GFL with some regular, quality events. I have a lot of belief in the current members of the team and look forward to their upcoming work within GFL!

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    9. New Division Leader

      Hello everybody! Please welcome Garry's Mod's newest Division Leader, @ButterKing5000! @ButterKing5000, @Violator, and @Zebra will be working to get the Garry's Mod division back on its feet. This includes fixing our current servers and expanding into new servers at a steady pace (especially Europe servers).   Congratulations @ButterKing5000!   Thanks!

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    10. *NEW* Prop Hunt Server

      After a couple months of hard work the prop hunt server has been re-released. I would like to thank the following people for contributing to the making of this server.   @Zebra & @Violator- Taught me how to basically do everything and spent many hours working on this server. @Roy- Running this server out of pocket and setting a ton of stuff up that I probably don't know about. @Leks, @Winter, & @Xy_-Having to deal with the many questions I have to ask . @_Marshmello_, @Gary, @mbs, @Squanchy, @Jat02, @Finnick, @Winter -Willing to become part of the PH admin team and they also helped test the server before it was released.   Sorry if I forgot anyone a lot of people helped make this server and I might not now about everyone that did. If you are interested in playing on the PH server the IP is: If you want to read the rules click here, or if you are interested in applying for admin on the server click here. Hopefully I'll see you guys on the server!  

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    11. [Server Update] New Gmod Murder Server!

      Hello everybody!   As you may possibly have seen (if you are in the Garry's Mod section at all), Murder 1, aka Murder 24/7 Construct, has been locked for a fair amount of time. During this time, I was making some major updates to the server.   And now I am proud to announce that Murder 1 is now known as General Rotation! Multiple maps have been added and clues have been added to every map on the rotation, in addition to massive updates the Pointshop, as you may have seen in the Murder Changelog for about the past 2-3 weeks.   So please come check it out! Murder General Rotation is now completely released and I hope you all enjoy it!   Come join:   Credit to @inHaze for this magnificent new artwork/loading screen.   Cheers everybody!

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    12. *NEW* CS:GO TTT Server!

      Welcome, everyone! This is a pleasure for me to announce that we have a new TTT server for CSGO. This has been a long time coming and should have been back up awhile ago. We  have a couple perks here and there, feel free to join the server and check it out.   I want to thank everyone that came on during the beta, and everyone that have given me this opportunity to make this server.   Come join us on CSGO, the IP is:

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    13. New [CS:GO] Deathrun server!

      Greetings everyone! After long development, it’s my pleasure to announce that we are now releasing a new server for cs:go! The server includes a lot of perks for members, supporters, and VIPs such as hats, masks, player models and more!   I would like to thank all the people who help to test this server, as well as the developers who have been helping me produce some plugins.   So come join us on CS:GO, the IP for the server is:

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    14. GMod SCP Breach

      Hey everyone,   We have launched a new GMod server running the gamemode Breach. Come check out the server and see why it's one of our most popular servers already! Make sure to add to your favorites.   See the following posts on how to play.   Credit to @Kubnair for bringing the gamemode to our attention.

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