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Found 64 results

  1. Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement about the release of a new 'Clone Wars RP' server for Garry's Mod. The server will have you roleplay as either a Jedi or a Clone Trooper in the grand army of the republic where you will rise through the ranks whilst destroying the C.I.S Organisation. There will be plenty to do throughout the server and a quest system where you can complete quests to earn upgrades to your characters to improve game play! So what are you waiting for? Come check out the server! IP: or click here to join Discord Link: https://discord.gg/p6BHCvK Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1350014079 (Important you download all of the content in here to download quicker) Look forward to seeing you all online! just a little note there may be bugs that we are still yet to find so if you find any bugs please report them to @RickGrimesTM and @Violator
  2. dumb guy

    Name: Bog Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma Why you should be unbanned: uuuhhh how do I go into spectator mode? I went back on to get evidence for the aimbotter (this is him https://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkelf46/ STEAM_0:1:189897348) and it said I was in spec mode so I thought I was good, but I got banned again. sorry for the time wasting.
  3. ttt ban appeal

    Name: Bogdanoff Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: karma Ban reason: karma Why you should be unbanned: Lots of random rdm, killed a guy after he shot diamond into water, killed two more right after who started shooting me, stuff like that unban pls, also I have the ID of an aimbotter I'd like to give, he killed whole server with headshots and left
  4. This is more for the CSGO division, just posted this in the wrong place. Has the activity of the main division's servers for the past 30 days CSGO Servers-Active 1v1 US ZE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSGO Servers-Dead (30 days) 1v1 EU BHOP Minigamers Jailbreak CERF RPG NA CERF RPG NA CERF Timer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CS Basically Dead (30 days) CSS BHOP US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CS Active (30 days) CERF RPG US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GMOD Active Breach HNS TTT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gmod dead(semi dead) Deathrun US Jailbreak Purge Prop hunt ZS
  5. This is a security update for all Class D's! This man has been seen throughout the premises of the low containment zone! beware: if you see this man, report to the associated authorities immediately or face termination in the most brutal way! (Feel free to use this spray in game, I can make others for other classes/SCPs if interested)
  6. Name: SirGapeHorn Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:427948981 Banned by: CONSOLE Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I had low karma because there was more mass rdmers than usual so I would kill them and they would be innocent also this would be considered my first ban and this server has T pass and has a decent community with plenty admins and is normally populated.
  7. So I was banned from the your Garry's Mod TTT server because of low karma and I wanted my ban removed because I was killing people rdming and T baiting (Not Innocent) Another reason is this is the only good server with T passes and this would be considered my first offense also the server is always populated (Which is why many people join and constantly rdm) and has a decent community behind it.
  8. Appeal TTT

    Nick current : ┃Nuny Steam id : STEAM_0:1:227002806 Because I was banned : Prop kill Why should I be disbanded : A month ago I was banned for doing prop kill, I regret doing it and that I will never do it again, I made prop kill more I was playing and I realized that prop kill is not something cool, so I want to be banned from the server, Thank's for watch.
  9. Samsa - Technocrat Atlas - holding yr hand (prod. yung bae) Halberd - i'll be back soon (feat. Lé Real) Samsa - Komodo Dragon Samsa - Anthropocene (Feat. Atlas) Samsa - Cataclysm Samsa - Butterflies Samsa - Cuttlefish Samsa - Haunt Me Atwood - Way Up (Prod. by elijahwho) Samsa - Rearview Samsa - Tinder Samurai Atwood - DIAL Atlas - Broken Record Atlas - Valentine Atlas - Alarm (prod. No Sentences) Halberd - Basement (Feat. Love-sadKiD & Atwood) Cloudy - The Life and Times of The Already Dead This is for anyone who is looking for music to listen to, as well as for those who play GFL Purge Clan (US) Servers and see me online playing as a DJ and want to know what songs I usually play. Enjoy.
  10. Some people find different things fun in gmod for different reasons. People find fun in different things. Why do you play this amazing sandbox?
  11. Name: Freezingwind Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33618849 Banned by: YAR HAR Ban reason: There is technically is no reason for the permanent ban, especially with a nonsense reason like "Finger Slipped.". YAR HAR will most likely try to fight it, but there is honestly no reason I should have been banned on a Garry's Mod server when the situation happened elsewhere. YAR HAR and myself had a disagreement on the GFL Discord, and since he could not "hurt" me on there, he did it the only way he knew he could. By logging into Garry's Mod, and then banning me from there. This is a brief appeal to my permanent ban and I will make sure I make a separate and more elaborate report on this type of abuse.
  12. So recently there was a post from @Leks regarding bringing back Prop Hunt. This post gained an overwhelming amount of support. With that said we're more than likely going to move in that direction and hopefully bring up a Prop Hunt server. I'd like to speak about what you guys want on the server. I want to make this more of a community shaped server so you guys will have say in what actually happens from the start. First, you guys will see more polls to come with certain additions to the server. I'd like to ask you guys which "Prop Hunt" you guys want. I'll leave a poll at the top of this topic with the two. (Object Hunt and standard Prop Hunt). Both have their pros and cons. However, the one we go with will ultimately be up to you guys :D. Please note both of these will still be found under the "Prop Hunt" section in the server list. Also, both of these game modes have their own features list on their official pages. If you'd like to see another version/game mode based around Prop Hunt please choose it in the poll and comment the game mode name (with a link if possible). Object Hunt: Visual feedback - Prop halos change color depending on whether or not you can pick them. Variable mass - Large props can tackle filing cabinets, small props cannot. Cannot get stuck by becoming a prop. Better damage system - If you chose a small prop and lose half of your remaining health, then you chose a large prop, you will have half of the large props total health. World angles are seen by everyone - What rotations of your prop you see on the client is the same as what every other client sees. Angle snapping - This will lock your rotation to 45-degree increments. Angle Locking - If you want to look around without everyone seeing simply lock your world angle. A third-person toggle is available in the context menu. Simple, Clean UI design. Taunt selection screen. Variable taunt pitch. Hunters gain health when shooting human owned props. Props don't simply disappear when they die, they ragdoll into Kleiners. Variable step heights, smaller props good luck getting up stairs! Highly configurable. If you're playing a taunt when you die, it is muted. (This is a bug in original prop hunt) Auto-taunt. Configurable prop pickup. Enhanced Prop Hunt: Custom taunt selector (by pressing C). Improved Map-Vote system. Prop Rotating. Prop Locking. Freeze Cam Feature (for prop only). Camera Collision (for prop only). Prop Halo (for prop only, when selecting a prop). New Lighting Method for Props. Additional Models for Props (you can enable or disable it). 4 new random combine skins. Added Hand view models & fixes for spectator team. Fixed fretta and enhanced bunch of things in the code. New weapon (and it's a bonus). New Extra taunts (includes HL2's taunts). New random death strings. New improved Help Menu. "Lucky Balls". Sound cue when the round is about to end. Let me elaborate on what "Lucky Balls" are: The Lucky Ball is a rare ball that only spawns/drops when there are several props on the map that break. This ball will spawn after you break the props and it'll give extra bonus items or extra powers. To obtain, a player must use a +USE (E) key on the Lucky Ball. The main concern with opening up Prop Hunt would be how it'd affect our other servers. Recently, our Hide and Seek server was de-ranked from Gametracker due to having "idle clients". @Violator and I attempted to appeal this with no luck. With that said our Hide and Seek server has been suffering quite a bit. If Prop Hunt does well there is a concern that it might damage our Hide and Seek server further. Quick Q/A section. Q: "How are you guys going to choose a Server Manager?" A: Well, @Violator and I are going to follow a similar process to a normal job application (IE: Apply, then interview). First, we'll have a public Google form where you can fill out an application. Next, we'll contact the top applicants over Steam and give them a Discord Server link that will have individual rooms for each applicant. Each person will have similar questions. This should hopefully make it easier for people who are interested in becoming a Manager and think they have the skill be able to contact us. Q: "How are you going to go about adding things?" A: We're going to make this a more community-based server to take some stress off of @Violator and I. This should also help the server be what you guys want to play. Q: "GIVE ME ADMIN!" boi that ain't a question. A: An admin application sub-forum will be in the Prop Hunt section (I'll update this post whenever I make everything). There won't be too many requirements. Aside from you have to be Member or above. Sometime soon I'll make Prop Hunt its own section that way we can discuss these things in the "correct" place. If you guys have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please mention them in this topic or make a topic/poll in the new sub-forum. Note: We haven't started development on the server yet. Once we start I'll try my best to keep you guys updated! Thanks to @Unknown for proofreading this for me! Thanks, - @Zebra .
  13. Hello everyone! After 3 months me and @Roy have managed to finish the server and are now happy to announce that the server is now LIVE. I would also like to thank everyone who came along to test the server and a huge thank you to @Kubnair for originally suggesting the gamemode to us. So what are you waiting for? Join:
  14. What is the best gamemode in gmod in your opinion. Could be DarkRP (scrub), Cinema, TTT, Murder, etc. Let me know P.S. recently mine is breach
  15. I always used to watch videos on call of duty, then I saw one of vanoss's videos in the feed.... and well you probably get the point.
  16. I have found a ton of fun spots in which you can hide depending on whether or not you can find them. They are mainly spots in which it takes a lot of time and effort to get to. I can't list them for I use them most often but if you find me I can teach you if you want :3 Yours Truly -Pinkster
  17. Hello, guys. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Anyways I just wanted to suggest that gfl should maybe have a ragdoll combat server or a dodge ball erver. Both game modes are very fun to play. Information about ragdoll combat Ragdoll Combat is a gamemode where you control a ragdoll and bash into other ragdolls, trying to knock them off a platform. this is very fun to do. Gamemode in action : Information about dodge ball This game mode is like a real life dodge ball game it is very fun I have played this on a server before this is what you have to do: ☉ Win by hitting the score cap or having the highest score at the end of the round timer☉ You can catch balls if you have nothing in your hands and have precision timing☉ If the a ball bounces then you can touch/pick it up (delay to allow for wall rebounds and rolls)☉ Balls will disappear after x amount of time if they are not picked up☉ If you do not pick up a ball in x amount of time, you are given one Video of this game mode : Thanks for reading guys hope to see one of these game mode servers own by gfl
  18. Soooooo. Decided to look at new severs I hadn't been on and saw this. It's probably a joke but why not ask other people.
  19. MilitaryRp........What a fun server! *game crashes* ??? ok let's start gmod back up again. *joins MilitaryRP again* *game crashes* WTF!!! That right there was a story from when I tried to join MilitaryRP again. But really I think we should have a MilitaryRP server it would be nice.......and it could be serious maybe? Vote yes or no for this one.
  20. I have GMod, been trying to play on RP servers, but I have some trouble with textures. As in they are either the pink and black checkered pattern, or they don't even register. Would buying and downloading Counter Strike Source solve this?
  21. Hello again! I recently went on a workshop subscription binge and found several items I would like to subscribe to, namely being trenches. However, upon clicking subscribe, my GMOD client does not show them as subscribed. What am I doing wrong?
  22. Hey everyone, my friend -snip- who is the head admin of the gmod murder servers, is looking for friends on snapchat. If you wanna send pics with a pretty cool dude, add him: -snip-
  23. T-Shirt Giveaway

    I had permission from @Joshy to make this type of giveaway. If there is any problems with this giveaway, please contact him. Image Back & Front About this Giveaway This giveaway was suggested by someone from GFL. I asked about how should I start this off, he/she said to start it off as a giveaway first to get others to be more interested. The theme I chosen was Garry's Mod for this specific design. I used Photoshop to create a very simple design and I had SpreadShirt to print it for me (I was too late to iron it...). Requirements and Rules Yes, unfortunately there's a requirement/rules as always. - Make sure you understand the Giveaway Rules. - This is not a game giveaway, this is a clothing/product. - This will require your address to be shipped by USPS. - Shipping fee will be paid by me, so don't worry about it. - There are only two sizes: Adult Medium and Adult Small. - There will be two winners for this giveaway, unless you win both. - Do not post your personal information down. I will PM you of it. - Giveaway ends on December 19th 00:00 PST. How to Participate + You must give a reason why you want it. + You must put the size you want (Medium or Small). + [OPTIONAL] For one extra slots, you may give a suggestion of the design. + [OPTIONAL] For two extra slots, get friends or families to participate. { Proof Required } - [OPTIONAL] For one extra slots, send me a tweet of your favorite T-Shirt Design. { NibbPower } [ Participation List ]
  24. I just want to see which one the community thinks is better, I love both :).
  25. Can someone explain to me why a DVD of "The Little Mermaid" is in the anime store in zs_abandoned mall?
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