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Found 64 results

  1. I've been having this issue with this thing in the bottom-right of my screen in Garry's Mod. It's been filling up 1/3 of my screen when I join a multiplayer server because of the status bars that rise due to different sounds made by players, entities, microphones, etcetera. How do I get rid of it? Please tell me! Link to screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667864270 (Also, it's the thing behind the two information bars.)
  2. So as an admin on CS:S Bhop, I check sourcebans maybe once or twice a day and every time I look at the ban lists, it's majority GMod. I was curious and was looking at how many people get banned and for what. I found that most of it is from TTT and the RP servers about RDMing, but the amount of people that get banned per hour is kinda insane. I did some research and the amount of bans per hour was about 5 people an hour and at least one person got permabanned per 2 hours. Like, I understand that GMod gives people a little more freedom to fuck shit up, but there's way too many shits getting banned.
  3. As many of you have noticed, we have been shutting down some of our Garry’s Mod servers. This was due to many factors, but mostly was just a consistent lack of population. With that being said, we feel the need to expand our servers and bring great gameplay to you. We feel it the best if we get what you want for our servers. What better way to get a server populated than by choosing the gamemode that you want. So please vote on the selected gamemodes and if we can make that server then we will. Also, if you have other gamemodes you feel would be a great addition to Garry’s Mod, then please list them below.
  4. Hey guys i made a new video Ep 3. Please input would be awesome, they are small video clips 3 mins long.
  5. Hey guys I made a new video with all the fun times I had on the server again, I hope you enjoy it i worked hard on the audio to make sure it works perfectly.
  6. @Zebra @Bigtime388 congrats bbs
  7. Hey Guys Sora here and Im new to the website still, I Just recently did a TTT video in the server with the people you may know, Its short because i didnt want to put much in. So input is cool or if i am doing this wrong then i am sorry and please let me know. ~~Link to video (youtube )
  8. My game Crashes at random times plz help
  9. A general guide members of the community can collaboratively put together to build machines or have a component in a machine able to complete an objective, which can be used to help make more machines, or put along side another machine, to perform more tasks. General as in more than simply wiring buttons to doors, as that takes a few steps. I would suggest naming all the WIRE components you'll be using, and how, but generally saying the required shape of props should be enough. If you want to make a guide on making a machine, I suggest making it stick out so people know its not just a reply about it, and to add pictures, regardless of your ability to describe. Making headers to make things stick out, and having a short description of the objective. Labeling the names of any components in a machine, like GPS and where its under, and purpose of component, would be useful as this is a page to help GFL users and members learn Wire for server use and for personal use. Wiremod is sometimes in RP servers, even though not to an extent like Sandbox would, members may want to use it on their own to build their own devices. Wiremod is on GFL's Purge server, and the community could share any machines they design to help secure players, their assets, and improve efficiency of shops, money making processes, and whatever players decide they want to build, within the allowed limitations, though if you want to build something expressly for Purge, should mark it as purge compatible. So, let the community generally give instructions on using wire. Even if it is for simple contraptions, you should still make a guide for it, as a lot of people in Garry's mod don't know Wire. For purge, or for sandbox. All depends on why you built it and what it can do.
  10. Hello, I would like to just go over a few things regarding the surveys we've been receiving here. The Garry's Mod division does need to improve and this includes everybody in it (Division Leaders, Server Managers, and Server Admins). Expanding Well, this is the first thing I wanted to talk about. Recently, a thread was made recently about getting another new server. I really feel we should stop expanding and focus on servers we have/had. Now, trust me, I want to expand, but there are issues with the Garry's Mod division that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Expanding won't fix those issues and from what I've seen so far, these issues aren't even being addressed between the Division Leaders or Council. Although, the Council is going to start looking into the issues in the GMod division (it started with the survey!). First, it was DarkRP, which was literally not successful. And then it was CloneWars RP, which, from what I've heard, has many issues resulting in the server slowly dying (it isn't dead yet, but the population literally decreases everyday). Now, we are trying to expand and according to the poll results off of the original thread I linked, it looks like we may see another RP server? If this RP server doesn't work out, then we might as well give up expanding into RolePlay servers. CloneWars does have potential but I am hearing there are so many issues with it. Although I haven't seen the issues myself, the population graph does prove there is something wrong with the server: An outcome that appears to be repeating itself with the Garry's Mod division is when a new server is complete, there are two users who each have their own "vision" on what the server should be. This causes conflicts and the server never actually succeeds. Maybe the wrong user is leading the server? I don't know, but I can't be the only one seeing this, right? Anyways, like I said, I love expanding, but we need to fix the current problems in the division and stop ignoring it. It isn't just the Server Managers and Server Admins, I've seen some issues with the Division Leaders as well. We still have some servers doing well and some servers that are doing better recently. However, the main issues in the Garry's Mod division hasn't been addressed yet. P.S. I wish our GMod MiniGames server succeeded. I believe that server had potential if it had somebody great to stick with it. Donation Income To start, Garry's Mod by far has the most customization than any other game GFL has servers in. As of right now, with the combination of CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, and GMod, GFL still isn't making enough donations to support the machines we pay (we only make around $500.00/m at the moment). That said, with the amount of customization Garry's Mod has, I personally feel our GMod division should be making more than $850.00/m. I've seen Garry's Mod communities with ONE server make over $1000.00/m. I truly think our donation perks have to improve. That said, if you need something "unique" for the web-side of our donation system, feel free to contact @denros. Performance I haven't went onto any GMod servers recently, but from the survey results so far, many players are still complaining about servers lagging. I never really went into detail with the Purge incident regarding an addon causing the server to lag, but I guess I can now. Purge was suffering for a couple months due to a poorly coded addon consuming a lot of the server's resources. Now, I'm not fully blaming the developer here, it happens. Who I am very upset with are the users who let this addon sit on the server for almost two months. You have to understand it sounds absolutely ridiculous to me and many others that this addon was literally lagging the server at > 15 players for two months. An addon like this shouldn't go unrecognized for two months. In fact, a week is almost unacceptable. Do you know how many players probably entered the server, saw there was continuous lag spikes (almost unplayable), and left the server with the mindset "Any server with GFLClan.com in the host name is a lag-fest"? Probably a lot, you'll be surprised. A majority of GFL's servers advertise "No Lag" in their host name for a reason. For a very long time, GFL was known for "high-performing" game servers and I want that to continue. I know Garry's Mod is a hard game to control, but please, Division Leaders and Server Managers, do not let an addon like that sit on the server for that long again. Overall, performance should be a high priority, but I do understand there are many un-optimized lua addons out there, especially with the game itself being un-optimized. However, there is a difference between "slight lag" and "bad lag" and our servers have been getting the "bad lag" recently and that needs to change. Overall This is not the big update post I was planning on making about the GMod Division. That post will be made with the Council's help, etc. This is more of a personal update and I just wanted to address some things that I've briefly saw while skimming through the survey results. The bigger update will be addressing the "Server Admins and Server Managers" problem. Nobody should be taking this the wrong way, but things do need to change. Now, there are users out there who say the GMod division is the absolutely worse place in the world, which is not true. However, there are still some major improvements we need to see in the division. Feel free to post your opinions here. If I see massive fighting here, well, I guess I'll just have to take action then In all seriousness, I don't want to see personal attack posts like I saw on previous updates I made. If you're a Server Admin/Manager or Division Leader, you should be able to keep this discussion clean. Thanks.
  11. Since deathrun was taken down due to Maskiee resigning, me and some other friends who used to play deathrun regularly got a little upset and some of us aren't even playing anything anymore because deathrun was all we had. We had spent so much time there and always had so much fun. Seeing deathrun get taken down, we feel empty. And I think other deathrun players agree with me. We need deathrun back. Admins, is there anything anyone can do to bring deathrun back? Maybe choose one of the admins as a server manager and keep deathrun running? I would love to be able to play on deathrun again. If anyone agrees with me, reach out to the admins please. WE WANT DEATHRUN <3
  12. hello everyone im new to the forums but not to gmod purge, i am familiar with GLOdussyus and hes a good admin. i was also thinking of becoming admin on that server because sometimes there is one admin doing a lot of work. i have a decent amount of hours on the purge server as well where would i apply at? also just saying hello server forums steam: cpl. wright
  13. It seems as if there has been a recent update on the servers with new items added to the shop and other work done the the servers themselves. With the update the the store I suddenly have missing textures for skins and items that I had been able to see before. A message on the server had said that I would be able to find a link to the addons for the textures on the website forum, but I was unable to find that. So if someone has the link to the addons so that I can download the textures, I would appreciate it.
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