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Found 38 results

  1. what is a doomnack ? i think its like a god of hyper death or something plz help
  2. Changing names

    Hello to whoever is viewing this post. I hope you have/had a good day. I need help because I unfortunately do not know how to change my name, as my real name is Kaitsedd. If anyone knows how to, it would be really appreciated to leave a comment explaining how. Thank you very much for reading this post and have a good day. Sincerely, Kaitsedd
  3. Name: Casper / Mimmic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55323118 Banned by: @Violator Ban reason: Massing Why you should be unbanned: This ban was made in 2016. I was a kid, I loved the server and I think I got mad I did not get T. I am hoping I can get a second chance. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A55323118&Submit=Search
  4. So, I tried joining one of my favorite GMod servers but it wasn't working. One of them is a HogwartsRP without a server pack thing. But this one does (I think). So, I tried it but it didn't work either. It keeps getting stuck on "Downloading materials/pointshop/masks/uka.png.bz2" and it just says "Not responding" Is there a datapack I can download to fix this?
  5. Recently I logged into Gmod to join my favorite ttt server called GFL, however when I joined it said I was permanently banned! I didn't understand why and I still don't understand. If this reason is 100% my fault what could I do to make amends for it? I Love GFl because it is just so darn simple and not filled with 5000 addons! The GFL servers are honestly the best and probably most cared servers in Gmod. This really saddens me that I would be banned without ever understanding why. Please get a chance to look over what I said and help me out!
  6. Badges should all be given out now. If you do not have the badges you should, use this form (https://gflclan.com/forms/42-missing-badges/) and I or @Ben will assign them to you, if confirmed that you actually deserve it. All old badges should now not appear on the site. If any do, please report it to me or @Ben. Contributor badges are not being reset. You will recieve them as achievements soon. If you've never even noticed we have replaced all the old badges, check out this thread: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/40265-badges/ Thank you!
  7. to put it simply, i have normal fps around 80-200 on other css ze server (nide, unloze, n4a), even at peak hours i got the lowest fps around 50fps. but when i joined this server the fps dropped so bad to 20-40 fps, was happened yesterday when we play rido (if im not mistaken) and faperote, server was not even full. but this only happened when there are many players gathered in one place or due to particles. this fps drop never happened on other server.
  8. My Age: 16 My Talent: I use english and my programming abilities is that i support people and help them , so the team stays up Hours/Week: 3
  9. Not too long ago, I was appointed the server manager on a GFL server for a game called Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II. In the time I have been staff, there have been 2 massive hits to the staff team. One of them is right now. Firstly, the game is free on Steam for everyone, and its a Half-Life mod. The staff number before the major low blow was this... Server Manager = 1 Admin = 3 This is it now... Server Manager = 1 Admin = 2 Doesn't seem that bad right? Wrong! Let me explain quickly... We had 4 staff members in total, we confirmed lost one (not an active one) a few days ago. I was also informed once PURGE comes out, another staff member will be resigning to become staff on PURGE. On the bright side, we did hire one new admin, but not too long ago. The server needs staff, but not an overload of staff. I will be only accepting at most 4 new staff members. You apply here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/707-admin-applications/ The format is here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/171-pirates-vikings-knights/ The questioning is tricky, but if you're 9 years or older, you can at least comprehend what is written. I wish you all luck, and if you have any questions, contact me via Steam, Discord, or the Website.
  10. If anyone has any recordings or clips of gameplay from the GFL servers, please PM me.
  11. I need GFL's help with deciding what insult is the worst. A) Your mom Gay B) Your dad lesbian C) Your granny tranny D) Your dog bisexual
  12. So I made a loading screen on Photoshop for a prop hunt server but how do I get the index.html file/ how do i make one so the server information can change per load?
  13. Notice A more in depth guide has been made detailing SCPs, Spawn locations and others Click here to view It covers a lot more stuff and is done a lot more efficiently, I recommend using that one Click here: Site-19's SCPs, Item Locations, And strategy Hello! And welcome to the ultimate guide for Site 19 (At least I hope It is), Today i'll be showing you all the spawns and locations for loot in Site 19! This Guide will help you to familiarise yourself with where you should head when looking for an advantage over the enemy! (We'll be focusing on large areas and lesser known areas rather than areas with small stuff such as NVGs) (I will not be covering any of the SCPs in detail, If you want to learn more about the Site 19 SCPs, Go to this guide to find out more) We're going to be going from Class D spawn to Gate A entrance, This guide will also double as a map for all new players to follow when planning on escaping. Alright, with all of that said, lets begin! Alright... Where to start? Well I know where! Class spawn, The class D spawn is where Class D spawn! Obviously, You'll find a lot of them there. For all of those MTF guards looking for some frags, this is where you should go for some easy kills (class d spawn) People usually just rush past Class D spawn thinking there is no loot there and head on down following the crowd of people, However there is loot! Well, not a lot of it but there still is some there, You will find a grenade, usually a concussion grenade, however I have had cases where there has been a flash grenade, This grenade stuns the player and distorts their sound for around 10 seconds, this grenade is handing in combat and especially useful for blinding MTF guards while you run away from them! (highlighted door is where the grenade is) As we make our path down, outside of the Class D, you'll find yourself in a room with a glass corridor, Directly in front of you you'll see a door which will lead to SCP-173's containment, this area cannot be opened until the 60 second grace period has passed, I recommend you check the player list (Default key is Tab) and see if there is a SCP-173, if so I suggest running. However, after checking for a SCP-173 and the 60 second grace period is up, and you've decided it is safe to enter, you'll find yourself in SCP-173's containment chamber, here you'll find a lot of lower tier items, however it is possible to find one of the most important items you'll need at the beginning, a level 3 card, The level 3 card can single handedly get you from the start to the end, It will give you access every door except 4 on the whole map and allow you to pass every checkpoint in the game. You can also find NVGs and even a SCP-500. (highlighted SCP-173's cell, Level 3 card and NVGs spawn there) Now, Once you've checked out that place, or not, We'll be moving back to the glass corridor, As you can probably notice, to the left of the SCP-173 door, you'll see another door, this door will lead you to one of, if not the biggest supply of key cards on the map. In this single room you will find FIVE level 2 cards, This card will allow you to open 90% of the doors in the low containment areas. Normally, unless you're fast the cards will have already been swiped by the class D horde, so unless you are a Pro-bhopper or have 2Ping, you're unlikely going to get one. However this room is also important for another reason... You'll find the first alien! Wait no, I mean other role, This is the researcher. Researchers are very similar to Class Ds however they have friends in high places, in high places I mean the Mobile Task Force, shortened to MTF, MTF are your biggest enemy, if you don't count 173, They will mercily hunt you down, so try to avoid them. Researchers are friendly to you unless you have a weapon out or unless you pose any threat to their life. I'm guessing you'll know how to survive the Tesla gate, but however just past it there is a room which holds SCP-012, Don't be scared of this SCP since the map hasn't made it official yet but there is one benefit to the room, you'll find 3 very good goodies, this includes Fire resistant armor, NVGs or Concussion grenade and guaranteed pistol! Yes that's correct, your very first weapon, This could either be a P250 with 12 bullets dealing 12 HP per hit and 20 on headshot or a desert eagle with 7 bullets dealing 25 HP per hit and 38 on headshot. This will be handy when you want to deal some damage to a researcher, remember with great firepower, comes great responsibilities. (You'll find the pistol on top of 012, Turn on the switches to lower it) [/spoiler] Continuing the Horde, You'll find yourself in a room which looks like this: (Red shows Crowbar, SAT NAv and NVGs, Blue shows Medkit)[/spoiler] Here you will find some useful equipment, this consists of a medkit, crowbar, NVGs and a SAT NAV. A Medkit is a one time item which allows you to heal yourself or another person (Left and right click) to full health and also stops any bleeding effect. a SAT NAV gives you a birds eye view 100 Hammer units above the player. However, these items are on the Class D's path so it is unlikely you'll get the items unless you're at the front of the race. If you continue following the groups of Class Ds you'll pass several different turn offs, some leading into smaller rooms with loot but not worth mentioning since they only hold small items like NVGs and Level 2s. I will now be going over notable areas of the low containment area: Welcome to the LCZ armory, Here you'll find 4 Pistols (Either Deagle or P250) and 4 Sets of Pistol ammo. You can also find a MTF guard outfit, This will disguise yourself as a MTF guard however it won't change your name in tab so you can easily be found out. However you'll need a level 4 card to open SCP-1162 is where you should really be heading unless you have a level 3 card. SCP-1162 will allow you to convert any item in the game (Except Guns) into any item in the game (Except guns), For example you could change a Level 2 Card into a Omni card! And now for the most important and challenging part of a Class D's short life. The Checkpoint, The checkpoint requires a level 3 card to pass, Passing the checkpoint will lead you onto another area of Site 19, Usually leading to more encounters, This being SCPs or MTF, Like the Low containment area, We will only be focusing on key parts of the Heavy containment area. Well? Where to start here? Let's start with a nuke! The Omega silo is very useful to all roles, Here you can find a MTF guard outfit, Automatic Rifle (EIther AK-47, Famas or M16) and a Level 4 card. The level 4 card will get you access to every door in the game except one. The level 4 card will allow you to open the LCZ armory, both Gates (A and B) and allow you to travel to any place in the map except the melon room. Now, Let's continue. Let's head to my hou- I mean the basement, Here you will find the Class Ds survival kit to Site 19, This small area consists of 4 items where only two are guaranteed to spawn (SMG and Grenade), The items you'll find here are: A submachine gun (UMP, TMP or Grail) Level 4 Card (Not Guaranteed) Concussion, Flash or Discombobulator grenade. Medkit (Not Guaranteed) This is a useful spot to run to as you can get there within the first 60 seconds of a round spawn, There are two elevators located in the LCZ which lead you there. and Not many people know of this spot except long time players, Located between the HCZ electrical room and SCP-096's chamber you'll find a bridge which is being flooded with Gas, Most players pass straight past this location in favour of getting to the entrance zone without needing to pass any MTF, but there is three amazing spawn locations which you can find down there: Two SMGs (TMP, UMP, Grail) Medkit (Not Guaranteed) This location is good for a Class D who decided to skip getting a weapon in the LCZ and wanted to run straight though. (Under the bridge is where you'll find the items) Now onto my next location, SCP-682's cell, Due to the "OP"'ness of SCP-682 people tent to avoid this area however inside of his control room you'll find a very good spot for an unarmed player, Here you'll find a Automatic Rifle spawn location, This could be either a AK-47, M16 or FAMAS rifle and also a Rifle ammo box, This will allow you to leave the area with a Rifle with almost full ammo! There is also a small chance for a Medkit to spawn however the chances are slim. If you go to SCP-106's Control room you'll also find a SMG with a SMG Rifle box allowing you to get a good boost to your arsenal. and And that concludes our guide to the LCZ and HCZ, and now for the most dangerous part of the map, The Entrance zone, this is the place where people go to escape but usually go to die. Here you'll be required to have a weapon and hopefully a keycard 3 or higher, Here you'll find your most hostile enemies, the Mobile Task force and experienced SCP players. As a class D you should really stick to one area and try to hide from the enemies . Researchers should try to Regroup with any Remaining MTF and SCPs do what they're good at. I will not be going over how to escape or where to escape though this should be obvious to you by this point however I will be going over interesting parts of the entrance zone. Now there is no better place to start other than the cafeteria. Now staff personal, remember wednesday is pizza day so don't go and forget to go and get a slice of hot pizza served by our top of the line staff. The cafeteria is a goodie bag of items, Here you can find a SATNAV, Crowbar, Stunstick, Fire resistant armor, NVGs, Medkit, Pizza. Everything you'll need to survive a containment breach. You can also find SCP-261, It is a vending machine, But is special! He can produce many different substances. But primarily coffee and cola, these two drinks will heal you for 15 HP every time you drink them. Just press your Use Key (Bound to E by default) and type in what you want! If we continue on down this path you'll find yourself in the lair of the beast(s), The MTF spawn! Yes this is where all of the class D's biggest nightmares begin, Usually you'll only find some AFK soldiers here, so you can kill them and get an assortment of weapons. MTF carry: SMG (TMP, P90 or a UMP) Radio (Radio channel 5 is default) Stunstick Level 3 Keycard By this point in a class d's life, you'll have 50% of these items already but they're nice to have as a collective as they can be used to get closer to the MTF and know how to avoid them Welcome to the electrical room, Probably the most important room on the map, Here you can control, Tesla gates, Automatic door controls, Lighting and Checkpoint lockdowns. You can also find some higher tier items. These items are: SCP-500 (Allows you to heal to full health or Cure a player who has been turned into SCP-049-2) Pistol (Deagle or P250) with ammo Fire resistant armor As you can tell this is some pretty good stuff, however to enter this room you'll need a level 4 keycard, sadly the MTF commander spawns with one so usually they'll take all the loot before any other role has chance to get into the vault. Now onto my final thing in the Entrance zone, The shotgun. This is probably the least known item in the whole map, since there is only one spawn location for it (Outside gate b) And there is no ammo boxes for it. This saddens a lot of players since most MTF would enjoy shooting slugs into a crowd of Class Ds but there is only 7 shells on the entire map, You can find the shotgun just outside of Gate B: And that concludes my in depth look into the loot spawns for the breach map Site 19. I will now briefly cover some smaller parts of the map which people will find interesting. The Toilets in HCZ and Entrance zone both contain key cards and a small chance for a SCP-500 pill to spawn. The entrance zone has an armory full of SMGs, Automatic rifles, ammo for both weapons and a SCP-500 pill, however most of the ammo and rifles go since MTF rush there at the start of the round. SCP-049's chamber has a Automatic Rifle and Ammo spawn however it is very risky getting there as a class D since you'll need to pass; SCP-017, SCP-049, SCP-066 and SCP-76-02. The SCP-420-J room has a crowbar spawn and a NVG spawn The Offices in entrance zone have a chance to spawn a level 4 card Checkpoint windows can be smashed Checkpoint guard rooms have chances to spawn Level 3/4 cards, Pistols and SCP-500(s) Armor such as MTF guard and Fire resistance increase bullet resistance and fire resistance by 33% Checkpoints have a chance to spawn a crowbar next to them. Red lights show that there is loot nearby At 8 Minutes remaining NTF spawn, At 5 Minutes remaining Gate A automatically opens SCP-966 can only be seen when NVGs are in use. And that concludes the guide as a whole, If you have read the entire thing, Thank you! I put a lot of effort into this, if you see any mistakes in this or if there is any large areas which you think are worth covering comment below and i'll credit you if I decide to add them. You can find me on steam here and thanks for reading!
  14. can a kindred spirit link me the songs used on all levels of the map (or more specifically bossfights if possible)? I'm too fat and lazy. Thanks in advance.
  15. I am reposting about the same problem as I did in the deathrun forum, as it turns out that it is not specifically a problem with deathrun. I made a post in the deathrun forums about the bar in the top right is very unclear as to how many hours I had logged on the server and how I found some website saying that I had only 8 hours logged I total. I mentioned that it must be inaccurate as I know for sure that I have spent much more time on the server than that. Ma boi winter later comments and said that it tracks hours by name, not by steam ID and that I have to go on the website to find all of the usernames in the past (which is a lot) and add all of the hours together to get my real hours. I try finding the website (which took a while I might add) and when I finally do, it only shows a few servers. some CS:GO servers, a CS:S server, and something with a skull and crossbones. I was stopped dead in my tracks. I had no clue what else to do. But before I could search any further for what I was looking for I had to go to bed. I honestly have no idea what to do at this point besides ask for help from a broader spectrum of people that can lend me some help. hopefully, you guys can give me some help/guidance on what I should do, but in the meantime, I will try to figure it out myself as well.
  16. Don't ask me shit just buy me an icecream and we're all good. Bye just wasted your time, again.
  17. Greetings, random forum members who never check this section of the breach forums anyway, and welcome. I've noticed plently of people suggesting and asking for player models in both polite and non-polite ways. However, i've seen much confusion, as people keep asking for player models that will undoubtedly never be added. As such the following list serves to provide a useful source of info for people suggesting models, as to the kind of player models that will never be added to the server.(Unless XY gets drugged and replaced by a clone, which im not ruling out as a possibility with how much freaks we got on our admin staff). Xy will most likely NOT add the following: -Minecraft player models. The server is 'NOT YOUR MINESHAFT' as the meme goes. -'CHINESE GOOSE' player model. This model is racist and offends several ducks on the admin staff team. -Super Low poly Spongebob Models. Those things look more like SCPs than d-class or researchers or mtf. I know i would shoot them on sight. -Car player model. Sorry but we got a speed limit. -Banana Player model. No, you are NOT a banana, and far as I know there is no sentient 2 legged banana SCP that runs around killing people. (if there is please tell me because that needs to be added now) -Mario Player models. We dont need mario to become the next oddjob. -Pony Player models. No one wants to see anthromorphic Ponies, or super small 4 legged ponies. Not even if they're a mix of a pony and an amnesia monster. -No Garfield. We dont got any Lasagna. -No shy girl player model. NO, BAD. SHAME ON YOU FOR MAKING A MARIO CHARACTER INTO A WAIFU. SHAME ON YOU. -No Gardevoir models for the same reason. -Most likely no pokemon models in general. Not even if the reason is so mtf can 'CATCH THEM ALL IN THE ESCORT ZONE'. Do you really want to see hordes of eevee running around armed to the teeth(Most likely literally) gunning down scps and d-class? -Please stop suggesting models of Pantless and shirtless asian men. This is not the place for what ever kind of fetish you got related to that. -No Sonic or Tails. Please. Go play Sonic Forces instead. -No Zero Punctuation models. Even if the people requesting these models match the title perfectly. -No Dalek models. Get out of here. Get into whatever stupid goddamned british phone booth you came in on, shove those things right up your rear, and go bother someone else. -No lizardmen, Bird men, shark girls, shark boys, or anything that is an anthro reptile of any sort or related to sharks. We do NOT need a horny teri running around. That would be the end of the goddamned universe as we know it. -No, slimer is not a valid player model suggestion. Neither is calling a penis player model Slimer and then suggesting it. -No chicken player models. Even if most of you are chickens, theres no reason to embrace it so openly. -No player models from the following users: Leteos, Keaton, Lime_Soda, SuperHooks12, Jonnyboy0719, Togaryuman, Ugandan lingry, mewtwo, Mark Zucchinibread, Kuro. We do not need Obese greninjas, Pregnant Lucarios, Ugandan Knuckles, Latias with boobs, drug addicted rabbits, Hot dogs, sentient phone booths, Cool Cat, pornified digimon, or FNAF ocs, and thats all these guys offer. Among other cancer. Seriously they make the gmod workshop look like deviant art with the safe filter turned off with the search word "Fetish". -Undertale Player models. Anyone suggesting these are going to have a b... GOD DAMN IT. CURSE YOU FOR MAKING THAT PHASE A MEME. CURSE YOU. -No. FNAF. Models. I don't care if you sexually identify as a purple human. -No angry bird player models. No. Bad duc. Bad. I would make this longer but its hard to think of funny lines for player models. :l.
  18. Can someone help me with this? @WigglesWorth @CabGrassy @TheSadBandit
  19. What's up everyone! I want to really drive numbers of new people coming to GFL up, and I need your help! There's a couple of things you can do today to really help GFL out! Our goal is to bring new people into our community, but we need to be flexible! Many newer games lack community server options unfortunately, but we can still provide a great experience to people through our discord! @Darkling Has been so kind to help me make more channels so we can support games like PUBG, Fortnite, and whatever may come moving forward! How you can help us is really simple, I encourage all of you to join our discord (if we get a large number there can be cooler things we can do down the line with the Discord) Firstly, I want your suggestions, tell me what you think the discord needs by PMing me @Joshawa. Secondly, Join the Discord! Invite your friends, meet new people, you're bound to have a good game! Upvote our post about the discord on Reddit! We're aiming to make our Discord an exciting place for newcomers to feel welcomed into GFL. We can drastically increase the size of our GFL family, if you could help us out by doing the things above and advertising us to your friends and those you play with online. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to talking to you on the Discord!
  20. For a long time I've been using my Razer Kraken Pro for a little over a year now, and with it came with a cable splitter for the headphones, one female end two male ends. The two male ends are a headphone and microphone jack. And while that splitter is now quite damaged I got a new one, not from Razer, just off of Amazon, and now the audio on the headphones is reversed in surround sound. Meaning that if I see a vehicle in game on my left, I hear it on my right. A lot of forums say to use the "Reverse Output" option (or something like that) in the Playback Device's properties under Enhancements but there is no such option. My drivers and computer is also up to date. And before you even say it, no, I'm not wearing my headphones wrong as my microphone which comes out of the headset from the front, is in front of my face. Just a disclaimer, I'm not a tech savvy guy, so if you need me to retrieve system specifications you'll need to walk me through how.
  21. Name: Daniel Strade Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92671913 Banned by: Spazzin Ban reason: Apparently Rdm and leave Why you should be unbanned: I don't remember Rdming anyone, I've never done a rdm and leave before, I normally take the slays, But apparently I did and I had no idea or else I would of taken the punishment, and no, no one else has been on my account, I was literally on probably 10-15 minutes ago.
  22. Idk how to link my steam to my gfl account pls halp!
  23. It says my map differs from the servers can someone please send me the map or a download link thanks.
  24. I was playing on the TTT server, and I shot a guy. It was late round and I got twitchy. I was a couple mins into the next round (which i was slayed for) and I looked at my phone and was I got my application for member accepted. I wanted to use the Point shop but it wasnt working. I assumed I just needed to re log, and once I did I heard "RDM and leave..." and then got booted. I wasn't trying to evade my 1 round slay or anything, please help me out Admins.
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