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How to Join CS:GO Servers After CS2 Release

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If you're here, CS2 has probably released and you're looking for how you can still access CS:GO to play on community servers.


Just follow these instructions:

  • Right click on the game in your Steam Library and click Properties.
  • Navigate to the Betas tab and select csgo_legacy - Legacy Version of CS:GO from the Beta Participation drop-down list.
    • ah7lr.png
  • Close the window. To confirm if the setting has saved, the game's name on the Steam Library should have [csgo_legacy] at the end of it.
  • You can then start the game - you will be shown a pop-up to select what game you want to play, select Legacy Version of CS:GO.
    • y1z4e.png
  • Once you're in, you can connect to your favourite community server, using either the Community Server Browser or the console. Here are some of our server IP addresses:
    • Zombie Escape:
    • Surf: (Full list)
    • KZ Climb: (Easy Tier 1-2) & (Expert Tier 3-7)
    • Bhop: &
  • Enjoy!



Do I need to switch back from the "csgo_legacy" branch if I want to play CS2?

No! Steam will ask you what you want to load in to when you try to launch the game with a pop-up window. If you accidentally clicked "Always use this option", you can bring the pop-up back by right-clicking the game in your Steam Library -> Properties -> Scroll down until "Launch Options" -> Select "Ask when starting game" from the drop down:





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