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Found 15 results

  1. >the original atix its way harder, longer defend and more fun with chill team (the map itself have a completely different layout and room) I remember back in 2015-2016 when fidler used to told us to keep extend the map until we win, it was good old time, I miss it but the result wasnt pretty since old one is different why not put both in nom? pls bring back? vote the poll ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -GXP10 04/19/2020 The results of that poll were 17 yes 1 no and 7 remove atix Can we just replace the old atos in the nomlist with the new atos? If there can only be one, I'd like it to be the new atos with nuke textures. -Crazy_Jeff 8/1/2020
  2. Zeddy's just made a plugin that auto-retries for players who have just downloaded a map for the first time. When connecting and dling a map the server automatically retries for you like on crazy kart. I'd like to see this plugin added to gfl as it would completely eliminate the need for the !retry command in getting new players to see particles. I'm sick of telling people to type !retry when half of the time they don't even do it. The plugin is free for use.
  3. Name: Spray Suggestion(s) Type: Rule Change/Group Change Link(s): https://sourcebans.gflclan.com Rank(s): Trial Admin + Cost: Description: We need to change the spray mechanics. Harakoni and I have constantly been trolled by idiots spraying NSFW and then removing it before we can get evidence. I have thought of 2 ideas that might stop this. 1. Either change sprays to make it an instant permaban on sprays. To appeal, the person who was spray banned needs to give a link to the spray they were using for everyone to see, and if it's a false link, the admin will just deny the appeal. If it's the spray they were actually using, then the player will talk it out with the admin team. 2. Make sprays for VIP only at the start. If it's still bad from there, make it admin only. If it gets better, lower it to supporter and stay there. If nothing happens there, lower it back down to member. With these two solutions, my hope is that it will limit people trolling admins by spraying and quickly removing NSFW sprays. If this doesn't work, then we'll figure something else out.
  4. I took a 2-week break from jailbreak to enjoy the luxurious life of Minecraft. I came back to hear the most god awful sound ever to pierce my ears I've ever heard. so, I continued playing for some time. As I've played the past few days I've noticed an incline in new players. I like new players and I hope GFL grows bigger with these new players that enjoy our servers. But, the biggest turnoff I've noticed for new players is the number of people that talk over warden. I try to consistently and thoroughly say orders through the mic spam. I am suggesting that admins talk and decide if they want to enforce the following rules more to help prevent free kills, spam, and overall toxicity. 1. Do not talk over warden. 2. Do not spam, this includes both voice and chat. 3. Only the WARDEN may give direct orders. these 3 rules are the rules I'm suggesting admins give warnings or gags and try to enforce to help ensure the longevity of the server. I appreciate all the admins and respect them for the toxicity they put up and patience they show. the 3 rules listed above have been a problem the last few days I've played and I have seen countless freekills because ct's/t's are talking over warden. also I've noticed freekills when other ct's are yelling orders like they are the warden and new players get confused who to listen too. IF all the admins start enforcing these rules more than in the past I believe the jailbreak server will have less stress and have more fun days and nights for all the new players coming and going. Yes, I understand I can ! tmute 0-999 or ! ctmute 0-999, but doing this takes a lot of fun away from the game as I can't interact with my fellow ct's/t's also doing ! tmute will just cause dead t's to talk after the timer is up which then causes admins to waster time to warn and gag players for talking while dead. as a Warden, I shouldn't have to stop mute t's and or ct's, just so I can give clear orders. I would like to enjoy giving/listening to orders than conversating if with fellow players. Thank you admins, for your fight against cancer. p.s. this a suggestive constructive criticism post. I respect all admins and just want the best for new players and the community.
  5. Hi Admins! I appreciate all of the Admins and your hard work that you do for the community! You take most of the brunt work for us Managers and I/we appreciate what you do for us! I've realized that not all of you are appreciated enough for putting your time into our servers and doing it for free for that matter. I just thought you guys would like to see someone appreciating your hard work and time that you guys put in for us. We do care and would like for you guys to keep up the hard work! Thanks, MILK MAN.
  6. It was firstday freeday and i was sitting behind a pillar and i started to get shot at and killed and I peaked and shot a T that was looking at me next to the guy with the gun. I understand i freekilled the wrong guy but moose told me i dont know how to play ct and ct banned me. I have been commited to follow and learn the rules and try and help new players learn them. Many other active admins would give me a warning or understand from playing with me constantly that i freekilled him on accident and not on purpose. Admins please help. I also have heard there is a number where u can see if u have been ct banned before, i honor and am proud of my clean record and would like this ct ban to come off.
  7. Stop banning people just because you're misinterpreting a keyboard with bad or no anti-ghosting features as a null config. The GFL bhop server manager (Reeve) has undone these incorrect bans in the past, stop creating extra work for him. The owner of the anticheat you're using has come forward and said that the admins are using it incorrectly. Silencing me will only make this look worse.
  8. When seeing admins in action, they seem like just normal people with higher positions. I have seen multiple slays, team-swaps, com-bans, ending !lr's. Admins have given me some of the best support and tips I could ask for. Some of them being PurpleExod and Worgee. I am curious about how far an Admin's ability can stretch before something is out of his/her control.
  9. Karma Ban

    Hello admins I have been banned from the TTT Minecraft Server on Gmod for my Karma being too low because people keep calling false KOSes/RDMing so I had to kill them thus banning me for my Karma being too low. I understand if you might think this is a lie and I was just mass RDMing. No I have been a good player on the server supporting and playing on it as much as I can. Please if you can appeal my ban. Thanks! Potato Llama http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080557005/
  10. I am Dead. Some may know me, most may not, I'm a member of Gfl and I'd like to wish you all a Merry Chrysler, a happy Allah Akbar, and my gift to you all is a Speech of sorts. "I've been a member of Gfl for a very long time, longer then some, less than others, but What I am about to say is all true meaning no bullshit, no sympathy, no nuttin. I don't play Csgo, but I play G-mod I play on the murder servers. My favorite one Is the Minecraft city map version 2, there are many people on there and if you were to get on this server I am speaking of you'd notice that people have fun on their, sure maybe not as much as other servers, but to the regulars on that server such as I it feels like Cumming for the first time, every time we(I) play I feel like a whole new person. Like a God of sorts, because if you didn't know I'm fairly well at "juking" in the real world, I'm not much, but that server gives me so much joy and laughter I want to share it with others, and if you ask some members/admins/normal players Like: Tay, Kitty, Winter, Teddy, DeadSoul, Soviet, Wszumi, Wheatly, Exotic, Shia, Ticci, Blade, Ect. That I tend to have "too much" of this joy, and it can get annoying sometimes I admit, but I love these guys, and the servers because I get to talk to people like none other, and I like to call these people my friends, some of us may get in fights but I consider anyone whos ever been on those servers my friend. But this "Joy" I speak of is just a word, you can describe it but describing does nothing for this. You have to feel it to feel passionate about whatever it is you are passionate about, no matter if its art, games, cooking, texting, talking, photography, anything. You, and only you know how it feels inside, so I ask you, all of you reading this, I want to tell someone...Anyone you know to have a Happy Holiday. It's not much to ask for, but if you do this I will be grateful to you for eternities to come, just for a few words, and I know gratitude isn't much to go on, but it gives people hope. Hope is what keeps us all together, it's what makes bonds, and families. So to all of GFL, from the top notch Founder, to the advisors, to the Tech team, to the Division leaders, to the Managers, to the Admins, to the VIP's, to the Members, and the Players/users I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, and Happy Cuanza. Please, all stay safe, may the Games be with you.
  11. OK, I was just on GFL 24/7 Minecraft TTT Jihad Server and my thoughts aren't the best. I know we are a small community and lacking right now in admins in (US) time(s) but this is just horrible. 1. I witnessed SEVERAL RDMs and could (unfortunately) do nothing about it. Multiple rule-breaking, Prop pushing and killing, and it was just havoc 2. I am not targeting admins so I won't say names, but there was only one admin when I got on and he was AFK most of the time. Shortly after another joined but did not help at all. (left just after they joined) 3. I clearly presented proof of an RDM I copied and pasted from the logs(got those admin instincts kicking in) the admins ignored me and showed no proffesional overseeing and LET the server get out of hand. I was shocked Surely you can do something about this, the server manager @Violator or division managers or anything. Also I am extremely active and see this stuff happening all the time...
  12. Division Leaders: @Reeve - STEAM ________________________________________________ Server Manager: @Khel - STEAM ________________________________________________ Senior Admins: N/A ________________________________________________ Admins: @Rockstar - STEAM @MustardTiger - STEAM @Razzation - STEAM @HB53 - STEAM @therealnebula - STEAM @StarLy - STEAM @SSBM_Wrath - STEAM @ekren - STEAM ________________________________________________ Trial Admins: N/A ________________________________________________ Operators: N/A _______________________________________________ We're always recruiting! Feel free to apply here!
  13. So i was just playing on the 24/7 Minecraft TTT server. (, And yes, my name is a bit racey. (Dig Nick Bigger) it's funny, and clean for the most part. I have had NO PROBLEMS with my name anywhere else. As i was playing, i killed a T for walking over an unidentified body. He promptly reported me, and explained in the report log that he walked over an unidentified body. Mad, he chose to not forgive me. Next round, i was slain by the Trial Admin Barack Obama. I immediately questioned that decision. He claimed, (Verbatim, mind you.) "I saw it all, you didn't identify it either." Which is a lie, it was the body of an innocent just killed by the T who refused to identify it. Obviously i was salty and threw a temper tantrum. Another player, Savvy., had my back. There was a player on at the same time named "Nobody", so that when you call him out as a traitor, it says Nobody is a traitor!. Savvy and i had a problem with this earlier and begged for him to be kicked to have his name changed as it was detrimental to the game. No action taken. Where that case ties in with mine; Barack Obama DEMANDED i change my name after i questioned his authority for the unwarranted slay i had "earned". I declined, citing it wasn't a problem before he slayed me. He repeatedly kicked me 2 more times after i immediately rejoined. Still citing that i will not change my name and that its all a load of bullshit, he bans me for 6 hours. This guy cannot keep his composure, and didn't even use his microphone to address the situation. He used the chatbox that is NOT the best method for so-called "discipline". Im by no means a troll or a minge, i just enjoy TTT and playing on this server. I hope to see some type of action taken from this. The image on the left is Savvy cussing out Obama for failing to do anything about the player named "Nobody", and taking excessive action over my name which he had NO PROBLEM with before the slay.
  14. Speak to Staff

    My idea for the website, if not already incorporated (somehow i dont know). is that i think there should be a way to directly connect or speak with a admin or other staff for jelp, like live chat without having to them to your friends list. I can see how adding them to your friends list allows you to become close and more friendly. This is just an idea and could use some constructive criticism, if you want to add to my idea feel free ATTENTION: I AM AWARE IT IS HARD TO HACE STAFF ON ALL THE TIME.
  15. Hi! I Would like to meet the Admins because I am kinda new (Like 2 or 3 weeks) and that is it. I just want to meet some Admins. Template: Name: Admin of Which Server: A lit bit about you: Supporter or VIP or None:
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