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Found 18 results

  1. Not trying to make GFL a war-torn country, just want to know the member's of GFL and know their political standpoint. For myself, I am an Indian, first-generation American Conservative. You may vote anonymously.
  2. player model colors glitch

    Hi, I was playing on the server today, But then the colors of all player models are grey. (and this randomly appeared) I asked people on the server that time if they experienced the sam thing and they did. Any help with this. Beatzpunk
  3. So, what kind of GPU do you own. Mine is a GTX 1060 6 GB, but I am not done building my PC yet.
  4. Am I the dankest meme on GFL? ANd ArE ShIT pOSTS FuNNy
  5. Memories

    What would you consider the most memorable song from your generation (every 10 years) Ex: Fireflies by Owl City 2000-2010
  6. @Reeve What would be a punishment for bhop scripts and hyperscrolling inside of the BHOP server
  7. When seeing admins in action, they seem like just normal people with higher positions. I have seen multiple slays, team-swaps, com-bans, ending !lr's. Admins have given me some of the best support and tips I could ask for. Some of them being PurpleExod and Worgee. I am curious about how far an Admin's ability can stretch before something is out of his/her control.
  8. I was wondering after looking through the GFL Staff, why there isn't a Division Manager for CS:GO JailBreak. I am hoping to get an answer from an Admin or Roy. Another question would be how do you become a Division Manager.
  9. I want help.

    I can't seem to find the map for breach anywhere. I've googled it and checked the workshop and I can't find gm_site19_v3c2. If you know where I can download it please tell me.
  10. Title explains all. I had difficult playing Don't Starve. If your first starting out and don't know anything, it can be very difficult. Especially when you die, the game progress is deleted.
  11. Favorite Youtube Channel?

    What do you watch on youtube? What channel is your favorite and why? For me, my favorite youtube channel is Kurzgesagt. They are a educational channel that explains big world questions and situations in a way that anyone can understand. Along with a high production quality as every video is animated in a very unique way. The videos are also pact full of TV, Movie, and Video Game references, just another thing to watch out for. Usually their videos cover topics surrounding something that'll usually make you have a panic attack or an existential crisis. But they are very neat videos and deserve more than what they have now. Probably my favorite video by them is their video about Sentient Machines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHyUYg8X31c So what about you? What's your favorite Youtube Channel?
  12. I know there was a post made awhile back talking about the Nintendo Switch, now that it has been out of a bit should I get one? I know that people have the common idea that they are broken. The idea of me getting a switch is to get the exclusive content; I would get Zelda, Mario, 1-2 Switch, and a few more. With the idea of advancement and the release of open support to other games and developers, should I get a Switch?
  13. Overwatch or CS:GO?

    I would like to know everyone's opinion between Overwatch and CS:GO. If you've played both on PC, which one do you think is better and why? (Give me the reasons why do you think one game is better than the other as a whole or just at that one thing.)
  14. Shitpost i guess

    What is your favourite word in the english language? (Other than slang or cusswords)
  15. A Random Question

    Can you warn people 3 times? Ive heard some people say yes a while ago and some people say no. But I need 1 final and complete answer. Thanks
  16. What Are Awards?

    Could someone please explain to me what "Awards" are in the profile section on GFL. I have been wanting to know for a while now and haven't had a answer. Follow and +Rep my Steam Profile and my GFL profile.
  17. What is your favorite video game?

    My favorite video game is Mother 3.
  18. Admin/Staff Applications?

    So after recent events, I've realized that almost all the Staff/Admins on the TTT (US) server had disappeared. Since I thought that I'm constantly on said server, and have 130+ hours currently logged. I thought I could help with the current situation of no admins being on (apart from a few). My question is, will there be a time when people can send in any admin/staff applications soon? Or maybe there we can now and i just couldn't find them?