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    1. Update on Board of Directors

      Tonight's the night.   As of writing this post, the only members of the Board of Directors are @Roy, @Cypher and I. The emptiness that is currently being experienced within the BoD is attributed towards the recent resignations of @Santahiggle (Floopy) and @Kim. This post will not detail these resignations and is rather intended to announce the successors.   @denros is the first of these two. He previously rejected an official designation within the BoD, although he came to change his mind on the matter. This should not come as a surprise to people given that he has already been acting in a capacity that one would expect of a GFL director. Such duties include coding for IPS plugins and modules, site maintenance, handling supporter/VIP requests and participating in discussions.   Already esteemed and respected in his position as a CS:GO division leader, the second individual in the spotlight is @Dano. Although he is younger than the norm, Dano already expends time and effort into areas outside the onus that his current position affords him, such as aiding with server/division/TS3 management and resolving disputes. I am also partial to admit that he is of a similar level of linguistic ability to myself, which is a boon in the discipline of writing such posts as this.   Brief Q&A: Q: Isn't Dano our sole CS:GO division leader? Isn't removing him from that station detrimental? A: This is true on paper, although there are certain circumstances that will allow us to surmount such issues in practice. @Ariistuujj and @denros are already on board with the upkeep of CS:GO in the technical sector of its management. The rest of the charge that comes with being a CS:GO division leader (which alone isn't enough to overburden him) will remain with Dano for the time being.   Q: Won't the BoD be dominated by Europeans in a primarily American community? A: There have been worse offenders of this in the past where we still managed. We have also taken steps since then to improve communication within the hierarchy of GFL. For instance, the issues that arise from time zone differences matter little in the Discord server that server managers+ are entitled to use for the purposes of communication, cooperation and requests.

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    2. Update on Roy + CS:GO Technical Administrator Promotion + Battle of the Communities

      Some of you may have noticed that @Roy has been absent for the past couple of days. The reason for this is that his PC has fallen under the dreadfully harrowing curse of hardware failure. I can spare no details on when Roy shall return, thus leaving this message as merely a disclosure of Roy's present situation.    Of course, the absence of Roy means that the burden of writing announcement posts for noteworthy events must fall to someone equally as charming and charismatic. I'm not one to shirk the onus of destiny, so without further delay...   CS:GO Technical Administrator: @Dano will remain as the sole CS:GO division leader for the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that he is doomed to handle the technical affairs of the division by himself. As of today, @Ariistuujj has been designated as our latest technical administrator. The rank itself was originally introduced in a broader sense, although Arii's focus will be on CS:GO. Please keep in mind that the duties of a technical administrator are (as the name implies) that of the technical aspects of division management; do not bother Arii with communal issues that should rather be addressed to a division leader.   Battle of the Communities: A representative of http://www.edge-gamers.com/ contacted us on the 4th of August in an effort to introduce GFL into a pool of communities for participation in an event they call "Battle of the Communities". If the name isn't enough indication, this is a tournament that promotes friendly competition between various communities. More specifically, the chosen participants will play matches that are held within a 5v5 CS:GO setting. The tournament is typically held at the end of October or the beginning of November. As we have accepted the invitation, we shall promptly need to form a team with which to compete. Please contact @Dano if you are interested in the prospect.

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    3. Rust Survival Server Opening

      It's here! Rust is finally open to the public (it was before, but not publicized). @Slotter (Otter) has been working very hard over this past weekend, finished the server and switched it over from battlefield to survival.   Server Features: Kits for Member, Supporter, and VIPs. Perks are listed here. SignArtist for Supporters and VIPs. Chat tags for Supporters/VIPs and Admins. Clans Friends In-game ticket system for reporting players Levelling system(ZLevels)   You can connect to the server by going into Rust, pressing F1, and typing "connect" into the console.   Have fun!   Contact @Slotter if you have any troubles. Report bugs here.

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    4. The Fourth in a Series of Promotions

      The pool of individuals that we were considering for promotion has slowly been thinning out, thus marking this as one of the last posts that I will make on this particular subject. To be more specific, this announcement concerns our Rust server and the individual that has been chosen to manage it for the foreseeable future.   Although it may come as a surprise to some, @Otter is that individual. He has desired a hand in management of our Rust server for a long time and perhaps today is a long time coming. After proving to @Roy that he is more than capable of handling the technical aspects of server management, those within our Trusted group overwhelmingly opted to consign him the position. His past considered, here's to hoping for a valuable prospect. Otter himself will leave a statement shortly after my own.

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    5. The Third in a Series of Promotions

      I'm obviously a tad late on the draw for this (that's timezones for you), but I might as well post this for the sake of continuity. Bear in mind that this announcement is only in observance to one individual.   Please congratulate @Syrus on his ascension to the role of community advisor. Outside of his management in CS:GO Minigames and his GFX contributions (such as providing overlays for our eSports team), he has routinely provided Roy with valuable insight. At that point, being promoted to the rank of community advisor is merely a formality given that he has already acted in that sense prior to his ascension.

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    6. The Second in a Series of Promotions

      As I previously alluded, more promotions are on the way. This is the second stage of the series, which will only address the GMod division. Given that our GMod division is smaller than it previously was, we have opted to restrict the number of promoted individuals so as to not mar the division with an overly bureaucratic methodology. The following individuals were chosen by a poll that was distributed to those within our Trusted group.   @Zebra originally rose to prominence alongside his twin brother @Stud as admins of our GMod Purge server. Under @Shiny's management, they quickly ascended to be superadmins. Shiny's resignation promptly left the brothers as the prime candidates for Purge management. Stud resigned shortly after this initial promotion due to life circumstances, leaving Zebra alone to manage the Purge server. He has since been overseeing an overhaul of Purge's plugins and performance.   @Bigtime388 was the manager of our GMod Murder server from November 2015 to March 2016, along with admin on Deathrun and superadmin on Prop Hunt. He passed off management of Murder to @Dead_Soul due to uncontrollable circumstances with his Internet connection. He has since rejoined Murder's management as a co-manager. Bigtime is also credited with the creation of our GMod Hide and Seek server. Furthermore, he has aided @Based_Matt with the server files of our late DarkRP server.   Some of you may not agree with these choices and that's okay. Nevertheless, we shan't rue this day and should rather elect to wish these fellows good fortune in their trials.

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    7. [CS:GO] FFA DeathMatch Dust2 opens

      I'd like to announce that the server is launched and is now open.  The password is removed, of course. If you have any suggestions, please go to this section   Server features: HLStatsX AWP(limited to 2 per team) Free for all Join now! IP:   I'm bad at this announcement thingy, so if you have any question, reply below.

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    8. CS:GO Jailbreak Opens

      Hey everyone,   I'm here to inform you all that our CS:GO Jailbreak is now open for all!     Server IP: Forum: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/67-jailbreak-us/   This server offers:- Jail Specific Shop - Player Skins - Football plugin - Voteday - CTban - Warden - No Radar - LR And much much more...   So why not join?    The Server Manager is @HackingPotato with me(@Kim) as an assistant/Co-Manager.   I want to thank those people who helped with the server & banner.  

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