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Found 63 results

  1. I have already made a post about this here: But I wanted to make a more official post here. Right now it doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of attention, and I'm trying to see if there is anyone interested. Because I am honestly excited for this to become a thing. Because I think I know how I could make it. This would allow people to customize their Gmod to anything they want, any color in the RGB scale, along with any alpha setting to each color pallet. I would probably also allow users to open a GUI window that shows the users what their theme would look like in-game. I'd probably allow them to cycle between multiple backgrounds, and of course choose between the options menu, the console, the q menu, etc. I really want this to be an official project. So please, if you like this idea let me know here. It could be another side project I could develop for GFL. (Of course you wouldn't have to be in GFL to use it, but I'll still keep GFL in mind as I develop it haha. Especially because I'll be having a little help from @Centrix with the files in Gmod and knowing what pixels to edit)
  2. Name: Mr.Pickles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47096738 Banned by: Toothless Ban reason: Attempted Mass RDM Why you should be unbanned: I rdmd one guy ONE GUY and i get banned for idk how long when it shouldve been a slay. Im just saying being banned because i rdmd one guy and then enlisting it under attempted mass rdm is a joke i love this server ill probably be on it until my parents kick me out when im 40 and i just wanna be fair like you guys are fair to me.
  3. Name: Kuro Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:447913640 Banned by: Ryan Ban reason: Hacking Why you should be unbanned: I DID hack, I don't deny it and it was a stupid thing to do but still, please hear me out. So when I downloaded the hack it was originally to troll my friends, tried it out on sandbox, and it was still working. I tried going to the GFL server thinking I'll get VAC-Banned but I wasn't. Joining in the server, I thought saying "I have hacks" would be a great idea to alert an admin and this same case wouldn't happen again, but that's not the case. There was no admin online, and I played through the game with hacks. Even though I knew who the Ts are, I played like a normal person and I wouldn't just shoot someone for being a T without traitorous act. All of that just to wait for an admin to arrive.I want to get banned for the purpose of telling admins that the server is prone to hackers (which I also said in the server) and I knew I would get banned but I didn't mind it cause its my alternate account and I can just play on my main account as usual. What I didn't know is that there's a rule about said hacking and my main account that has nothing to do with it can also get banned because of same owner and same IP. I understand if you wouldn't forgive and want to keep the perma-ban on this account but please reconsider about my main account. TenshiSK (Main account): STEAM_0:0:174637480 If what I have done is too much and there's nothing you can do, atleast let this be a lesson for people who will hack or try to do the same thing I did.
  4. Name: babe (in-game/in steam) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118935530 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I planted a C4 as an innocent, got disarmed by a Detective, killed 3 other innocents. I really enjoy playing on this server, but I made a stupid mistake and wish to be unbanned, please. ;(
  5. Name: Mr.Pickles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47096738 Banned by: Not suire Ban reason: RDM/ Leave Why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because i never left the server. I got killed and did the shift+tab to open youtube and watch something while the round goes on. all of a sudden i get this pop up that ive beeen banned for rdm and leave. Im not sure who did it but it was a mistake by their part in my opinion.
  6. I have under-lined everyone involved in this matter in-case you need to contact them. So basically i was playing Gmod - TTT games on the server that is not minecraft mapped, and was banned for mass rdm-ing as an innocent. The round went roughly at the start, I killed an innocent named Volk (I think a VIP) after him repeatedly running at me and telling me to kill him. Now that is very sketchy, i know, but the thing is, he is not the one that reported me for rdm. The people who actually reported me were the 2 traitors I correctly assumed were traitors and proceeded to kill. The two people who reported me was "Sick Ducker" and "Pinormerk". I believe that Pinor is an admin or something high ranked, but i am not sure if Sick Ducker was even a member. So first I killed Sick Ducker. The round started with me going immeadatley to the basement part of the map with a total of 3 T-Room entrances, 2 are directley from the room and the other one teleports you into a closet. I was near the closet trying to move objects in front of the 2 direct entrances from the t-room for a solid minute. When i was done with that i walked around and saw Sick Ducker walk out of the closet that has a teleporter in it. I started shooting at him, because for that entire minute i did not hear or see the door open and close. When i killed him, i ID'd the corpse and sick ducker was infact a traitor. Onto PinorMerk. About 2 minutes after i had killed Sick Ducker i heard pinorMerk say over comms "I just killed a traitor, im proven." But the thing was that PinorMerk never ID'd a body, so i told him "Why didn't you ID the body?" He mumbuled " I did " As soon as he said that it showed him ID - ing a body that was Innocent. I assumed that he just faked killing a traitor, when he actually just killed an innocent. I then went upstairs and killed PinorMerk, and it turned out he was a traitor. PinorMerk was the one who banned me, i'm not sure for how long though because it doesn't have a time next to the message. I believe this banning came from a little bit of salty-ness on Pinormerk's side, due to the fact that technically only 2 rdm's with reports against me was met with a ban, instead of an auto-slay for a couple of rounds. Thanks - Pewdis
  7. 1st Method: Buy CSS 2nd Method Download the textures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/85wtspjw8u48qf2/AACSo3AlRIuGNDPJf2Ks-wU4a?dl=0 unzip the textures. Open File Explorer Go to C: click Program Files (x86) then Steam then steamapps then common then GarrysMod Then garrysmod Finnaly Addons Put the unzipped texture file in the addons folder. Run Garry's mod.
  8. Hello everyone, it's your lego bionicles collector here. Today I request an appeal over my ban from August last year. Introduction My in-game name is normally craZy_y0™ and my SteamID is STEAM_1:0:28825581. Upon googling my SteamID you'll find that I've got a massive record of past bans on various Garry's Mod servers possibly dating back as early as 2013 as I've been in a lot of trouble for messing around on Trouble in Terrorist Town servers and other servers alike mostly for mass RDMing. On top of that I also have a game and VAC ban on record for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as I shared my phone number with my friend a year and a bit ago but it doesn't necessarily mean I cheated in CS:GO, in fact CS:GO is out of the question as I've never played on GFLClan's servers in that game. Why I was banned So let's begin then. I was banned from GFLClan as I was aimbotting on the Trouble in Terrorist Town servers some time at the start of September last year. Backstory of this was that my friend came to my house and we hung out (we also had a few kopparbergs to drink while we were at it), but I also wanted him to install Garry's Mod cheats for me, the hack in question is called BigPackets. My friend decided what server to test my newly acquired cheats on and by coincidence it was GFLClan, knowing that I have previously offended on this server before. Talking about my previous conviction, I was banned about 11 months ago for ghosting with my cousin. I also attempted to appeal this ban as we thought the admin (WigglesWorth) was abusing his powers and I even made a video about it. You can see all of this in this thread. Going back to my ban, my friend set BigPackets up for me and I went on to RDM 3 players using the rifle with aimbot on. A little while later I decided to just play it safe for a couple of rounds while also calling out a traitor (because BigPackets picks up if players have T weapons) before I went on an aimbot killing spree to my ban. I did record the entire time I was playing on the server and still have the footage on hand if anyone is interested in me handing it over. Originally I didn't intend on using cheats on the server but I in a way used the cheats as an excuse to get revenge against my previous ghosting ban. Why I am appealing I am appealing this ban because I realized I made a massive mistake and personally I think that the ban was justified. However I wish to apologize for my actions and I'm sorry to those experiences who I've affected by my past behaviour, I promise I am a changed man now and won't be doing anything like that again if I do get unbanned. I also made this appeal because of the Fistful of Frags server that launched not too long ago, I have played on it before the GMod ban caught on and made it so I'm unable to connect to the server anymore. I brought up a discussion with Gramps about the Fistful of Frags ban as I was aware he banned one of my friends on the assumption of cheating (this has since been resolved I believe), however he had advised me to create this appeal in order to jump back into the action. Hopefully I'm able to backtrack and fix any of my wrongdoings so I can sort out and better my reputation with GFLClan. I personally feel like it has been a long time and I have no grudges against GFLClan, in fact the staff here have been nothing but friendly and helpful to me despite my past behaviour. I just don't want to sound like I'm being too friendly or apologetic to anyone here in order to be unbanned since appeals usually take place a few hours to a few days after the offense has been taken but I do genuinely wish to turn things around, I do want to start a-new to prove that I am a good person and not the person I was before. Outro If you've read everything, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read all of this. If you have any questions or if you want my video I previously mentioned, do tell me and I won't hesitate to answer. I wish to be given a second chance and hopefully I can be a role-model many can look up to. Cheers, craZy_y0
  9. I have been playing ttt on this server for a long time and all of a sudden i have been banned for "Too low karma". Please help i love this server!
  10. In this post I will try to explain some basics of Lua and how to use it. Notes: The only thing that you will really need to code is a text editor like Notepad ++ or an IDE like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text. Now, to know how to use functions and what they do, head over to the GMod Wiki (Will be your best friend) Let's begin by creating folders and files. Your addons should always stay inside the addons folder of Gmod: GarrysMod > garrysmod > addons Inside this folder, addons are mounted each time you open GMod, so everything we do should be inside its own folders here. Let's create a folder called Hello World. Inside we will create more folders: Hello World > lua > autorun Here we can add .lua files that will be run when we save the file or when the server starts in a map. So we will create a file called hola.lua Let's understand how variables work A variable is a way of referencing a value, for example -- I have 5 apples local Apples = 5 -- Roy steals one Apples = Apples - 1 -- This will print into the game's console how many apples I have left print (Apples) -- That was the same as doing print (5 - 1) -- Spacing really doesn't matter and is up to the programmer, for example print ("Hola") -- Is the same as print( "Hola" ) Apples is a variable containing the number 5, then we subtract 1 apple. After that we print into the console how may apples we have left, obviously 5 - 1 is 4, so the console should show us the number 4 A variable can be a: Real Number: Any number String: A text Boolean: true or false Function: A piece of code that will run when told to Nil: NULL (Not existent or invalid) Table: Is like an array (but starts at 1); basically, it's a variable that can contain variables (Will go in depth later) Userdata: Is like a table, but you shouldn't create one, the only case you will be using userdata is if the game gives you userdata Variables can change it's type anytime, unlike other programming languages -- We create a variable, but don't give any value local Test -- Because we didn't specify a value, it's value is nil print (Test) -- Now we make Test a String, we can use either ' or " Test = 'Text' Test = "Text" print (Test) -- Now a number Test = 28 print (Test) -- Now a boolean, you can also type false and see what happens Test = true print (Test) -- If we want Test to be a function, we do this Test = print Test (Test) -- Because Test is now the same as the print function, we use Test instead -- Now check your console, you will see that it printed this two times, but ignore for now Concatinating strings: So, we want to unite two texts together, how do we do that? -- We create a variable local Text = 'Hello' -- Now, we can modify that text Text = Text .. ' world! ' -- We can also add numbers print (Text .. 10) -- We can also add variables (numbers and strings) local Day = 'Thursday' Text = 'Today is ' .. Day print (Text) Now, how do tables work? Tables are like arrays but can store any values and can be indexed with any value -- We create a table like this local Example = {} -- We store a value like this Example.Name = 'Example' Example.Number = 10 -- A way to use spaces Example ['What Ever'] = false Example.AnotherTable = { 'HI!' } -- Or we can also have it like this local Example = { Name = 'Example', Number = 10, ['What Ever'] = false, -- We can leave this comma if we want AnotherTable = { 'HI!' }, } -- In both cases, the table is the same and can be printed with this PrintTable (Example) -- We can also not use variable names Example = { 'This is the same as the next line' } Example [1] = 'This is the first value of the table' -- OR we can also do this: https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/table/insert table.insert (Example, 'This inserts this text into Example') PrintTable (Example) -- To get the length of a table we use this print (#Example) -- This will only work if the table has values without variable names -- If the table has values with names, you use: https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/table/Count print (table.Count (Example)) If statements If statements are ran if a condition is met -- Change this to any number local Value = 5 if Value == 5 then print ('Value is equal to 5') end if Value != 5 then print ('Value is NOT equal to 5') end if Value >= 6 then print ('Value is higher or equal to 6') end if Value > 0 then print ('Value is higher than 0') end if Value < 0 then print ('Value is lower than 0') end if Value == 1 or Value == 2 then print ('Value is 1 or 2') end if Value > 0 and Value <= 5 then print ('Value is any number from 1 to 5') end -- Those comparissons return a boolean, so for example Value = true if Value then print ('Value is true') else -- else runs when if doesn't print ('Value is false') end if !Value then -- This will turn true into false and false into true print ('Value is false') end -- We can also compare numbers here Value = 5 == 5 if Value then print ('Value is equal to 5') elseif Value == 3 then -- Mixing else with if print ('This will not be printed, because a boolean is not a number') end Server & Client You're wondering, why were the variables printed twice and in different colors? Because hola.lua was being run on both the SERVER and the CLIENT. Even if you are playing on singleplayer, you are still running a server, there are functions that can only be ran on the server or the client. Our hola.lua is a SHARED file, because it runs on both the CLIENT and the SERVER if CLIENT then print ('This is run on the game') end if SERVER then print ('This is run on the server') end If we want, we can use files that are only ran on the server or the client by putting them into folders (sv and cl prefixes are just common practices): Hello World > lua > autorun > server > cl_hola.lua Hello World > lua > autorun > client > sv_hola.lua If we do this, only one of those if statements will be met, so you will only be presented with one text (of course you will have to restart your game to see this changes) Hooks Hooks are functions that run when an event happens, for example when a player says something, a hook is run. We add hooks with a function, for example, when a player says something, all hooks under 'PlayerSay' are ran on the server if SERVER then -- PlayerSay is run when a player uses the chat -- https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/PlayerSay hook.Add ('PlayerSay', 'UniqueName', function (ply, text) -- ply is the player that sent the text, and text is the text -- We turn text into all lowercases text = string.lower (text) -- We will make a simple command that will kill the player if text == '!kill' then ply:Kill () -- If we want to hide the !kill text, we use this: return false end end) -- We can also do this local KillThePlayer = function (ply, text) -- We turn text into all lowercases text = string.lower (text) -- We will make a simple command that will kill the player if text == '!kill' then ply:Kill () -- If we want to hide the !kill text, we use this: return false end end -- We are not calling the function, so we don't use () hook.Add ('PlayerSay', 'UniqueName', KillThePlayer) end -- In this example we ran this on the server only, because the client can't kill players Additional notes Comments are lines that will not run and will be ignored by the game -- You can comment like this // Or like this, but not recomended This is very incomplete but will help you understand YouTube videos for example If there's anything I missed/was wrong please tell me and I will correct it Please don't mock me for my gramatical errors :c
  11. A few of the staff on the GFL Clan Breach Discord server may know me as ThreeSparkles, due to my excessive pinging of Staff (again, I apologize - I forgot that the forum existed). I posted some ideas (D-Class spawning with keycards, SCP-2181, things in the shop for people without membership, and 05 spawning outside of 05 retrieval) on the Discord server. For those of you who haven't read them, here are the ideas I posted to the Discord server: any chance of adding things in the point shop for people without a membership/admin? although yes, people need to make money somehow, so you could simply give people who pay you major discounts. For example, someone who pays you would pay 25,000 points for a model, but someone who doesn't pay you would need to pay 50,000 points for the same model. Another thing you could add could be power-ups (i.e. spawning, as a D-Class, with a lvl 2 keycard labelled "A-Class" or something). These could be open only to people without a membership, or admins. As a commoner with no rank, it feels like I'm racking up points with no purpose. It would be nice to have at least a little something to spend them on. If you really won't open all models to people who don't pay you, for an extra fee of points, please at least consider creating new models that aren't as good as the others, but are at least available for people without memberships. also just another suggestion, try finding some more SCPs that would give you a keycard. 914 is barely used, since it's nowhere near the exits. 1162 is constantly crowded throughout almost the entire game, so it gives SCP's like 457 (block the door, set insiders on fire) and 2845 (when 2845 shoots his snowball of death, it covers a wide range - by shooting it into the door, you could kill everyone on the wrong side of 1162's room) a quick way to kill plenty of players you could add SCP-2181. He/she would be able to open and close any doors. it would be similar to spawning as an 05. Speaking of which, there should be a chance of an 05 spawning outside of 05 retrievals, similar to how SCP-035 spawns sometimes, but not all the time. Like SCP-035, SCP-2181 and 05 would be chance spawns - they wouldn't spawn every round, but they would spawn from time to time. The advantage of the chance-spawns of an 05 could be getting an 05 keycard from something other than 914 (obviously, RDM-ing an 05 just for their keycard would result in being kicked/banned/auto-slain/etc). SCP-2181 would be able to open and close any door, regardless of the level required. Because of the total advantages of having an SCP-2181 on your team definitely resulting in cross-teaming, SCP-2181 could be neutral towards every team - they would be allowed to kill whoever, spare whoever, team with whoever, etc. Killing them wouldn't drop an omni-keycard or anything - if they need to use an item to open every door, it should be destroyed when they die. They could also speak to other SCPs within close range, allowing SCPs to talk to humans in cases that would need it (i.e. "hey TRO, there are Class Ds left we should prioritize killing them and then each other").(edited) One Idea that I did not put in the Discord server was the adding of GOC. The GOC would be neutral towards every team other than themselves, except for the SCPs - The GOC's job would be to kill all of the SCPs still alive. They would likely spawn and the 8 minute mark, or at the 2 minute mark if there are any SCPs still alive. These are the ideas I posted to the Discord server, and I ask that you consider them. Thank you for your time, TheGreatCheeseGod/ThreeSparkles
  12. JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS ok so just to be clear I have no idea if these suggestions are hard to put in the game. 1. Pointshop Its great we finally got the pointshop and it also has some good stuff, but most is for supporters. I do understand that supporters should have more customizability but just a few more trails or skins for us regulas members would be great. AND i just realised normal players cant buy anything for some reason., which is a little weird. Yeah I dont think there are any trails for regular members even yet. 2. Map (there have been players complaining about this) I have asked about this once, but I will ask again. Why not add cs_office ? Its a great map with a corridors and no open spaces and it also would be fun because you wouldnt have to run 1 minute to get to the other side of the map. It would also be easier to make kills undetected. either a voting system between the maps or specific days for each map (construct and office). 3. Points and Lottery/Bets To make us feel good about killing all the bystanders or killing the murderer is to award the player with a few points like 100 points for example. And from killing an innocent ( well technically u kill urself) you should get -50 points or so. We could also have a lottery going on for like every 15 minutes or so and everyone could put like a 100 points or choose the amount to put in it. Of course then the winner would be chosen randomly and get all the points. Bet on who the murderer is sounds fun also. 4. Special rounds Bring back special rounds and with a few other like no gravity and 2 murderers. Why were special rounds taken away in the first place? Leaderboard or a thing to see stats . rip stan
  13. MISSING TEXTURES TUTORIAL: (IF YOU HAVE CSS, JUST SELECT THE GAME IN THE GAMES TAB) Step 1: Go to this link: http://kajar9.wixsite.com/cscheater2/downloads Step 2: Find the CSS tab and click MEGA Game Content. Step 3: After it finishes downloading, open the WinRAR file. Step 4: Make a folder called CSS Textures or something like that, doesn't matter. Step 5: Extract everything from the WinRAR file to the new folder you just made. Step 6: Copy the folder that we just made. Step 7: Go through your program files (x86) and find your steam directory. Step 8: Open the steam folder, go to steam apps, then common, and click Garry's Mod. Step 9: Click the second Garry's Mod folder and open add-ons. Step 10: Paste the CSS Textures folder from earlier into add-ons. That's basically it if this confused you go to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaL7gISscEY If something didn't work or I skipped a step, let me know.
  14. Hey guys, Dralga (jer-AHL-guh) here. My friends used to call me Drugi (drew-gi) if you don't feel like butchering my name. A little bit about me. I've been helping manage gmod communities for over 3 and a half years now. I started out as a co-owner of Raptor TTT. It's still around, but it's more dead than teamspeak. I went on to create my own prop hut server (originally a branch off of Raptor TTT), but was soon after renamed to Chillz Town Gaming (literally the entire billy bob's prop hunt staff quit and came with me). About 6 months down the road, me and the other owner had a major fallout (friend drama sucks but it happens), but we renamed to Wolves' Vendetta. That went for a good while, but I shut it down about 5 months ago because of funds and real life obligations. Now that life has permitted, here I am! If you have any questions, or are interested in being staff on Prop Hunt, feel free to add me on steam! Cheerio!
  15. How about adding some content to the Murder servers. The pointshop like a pointshop or something similar and players getting points by simply playing on the server. The pointshop could include like just a few different playermodels or hats or something. Like something with what we could customize our character. Special rounds I know there was just an update where we get a few special rounds which is cool, but maybe one with like 2 murderers when theres like a certain amount of players and a special round where everyone has super speed? Clues? Adding those flashing green things (i think theyre called clues or something) these could spawn at random places around the map and bystanders would have to collect 5 each to get a gun. Not too many clues Map? I dont really know about adding a new map I do not know how hard it is to add a new map, but Construct is kinda boring sometimes without some of these things ive listed. But another smaller map could work it wouldnt be as boring always. And players would be allowed to vote which map they want to play on.
  16. Killed someone walking into T room, got an autoslay and decided to leave the server for a bit instead to play COD. Now it says I need to come on the website to get it appealed. How do I do that?
  17. You might have noticed that the Jukebox (and YouTube sprays in hide and seek) display a message stating that your browser can't reproduce videos, this happens because the web browser that GMod uses ("Awesomium") is extremelly outdated and does not support YT anymore. What you can do however, is download the GMod beta that uses another web browser ("Chromium"), this will enable you to listen to most songs on the jukebox First, join the "Chromium" beta: Open Properties of GMod Then go to Betas and choose the Chromium branch After that, open the jukebox, then go to options and set the quality to 360p (Any higher will most likely not work) Hope this helps you in the meantime we wait for FacePunch to update the web browser they use on GMod Pls correct me on any spelling errors
  18. Maybe we should add in a prison RP server? Let me know what you think. (I used to play DDG prison RP before I joined GFL and when I took a break from GFL last year) THIS IS NOT LIKE JAILBREAK
  19. Little Quiz. Response Model I did this quiz, for fun. I had nothing to do, and if you please +1 to help me, I'll thank you. Which server do you play the most? : Answer Since when do you play Garry's Mod? : Answer How did you meet Garry's Mod? : Answer Have you ever been a server administrator? (If yes, state what position you occupied.) : Answer
  20. New Server?

    Hi, welcome to my suggestion topic. As you see in the title it is titled, "New Server." I am here to propose an idea that could be very useful for GFL. It is a new server. You maybe wondering, "Well, what would this server be?" This new server would be a SantosRP server. Some of you maybe familiar with SantosRP some of you may not. What is SantosRP? Easy! It's a Garry's Mod gamemode which is based around a semi-serious RP. It is not like DarkRP where you can just buy guns and become police on a little vote in-game. Most servers, you have to apply on their forums, or there is an addon that has a little sub-forum thing that you can apply for police on. There is an actual police team and police roster that only those people, who are accepted, can become police. Oh sorry, was getting ahead of myself with the Government. Obviously there are criminals too! There are no criminals :(. HOWEVER, unlike DarkRP there are only few jobs that you cannot get into from the F4 menu. To become these jobs there are NPC's around the map that you can click E on and become. A few are: Firefighter, EMS, Police, UPS Driver, Tow Truck Driver, and Civilians. No thieves. A Civilian can be an outlaw type character that can grow weed, moonshine, and I believe meth. They can also buy cars for real prices. Not a lambo for 50k. Lambos are probably atleast 2 million. Money making is a little bit hard and fun. You have the paychecks and then you can do things such as illegal producing of weed (Gives you the most amound of money). The map is huge and when the police see you speeding or breaking a traffic law they pull you over! You can even get arrested for a minimum time of 5 minutes!!!! So try not to break the law, the times can be really punishing. Why SantosRP? I have been in GFL for a very long time and I haven't seen any server that is this serious and realistic. I think the GFL community would really like it even if they don't play GMOD. It is very fun rolling around in a car with your friends and raiding people. Honestly, my favorite part is the police. Being police is so fun because it's so realistic and fun. Please leave your comments down below if you are for or against this suggestion!!
  21. So I made a loading screen on Photoshop for a prop hunt server but how do I get the index.html file/ how do i make one so the server information can change per load?
  22. Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement about the release of a new 'Clone Wars RP' server for Garry's Mod. The server will have you roleplay as either a Jedi or a Clone Trooper in the grand army of the republic where you will rise through the ranks whilst destroying the C.I.S Organisation. There will be plenty to do throughout the server and a quest system where you can complete quests to earn upgrades to your characters to improve game play! So what are you waiting for? Come check out the server! IP: or click here to join Discord Link: https://discord.gg/p6BHCvK Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1350014079 (Important you download all of the content in here to download quicker) Look forward to seeing you all online! just a little note there may be bugs that we are still yet to find so if you find any bugs please report them to @RickGrimesTM and @Violator
  23. dumb guy

    Name: Bog Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma Why you should be unbanned: uuuhhh how do I go into spectator mode? I went back on to get evidence for the aimbotter (this is him https://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkelf46/ STEAM_0:1:189897348) and it said I was in spec mode so I thought I was good, but I got banned again. sorry for the time wasting.
  24. ttt ban appeal

    Name: Bogdanoff Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: karma Ban reason: karma Why you should be unbanned: Lots of random rdm, killed a guy after he shot diamond into water, killed two more right after who started shooting me, stuff like that unban pls, also I have the ID of an aimbotter I'd like to give, he killed whole server with headshots and left
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