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      GFL is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!

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    2. CS:GO Minigames and AWP 24/7

      Hello Everyone! I am proud to announce we will be releasing two cs:go servers, one shortly after the other, CS:GO Minigames and CS:GO AWP 24/7! The Minigames server, managed by @Vauff 👏  is released tonight and going live at 8PM Central/9PM Eastern/1AM UTC (20th September). You can connect to the server through this IP:   Meanwhile, the AWP 24/7 server is in needs of a manager! We see a lot of people interested in managing it, therefore, we have made an application form for the Position of Manager for the server! If you think you have what it takes, please head on over to this link: https://forms.gle/JhJA4Xbf6zzDk4gT7 All information needed is written in the form, so please read it carefully and respond truthfully!   Thanks

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    3. GFL Newsletter - May/June/July 2019

      New Badges (May) It is with great pleasure that we announce the new badges! Badges have been recently updated to accommodate the people’s request of a newer and more recent design. The previous design had many flaws, but it got the job done, and so the request was inevitably locked away. However, @queue, the previous designer of the old badges, has come back to create a new design for the badges. He has created two new designs, and sent out a poll for the community to vote on which design to implement (or even keep the old design, if anyone even wanted it.) Queue has worked on this for a long time now, and is very satisfied with his work. The community is also pleased! The old badges had different designs for the same roles, and were not consistent in design because of this. It was also difficult to pinpoint the accurate rank of a staff member without asking the member him/herself. The new badges have its own system to help differentiate between ranks, and the layout is simple enough for anyone to understand (provided they want to). This badge renovation was done to show how GFL tries its hardest to interact with and work with its community, even though it has other things to work on. A happy community benefits us all, be you a staff member, a director, or a player.Highest player Count (May) Everyone from GFL has always wanted something big to happen. Well, here it is! The highest record of online players from mid-June 2016 has finally been broken! You heard me right! As of now, the new highest record of online players is 690 out of 1546! The number of players is counted from 30 of our servers.   We can thank the new (and for one in particular, “renewed”) servers for breaking the record. One server that contributed the most was our Rust server, which saw a online player count of 165 on a 200 player server! Now we just have to beat our all-time record, which is 1299 players online!   New Donation System (June) As per Roy’s request to reshape the donation system, the director team has created a trello to collect all ideas for the donation system. Our current donation system has been in need of a slight renovation for a while now, and Roy has given the task to the directors. The directors have created a trello to track all incoming suggestions, and all suggestions have been made by server managers, directors themselves, or other people that are currently in charge of a server. A form has also been created for server managers or administrators to submit their own suggestions. The idea here is to get the staff involved to see what they would like implemented into their server’s donation system or GFL’s donation system as a whole. Once suggestions stop rolling in, the directors will look at all the suggestions and pick which ones should be completed (if not all). We look forward to see what changes will be made and to what servers (or maybe to all servers!). Several suggestions have already been made and are already in the process of being reviewed, but suggestions are still open to the staff.Roy's Career (June) After 8+ years here at GFL, Roy will be taking a step back in order to focus on his own life. He has built up this community and nurtured it with a safe and fun environment, focusing solely on the happiness of the community and doing everything in his ability to keep it running to the best of his ability. Every cent he has earned has gone straight to GFL, and all of his work in these past years has mainly been for GFL. He has assembled a large team of directors, developers, managers and more to oversee GFL as a whole in order to make it easier - but Roy has to progress his own life, too. Roy is 21 and started on this community at an early age; around 12. Now that he’s all grown up, he needs to support himself - after all, life take precedence over everything else. He’s currently got his own job and is obviously pursuing and learning the ins and outs of hosting providers, so Roy will be taking a step back from GFL in order to work hard at these things. On top of that, Roy has lost motivation and time in order to complete all the ideas he has - so he’s given them all to the directors and developers, whom he trusts will work hard to accomplish these tasks. Roy will not leave GFL completely; in a way, he is GFL, so he will be working on the Anycast network, but he will not be helping out in anything else.   New Gmod Division leader (June) As of the 22nd of the June, the new Division Leader for Garry’s Mod is Zero! The Former DL, Zebra, has decided that Zero is the best candidate for DL. Of course, this decision wasn’t out of nowhere. Zebra hasn’t been able to do much for the Gmod servers and he is quite busy with things outside of GFL. As for why he wanted Zero to be DL, well, Zero is well known for his skills with development and server management. That alone is worthy of a DL position.    Now let's not forget about Zebra here. Since Zebra is a longstanding member of GFL, and his opinion on matters within GFL is appreciated. He will be moved to the Community Advisor position. As a Community Advisor, he will be able to assist GFL staff with internal problems. Make sure to congratulate Zero, and to thank Zebra for his hard work within GFL! TF2 Servers (July) Hey, guess what? Our TF2 servers are in the top 10! You heard me right! Our 24/7 2Fort server is currently ranked #2 on Gametracker, holding an average player count of 30! Our other server, 24/7 Hightower, holds the rank of #10! It has an average player count of 22. Although the success of these two servers was doubted, it is clear now that bringing them back was a great idea!    These servers are sure to stay in the top 10! We can only hope to implement even more TF2 servers in the future. Also, if you have any suggestions for our TF2 servers, then please leave a suggestion on our TF2 Suggestions thread.   Final Notes Starting this off with an introduction, Hello, I'm the New Team leader for Public Relations, I go by Davoony for the Most part, but You're more than welcome to Call me Jade, I'm looking Forward to Finally Getting Newsletters out in a Timely Fashion, For now, I'm posting all the Ones currently Missing.   Currently, PR is in need of New members, More specifically, it's Human Resources, and Event coordinator Team (Writing Applications for Newsletters and Stuff to come Aren't setup, i'm actively trying to get that Fixed).   Human resources is a Team that Welcomes and Allows players to become a Member of GFL, and Sometimes if needed, provides a Tour of the Forums, This team currently needs More active Members, Feel free to Apply Today! https://gflclan.com/forms/13-public-relations-application/   Event Coordinator is a Team that Hosts Events for Everyone to partake in, Such as Uno Online or Karaoke Nights, This team currently has Few active members and is Looking for more, Feel free to Apply Today! https://gflclan.com/forms/13-public-relations-application/   Currently Conflict resolution is Disbanded and Likely won't be making a Come back, I'm actively Seeking to Clean up Everything with all the new PR changes, Please, Bear with me.   And for the Last Note, Writing has become part of PR and much like CR, i'm actively trying to get Applications up for Writing, and Setting up Everyone with the Correct roles that moved from Media Team (Expect this to be Covered more in the Next Newsletter)   That is all for Now, I look forward to getting the Newsletters up Monthly or Bi-monthly Whichever One seems more possible with the Current team members, See all of you Next Time!        

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    4. The Promotion IV - New TF2 Division Leader

      Hello, everyone! I am proud to announce a new TF2 Division Leader, @Pedro for his work with the servers! Please join me to welcome him for his promotion. He will do great by leading TF2 Division.

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    5. RuneScape, Overwatch and Left 4 Dead Forum Removal

      The RuneScape, Overwatch and Left 4 Dead Forums are going to be hidden in 3 days. (31/07/2019) If there is anything that you would like to get from there, please do. If you are reading this after 31/07/2019 and want something from a thread from these Forums, message me or another Director.

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    6. TF2 Discord

      In short, we have a TF2 Division Discord now: https://discord.gg/ZhJqnfy Yep, it's a thing. Our 2Fort and Hightower servers have both seen immense success in player retention and population, therefore, they have been moved out of the Expanded Divisions Discord into their own. Congratulations to @Pedro and his Admin team for managing and creating such a great division.   Thank you!

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    7. A new server in Garry's Mod.

      Good morning, afternoon or evening.   Recently the Division Leaders, Directors and myself have talked about the lack of population surrounding Purge. Purge came back near the end of January and beginning of February. The server had a decent population for about two to three months before it started to die. I won't go into why it died because this isn't the post for it. But even with attention and effort put into Purge the population never really started to take off again. With this we have decided to close down Purge.   But a new server will be taking it's place, PrisonRP. It has the same base or system as both Purge and DarkRP except there is an actual end goal or purpose. Currently there are only two US servers both in development, then the other servers are located in Europe. With this I believe it has a lot of potential compared to some other game modes such as DarkRP. Right now @Nick is helping out with the map, thank you by the way. At this moment not a lot of things have been developed for PrisonRP but there will be an update somewhere stating when the release date will be. My main goal is to have a well founded economy along with trying to build onto the community.   Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear your feedback! -Dalaw  

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