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Found 74 results

  1. You might have noticed that the Jukebox (and YouTube sprays in hide and seek) display a message stating that your browser can't reproduce videos, this happens because the web browser that GMod uses ("Awesomium") is extremelly outdated and does not support YT anymore. What you can do however, is download the GMod beta that uses another web browser ("Chromium"), this will enable you to listen to most songs on the jukebox First, join the "Chromium" beta: Open Properties of GMod Then go to Betas and choose the Chromium branch After that, open the jukebox, then go to options and set the quality to 360p (Any higher will most likely not work) Hope this helps you in the meantime we wait for FacePunch to update the web browser they use on GMod Pls correct me on any spelling errors
  2. Hello future/present/tryout's for ARC! Here is a list of rules you need to follow. IF you fail to follow these then you can and may be punished. Punishment will be determined by the punishing officer. You can also find a more vague and less detailed version of these rules in the bunks. Let's get started, shall we? Do not disrespect other battalions/troopers This one is simple in itself. Not much explaining needed Be an example and model to other troopers Be the responsible, swag-having, disciplined troopers you are. Officers have final say An Officer, in my battalion, is a Lieutenant+. However, if the trooper is a higher rank than you and is telling you to do something completely out of the blue, do it, but report it to an officer. This also means listen to your superiors. Ask permission for literally EVERYTHING I can't stress this enough, here is a list of things you guys need to ask for permission for: wtf did I just say? Cave Runs Going outside of the base Jetpacks Going into CC (If not already 1LT+) And that's about it. If you think you have to ask permission for something ASK FOR PERMISSION Do not twist/bend rules Please, just don't. It's annoying for Officers Yay that's the end of these rules, if an Officer tells you to stop doing something, stop doing that thing. Do not refer to these and say "ITS NOT IN THE RULES OOUUU RERUEUEOIRHADSOHFGDSJG!!!" Jetpack Rules Oh yay, these are going to be fun... Ask permission before buying a jetpack Failure to follow this, btw, will end in a severe bankruptcy on your part. Gamemasters may be super cool and say it at the beginning, with you not even having to ask for permission. DO NOT abuse your jetpacks i.e Using them randomly and for no legitimate reason. Or, skipping an entire section of droids by simply flying over them. Do not handout jet packs on any reason! Step 2: Wash, rinse, repeat! Officers may change/bend these rules, if necessary, on the spot.
  3. Maybe we should add in a prison RP server? Let me know what you think. (I used to play DDG prison RP before I joined GFL and when I took a break from GFL last year) THIS IS NOT LIKE JAILBREAK
  4. Little Quiz. Response Model I did this quiz, for fun. I had nothing to do, and if you please +1 to help me, I'll thank you. Which server do you play the most? : Answer Since when do you play Garry's Mod? : Answer How did you meet Garry's Mod? : Answer Have you ever been a server administrator? (If yes, state what position you occupied.) : Answer
  5. omegalul

    I'll trade my whole meme playlist for admin p.s @xSnowyAngel made me do this
  6. So I made a loading screen on Photoshop for a prop hunt server but how do I get the index.html file/ how do i make one so the server information can change per load?
  7. New Server?

    Hi, welcome to my suggestion topic. As you see in the title it is titled, "New Server." I am here to propose an idea that could be very useful for GFL. It is a new server. You maybe wondering, "Well, what would this server be?" This new server would be a SantosRP server. Some of you maybe familiar with SantosRP some of you may not. What is SantosRP? Easy! It's a Garry's Mod gamemode which is based around a semi-serious RP. It is not like DarkRP where you can just buy guns and become police on a little vote in-game. Most servers, you have to apply on their forums, or there is an addon that has a little sub-forum thing that you can apply for police on. There is an actual police team and police roster that only those people, who are accepted, can become police. Oh sorry, was getting ahead of myself with the Government. Obviously there are criminals too! There are no criminals :(. HOWEVER, unlike DarkRP there are only few jobs that you cannot get into from the F4 menu. To become these jobs there are NPC's around the map that you can click E on and become. A few are: Firefighter, EMS, Police, UPS Driver, Tow Truck Driver, and Civilians. No thieves. A Civilian can be an outlaw type character that can grow weed, moonshine, and I believe meth. They can also buy cars for real prices. Not a lambo for 50k. Lambos are probably atleast 2 million. Money making is a little bit hard and fun. You have the paychecks and then you can do things such as illegal producing of weed (Gives you the most amound of money). The map is huge and when the police see you speeding or breaking a traffic law they pull you over! You can even get arrested for a minimum time of 5 minutes!!!! So try not to break the law, the times can be really punishing. Why SantosRP? I have been in GFL for a very long time and I haven't seen any server that is this serious and realistic. I think the GFL community would really like it even if they don't play GMOD. It is very fun rolling around in a car with your friends and raiding people. Honestly, my favorite part is the police. Being police is so fun because it's so realistic and fun. Please leave your comments down below if you are for or against this suggestion!!
  8. Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement about the release of a new 'Clone Wars RP' server for Garry's Mod. The server will have you roleplay as either a Jedi or a Clone Trooper in the grand army of the republic where you will rise through the ranks whilst destroying the C.I.S Organisation. There will be plenty to do throughout the server and a quest system where you can complete quests to earn upgrades to your characters to improve game play! So what are you waiting for? Come check out the server! IP: or click here to join Discord Link: https://discord.gg/p6BHCvK Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1350014079 (Important you download all of the content in here to download quicker) Look forward to seeing you all online! just a little note there may be bugs that we are still yet to find so if you find any bugs please report them to @RickGrimesTM and @Violator
  9. This is more for the CSGO division, just posted this in the wrong place. Has the activity of the main division's servers for the past 30 days CSGO Servers-Active 1v1 US ZE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSGO Servers-Dead (30 days) 1v1 EU BHOP Minigamers Jailbreak CERF RPG NA CERF RPG NA CERF Timer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CS Basically Dead (30 days) CSS BHOP US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CS Active (30 days) CERF RPG US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GMOD Active Breach HNS TTT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gmod dead(semi dead) Deathrun US Jailbreak Purge Prop hunt ZS
  10. So, I know I keep doing a hell of a lot of posts on purge, but this one is different. I've done a post on this before which never got anywhere. This is my suggestion for removing useless cars and putting in new ones. (All vehicles are TDM) Jeep Wrangler Add (Cost 190,000) 97' Honda Civic Add (Cost 150,000) Porsche 977 GT3 Add (Cost 800,000) BMW M3 E92 Add (Cost 550,000) Now here are the cars that should be removed. Corvette Remove Chevy C10 Remove Honda Civic Type R Remove You guys can vote by doing +1 or -1 and decide on prices of the cars.
  11. I believe that Purge should get a new map. Currently the server is dead and if we get a new map or extension of this current downtown map, it would be amazing. The reason being that cars would actually become useful.
  12. This is a security update for all Class D's! This man has been seen throughout the premises of the low containment zone! beware: if you see this man, report to the associated authorities immediately or face termination in the most brutal way! (Feel free to use this spray in game, I can make others for other classes/SCPs if interested)
  13. So as most of you know I play a lot of GMOD now-a-days and I recently came up with an error that was crashing my game stating, "Lua Panic Something Went Horribly Wrong! 'not enough memory''' But wait...I cleared all my addons? I researched for hours upon hours on how to fix? Well, It still doesn't work every time I join a server I crash. I even went to the extent to reinstall windows and it still dose not work. So I don't really know where to put this but here is a picture of the message if you can help me please put something down. P.S I have 8 gigs of RAM. P.P.S I don't know where to put this so I put it here. :D
  14. need help

    OK I need help with my gmod when I log into a game it could be any gamemode my player is like frozen but I can move my character with mouse like only 360 view and I cant type in chat or anything so how do I fix this
  15. 1st Method: Buy CSS 2nd Method Download the textures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/85wtspjw8u48qf2/AACSo3AlRIuGNDPJf2Ks-wU4a?dl=0 unzip the textures. Open File Explorer Go to C: click Program Files (x86) then Steam then steamapps then common then GarrysMod Then garrysmod Finnaly Addons Put the unzipped texture file in the addons folder. Run Garry's mod.
  16. What is purge?

    So I want to branch out to other games/modes in GFL other than CSGO JB and GMOD TTT. I see GMOD Purge a lot on forums and I am wondering what its about. I want to hear it from admins and active players themselves. I am going to be on it if you want to ask me. I just want to get some sort of idea before I go into the server. Thanks
  17. Hi, ive been playing in GFL gmod servers for a while, but here im new.. so i checked the posts and didnt saw one like this im making... I have a minor problem.... When i join any Gmod server (HnS, MU, PH, etc) most of the maps normally load/download and then i join the game normally.... But sometimes. a few maps say: "Missing Map" which is curious.. cause most of those maps, i dont even have em in my Gmod Folder or i already deleted the other ones, to be able to download the right ones... But still downloading the new ones (after waiting 5-15minutes) it always say the same "Missing Map" message, when i supposedly downloaded the right one on the GFL server... So, if anyone knows how to fix o has any comment, ill appreciate it... Thanks #GFLClan.
  18. Rules: Ghosting: Revealing another players spot when you are dead by telling the enemy team where they are, this includes hinting as well. If a player wants to give a hint they can do it themselves, It's their decision, not someone else's. Mic spam: Yelling/screaming in the mic, playing music or singing, using a voice changer, harassing other players, and holding down the mic button when you aren't talking are all considered mic spam. It's very annoying when you are trying to enjoy a game and someone is screaming in the mic. Please don't do this. Chat spam: Flooding chat with random messages, using binds excessively, saying the same thing in chat more than 3 times in a row, and advertising are all action that are considered chat spam. Hiding in illegal spots: When you hide in an illegal spot, you either can't be killed or be seen. This includes getting out of the map or hiding under cars. Impersonating an admin: Putting [Admin] before your name or changing your name so that it is the same as an admin is impersonation. This is bad because it can confuse new players and if they see that person doing something against the rules, they might think it is okay, without knowing that they are breaking the rules, or that the impersonator is not actually an admin. Threatening players or the community: Threatening other players or threatening the community is not tolerable on the prop hunt server, players who do so will be warned and asked to either stop or leave. Team switching: Team switching is when you switch between teams so that you can have a chance to be a prop or a hunter 2 times in a row. This happens when one team has one more member than the other team. If you are on the bigger team you can switch to the other team but the members of the other team can't switch to your team. This is unfair to everyone since you get to stay as one team and they don't. This is okay if done to balance teams. This includes purposefully killing yourself to only play one team. Toxicity: Toxicity is to be allowed at admins discretion. We reserve the right to mute/gag you to keep the server satisfied. This includes harassing other players and racism. Depending upon the severity and effects of your actions, further punishment may be taken. Commands: !join or f2 to join !spec to change yourself to spectator F3 to access the shop or type !shop !menu to access the ulx menu !motd or f9 to view the rules R to toggle prop rotation E to choose/switch props Spacebar as a spectator to change spectating modes F7 or !jb to access the jukebox TAB to view the teams and who is alive TAB is also used to bet, hold it to free up your mouse C or F4 to bring up taunt menu Type @ before you speak to speak with an admin !member to see how to apply for member !donate to donate to the server for special perks If you need to contact and admin, click here to see the admin list, from there you can contact me or one of the admins about any questions or problems you have. Or you can visit our discord for quicker help here.
  19. If you cannot get a sponsor. Contact me on how to further proceed. For anyone interested in applying for admin on Prop Hunt, you must meet these requirements: At least 35 hours of playtime on the server. An admin sponsor Member+ A good reason as to why you should be admin. Little to no bans Admins must follow the rules and enforce them, be helpful, be responsible for their actions (this includes mistakes), and make sure not to punish someone without adequate proof. You cant ban someone on suspicion that they might be ghosting, have some evidence to back it up. Please copy and paste the following into a new topic in the admin application sub-forum with the information filled out. You can find your bans (if any) at https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/ using your Steam ID. You can get your Steam ID by using this site: http://steamidfinder.com/. You can find your hours by searching for your name(s) here: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ USE THIS LINK AND COPY AND PASTE THE TEXT BELOW WITH YOUR INFORMATION: In-Game Name(s): Steam ID: Age: Hours on Server: Why do you want to be an admin: What will you do as admin to make the server better: Have you ever been an admin before and if so, where were/are you an admin? Sponsor(s): --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If an application is missing one or more of these things, I will comment on the app telling you so and give you time to fix it, if the application isn't fixed by a reasonable time then it will be denied. Note: Your age will not be used against you unless it affects your maturity level as well. I need people I can trust and rely on. Don't worry about acting your age, worry about acting like an admin should. Good luck to all those that apply.
  20. Division Leaders: @Violator @Zebra Server Manager: @TheLastBee Senior Admins: to be determined Admins: @Jroek97 @Triple_A @Agenda @TheSadBandit Operators: @motorsteak
  21. I know you guys get A LOT of admin requests to become an admin and all, but I really am fed up with the RDM in the TTT servers. I've been playing on this server for quite a while and just recentlt registered as a member. I get on at night time after I get off work to enjoy myself for a couple hours. Usually the admins are sleep, and people always get RDM'd and no one's there to do anything about it. I can't take it anymore. I just want to know what I personally need to do to apply for admin. I know I won't abuse it because I hate injustice and stupidity. I've played with Revolver, Billy, Keisuke, Monsoon, and and frequently with TheLastBee. I'm sure most of them will vouch for me. Just please let me be able to do something about the nighttime trolls.
  22. Hello Everyone, Once again, I've thought about some ideas that could have a potential use in the GFL Clan Purge (US Servers), I'll call this pitch the Carjack Update. I understand that there is already an update in the midst of being produced, this update will bring Moonshine to the servers, however, I'm pushing forward to find another update that will (hopefully) be introduced after this next upcoming one. As we know it, most criminal classes, along with other various mutations of the criminal jobs are allowed to carjack, even Hobos. Whenever I play Garry's Mod on the Purge Servers, I would like to compare it to something similar to Grand Theft Auto, since it falls under the same genre of games, except the only difference is that we have rules and an established RP experience, whereas in Grand Theft Auto, it's a lot more loose. While contrasting the different games and their respective parts, I realized that in Grand Theft Auto, you can carjack a variety of cars and deliver them to a dealer, and receive a certain amount of money, based on the car that was asked for. There would have to be a system where a Car Dealer must ask for a high-valued car, a specific one among the various cars that we have, however, it cannot be something along the lines of the Far Cry 3 Humvee or the vehicle from Half-Life 2, but rather a car like the Lycan Motorsport Car, or a specific model of the Chevrolet Camaro, or even a special order from the Police Department, like a SWAT Van, the choices are limitless. Based on the price of the vehicle, the price rewarded to the player who turned it in would change. All the player would have to do is to advert carjack and the crime would be in progress. After the car is gone from the crime, the cooldown to get the player's car back should be around 2-5 Minutes. Pros: Another Illegal Way To Gain Money More Crime = More CPs = More Activity Relatively Easy to Gain Money, with an adverted Carjack More Likely Not To Get Bored = Longevity of Players (More Likely To Regularly Come On To The Servers To Play) Cons: If Not Monitored, Could Be Abused An Easier Way To Make Money Means More of It Happening, Which Could Tie Into The Above Con This whole update would replace the current Carjack system of paying $5,000 to get a car back because anyone can pay the $5,000 or even better, raid the Carjacker and take the car back.
  23. Samsa - Technocrat Atlas - holding yr hand (prod. yung bae) Halberd - i'll be back soon (feat. Lé Real) Samsa - Komodo Dragon Samsa - Anthropocene (Feat. Atlas) Samsa - Cataclysm Samsa - Butterflies Samsa - Cuttlefish Samsa - Haunt Me Atwood - Way Up (Prod. by elijahwho) Samsa - Rearview Samsa - Tinder Samurai Atwood - DIAL Atlas - Broken Record Atlas - Valentine Atlas - Alarm (prod. No Sentences) Halberd - Basement (Feat. Love-sadKiD & Atwood) Cloudy - The Life and Times of The Already Dead This is for anyone who is looking for music to listen to, as well as for those who play GFL Purge Clan (US) Servers and see me online playing as a DJ and want to know what songs I usually play. Enjoy.
  24. Hello Everyone, I'm back with a new set of suggestions for the Purger and Anti-Purger Classes. I've noticed that our lord and savior himself @ButterKing5000 doesn't have many set rules for either class, seeing as this is the only rules we have for both classes, which doesn't tell us anything about either class. This suggestion format is simply made for someone like @Zebra or @ButterKing5000 to simply copy and paste these rules into the MOTD or just to review over and decide for themselves. Purgers: Purgers are allowed to do whatever they please when the purge is active (Within the rules of course). They may not raid unless it's purge, however they may still mug, kidnap or carjack, etc. Purgers are allowed to do things like create Meth, Weed, and Oil. (This isn't noted on the MOTD, and can be a little less confusing which saves the time of players who asking admins that are too busy or occupied.) Purgers may only base with Private Security, Pro Security, Medics, and other Purgers. Anti-Purgers: Anti-Purgers may not purge, but may kill any player who tries to kill them or another player. Do not kill players who are not killing others. Anti-Purgers are not to Raid, Mug, Kidnap, Carjack, etc. They can however still do things like Meth, Weed, and Oil. Anti-Purgers may counter against Muggings, Kidnappings, Carjacks, etc. that the Purgers are carrying out. (I wanted to add an idea here that made something more of a "Job-Specific" role where the Anti-Purgers can counter things that the Purgers are carrying out, I thought of the idea because it is asked frequently to players and admins like, including people like me who have asked specifically about this rule being in effect. It may be the first "Job-Specific" role of it's type, where it is used to counter another class, which may raise some controversy.) Anti-Purgers may only base with Private Security, Pro Security, Medics, or other Anti-Purgers. That's all I have for now, I wanted to push this out as a suggestion because I constantly look at the MOTD and apparently there's just not enough information about these Donor Jobs, which I think is just as important as the regular "Non-Donor" Jobs, especially on servers like GFL that the amount of support by the players is extremely high. Feel free to comment down below on any other rules, or dispute any rules, and be sure to address the "Job-Specific" rule.