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CSGO Bhop Admin Application

Currently we are not actively looking for admins. All positions have been filled. We encourage you to still apply and when there is an open position available we will start reviewing applications. Thank you for your understanding



  • Join the CSGO discord server
  • 60+ hours playtime on the server
  • Knowledge of how forums work and how to interact
  • Active on the server to know the community
  • Member+
  • Can handle Criticism & Can control Temper
  • Mostly clean record (Vac, GFL server bans)


  • Enter any names you use on the server

  • Enter your Steam ID (type status in console while ingame to find it)

  • Enter your age (must be 16+ to apply)

  • Use !playtime ingame to find your hours

  • Give us a rough estimate of when you play on the server

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