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Found 53 results

  1. My Age: 11 My Talent: Hey! My name is John. I work mainly in web development, and in my spare time I might do some game design and game mapping. Programming languages I'm fluent in/have a lot of experience of include: PHP; Lua; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Python; and SQL. I do have experience with SourceMod, my only problem not having something to host my game-servers on. I do work with Git and currently own a Raspberry Pi B, and a private Git environment would be very helpful for programming, so thank you. CONTACT INFORMATION DISCORD: @Johnodon#9360 PS: I know that I will probably be denied because of my age. I just want to let you know that I have a lot of experience and am very mature for my age. Thanks, John Hours/Week: 5-15
  2. I have been playing on the jailbreak server for 5-6 months. Whenever I play on CT i try not to break any rules and give the T's a fun day but sometimes i'm yelled at or told politely by people/admins that have been playing on the server for a long time. They tell me these rules that exist but i can never find the rules anywhere, example : revoking a freeday/glow with 2 people alive. there are many rules i cant find that i get told are rules or unspoken rules. how am i suppose to know what these unspoken rules are by getting warned or yelled at by people. I've been told the rules got deleted. If so, I'm just asking or suggesting a staff member please work towards all the rules being wrote down somewhere so I can know the rules. I would like to apply for admin but feel unqualified when i don't know about all these unspoken rules i cant find. Some admins tell me these rules exist and act like i should know them when they aren't even posted on the website. Please Help so others aren't confused like me.
  3. Hi, this thread will serve as a list of CS:GO ZE maps that I've fixed/ported, I'll also post updates/new releases in this thread as they come out. Note that the maps listed here are not originally created by me, all credits go to the original mappers. I don't put my name in any of these. Ports ze_Pidaras_va2 (stripper) Recompiles/Fixes ze_complex_va3 ze_temple_escape_va3 ze_abandoned_industry_va2 ze_evil_mansion_va1 (obsolete due to this) ze_negative_legacy_va2 ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_va2 ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_va2 ze_insanitycity_va2 ze_rizomata_a46 ze_rizomata_b45 (stripper)
  4. Hi I would like to adress what has happend sir ok so i got banned in game admin chat spamming appreantly while i was doing stuff like reporting freekill and stuff then chef says type in admin chat one more time you are banned and I did and i know its my fault i should have not typed it. the ban is Permanet so i cant do anything and also i learend my lesson from fourm spamming sorry to you all admins. I will never do this again i know that i was imature but i have grown since that ban and forms ban i would like a unban but if you dont unban me its ok because it is my fault in the first place and i would like to apolagise.
  5. Classic AWP Only. What is Classic AWP Only? Well it is a CS:GO server where it is AWP only. You have the standard Counter Terrorists and Terrorists and they fight until the death. Now with this you can have !top10 or some form of point/kill system where people work on getting to the top. Normally the points reset monthly or whenever the manager feels like it. (Preferably monthly so people know when) This is due to new people having the opportunity to grind and eventually get to top10. What is the "classic" part of it? Well it is basically a no autobhop server in all. How popular is it? Based on the servers I have played on, it is filled almost 24/7 because of the demand for it. (Don't know actual stats) No offense to other communities but those that I have played on have almost no active admins, they're toxic in general, but yet they still get a lot of people on it due to the demand. Most of the servers I could find were not US servers, except for maybe 2/3? The majority of people I have talked to in those communities said they wanted a more reliable server. Management/Admins: In order to ban you'd need a considerate amount of proof for ESP/closeting. Personally I do not know how GFL manages their CSGO servers on hacking. That being said I am not going into detail about this. Perks: I've seen a lot of hats/accessories/chat tags whether it be from credits or because of donating. Maps: You have the standard awp_india, awp_lego_2, awp_lego_crazyjump_v1, awp_fort_simple. Then your custom or more rare maps. Personally I think it would be pretty popular due to the demand and how friendly this community is. Also another way to bring in different people. I have also seen some people from GFL play on this game mode. Anyhow, whoever reads this thank you for taking the time to.
  6. CS:GO is the world’s most famous shooter, which has attracted the attention of every gamer worldwide. Therefore we need to know all the ways that will help us to achieve maximum results in the game. Let's start from optimizing PC: If you do not have a super powerful computer, but really want to play CS: GO, then you should make sure that your PC is ready to withstand high loads. There are some simple rules to optimize PC for playing CS:GO: Keep your computer clean: both inside (do not download any third-party software) and externally (do not forget to periodically clean it from dust) Update the drivers! One of the most simple but effective rules, which can sometimes give a boost which is equivalent to buying a newer video card Close all third-party software before starting the game! Especially browsers! Having a test with an open browser and closed, you will be surprised how much Google Chrome eats memory. Launch settings Many players do not know what startup settings are. In short, these are special console commands that are automatically applied when you are entering the game. So there is no need to apply them each time. Wondering how set launch settings? Right-click the game icon in the Steam games library Select Properties Click Set Launch Settings to enter the needed commands Here is just a small list of useful commands: -novid - skips loading video in the begging of a game -console - turns on the console in the game -freq “number” - the screen refresh rate, for example 120 (-freq “120”) -high - high priority game launch. Not forget about gaming devices. Adjust the sensitivity you need, depending on your mouse. In order to correctly determine at what value it is easiest for you to play, try on the training map to quickly aim the bots that will run out from around the corner, or simply move along a certain route - this way you will immediately understand whether the set value effectively reflects your aim. If the motion is too sharp and sometimes “overpowers” through the enemy, you should set the value lower and try again. Unfortunately, this is not the end.. I offer you to read this advanced csgo guide to be aware of all actions to improve your skills.
  7. Heya, Today, I will answer the age old question of which gun to use. To work this out, I have used the Wikipedia to find out the fire rate and reload times of each gun. Keep in mind, this is exact reload + fire timings so in practice it would be slightly less. Nilla Servers So what is best? Well, it depends on the situation and your play style. -P90 has higher damage / knockback than the Bizon, is more accurate and allows for burst fire meaning more headshots and sustained knockback. -Bizon has a larger clip with a shorter reload time allowing for sustained fire on zombies at all times. -Negev is good for holding small hallways or doors and static locations. Boss fights -On static boss fights, Negev is the winner here with the highest DPS. -On moving boss fights, Bizon is better as it offers the most DPS and the fastest movement speed. So there it is, there is a place for everything. Bizon is probably best all rounder but it's entirely preference! Personally I use the P90 for defending, Bizon for movement based boss fights and Negev for Static boss fights. Extras P90 on steroids, best for boss fights So for some other servers, MP9 is king for boss fights and P90 is more viable overall. Thanks for reading, hopefully you learnt something
  8. Hey, I have benchmarked CS:GO ZE with demo's / fraps as I was interested to see what kind of performance I was getting and if I could improve. This may help some people who are looking to upgrade their system, or get more out of it! Wanderers v5_2 was the main map I tested as I think it's a good balance of particles, boss fights and also general optimization. I can test other maps if people would like but I don't have the older hardware anymore to test. All results are used with an overclocked GTX 1070 System; i7-3770k (16GB DDR3 @ 1600Mhz) https://imgur.com/a/ElRGm8g - Benchmark results (Updated) i7-9700k (16GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz, CL15) https://imgur.com/a/169wIUT - Benchmark results Looking at these results, an increase in CPU clockspeed gave an almost 1:1 performance increase and that the difference between low vs high settings is indistinguishable. I did also test 720p and 1440p to find there wasn't really much of a difference. So what now? Don't be afraid to try higher settings as the performance impact isn't that much on a decent PC. Random notes I wanted to throw out there -Use realtek drivers (R2.82) for on-board audio as I found the manufacturer ones had additional services using 10%+ CPU power for no real additional benefit. -Turn hardware acceleration off on programs that you have running in the background, such as Discord and other game launchers. -For those wondering, Shadowplay + GSync only dropped averages by ~1-2 fps and the new steam UI ~0.3 fps (margin of error). -I usually have everything on balanced power modes but "Windows High Performance" and Nvidia "Maximum Performance Mode" may help you. Thanks for reading UPDATED: 19/02/19 -Might give this a test on an old laptop and see how we go!
  9. Have you just started CS:GO or maybe are you already a semi-pro player? It does not matter! This will improve your skill regardless of your current skill level. @CrusTi and @Plexol have created a very particular guide to help those who aren't sure how to train them self to advance in CS:GO. This guide was made over a period of 2 weeks to insure the best QUALITY in the guide, officially published on October 14, 2016 at 1:02 A.M in the morning. GUIDE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774008714 If you can pin this topic so more CSGO enthusiasts will come take a look!
  10. This is more for the CSGO division, just posted this in the wrong place. Has the activity of the main division's servers for the past 30 days CSGO Servers-Active 1v1 US ZE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSGO Servers-Dead (30 days) 1v1 EU BHOP Minigamers Jailbreak CERF RPG NA CERF RPG NA CERF Timer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CS Basically Dead (30 days) CSS BHOP US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CS Active (30 days) CERF RPG US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GMOD Active Breach HNS TTT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gmod dead(semi dead) Deathrun US Jailbreak Purge Prop hunt ZS
  11. Hey guys, so it's been a while since we've last changed our default map. Currently the default map is ze_icecap_escape_v5_p. Here are a list of maps for u to vote on to be our new default map. *note* Tryhard maps, or maps that takes more than 15~min to complete, will be ignored
  12. Should I sell my skins for CS:GO and TF2 Items? I will get Should I? Leave your ideas in the comments.
  13. Thanks to an anonymous admin for tipping me off to this. For all it may concern I will be signing up for Jailbreak Admin in the coming days. I am currently trying to complete the requirements. The main being the 65 hrs. required. ALL ADMINS WHO ARE CURIOUS may PM me for why I'm trying to become an admin.
  14. I was wondering after looking through the GFL Staff, why there isn't a Division Manager for CS:GO JailBreak. I am hoping to get an answer from an Admin or Roy. Another question would be how do you become a Division Manager.
  15. When seeing admins in action, they seem like just normal people with higher positions. I have seen multiple slays, team-swaps, com-bans, ending !lr's. Admins have given me some of the best support and tips I could ask for. Some of them being PurpleExod and Worgee. I am curious about how far an Admin's ability can stretch before something is out of his/her control.
  16. After alot of working and not being able to play video games i am back in the saddle again. Mainly because i had a flat foot reconstruction because my feet are so flat that it was causing pain for me to walk alot at work. So from now on i will be defintely be playing more csgo and other games. Feel free to add me on steam ID is ChilledMoto picture of U of M Game on and remember GFL!
  17. What is your favorite skin in the new Spectrum 2 Case???
  18. What is your FAVORITE CS:GO Skin? Mine personally is the Falchion Fade
  19. Which team with the pro player Dazed be in after the IBP unban?
  20. what is your favorite fast food chain?
  21. Who is your favorite CSGO Pro team?
  22. Looking to trade

    What is up all you sexy people, I am looking to trade my Flip Knife Black Laminate Minimal Wear which is ~35 keys steamanalyst. I have around $15 worth of add-ons if you are interested in downgrading and will soon have around $50 dollars just my other items are currently on trade hold. If you are interested please feel free to add me where we can negotiate or leave a reply down below. My trade URL is in my bio as well as right here. Thank you! -toasty
  23. What would GFL think about partnering with other companies to promote and or host local LAN in Chicago for csgo? Bootcamp Style tournaments where people play 1v1 brackets to start, then break up teams based on the skill/ outcome of the 1v1s.
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