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Found 65 results

  1. Who is the most unforgettable person you have met here on GFL, what server did you's meet on and why have they made such and impact? (postin my bit in comments) (also just realised something similar has been done but why not have another wholesome thread amirite? )
  2. This can be a material or non material thing that was acquired outside or through GFL. It doesn't have to be limited to one thing either, Mine's gotta be the shitposts I've made on the forums or the ego that I've developed from being apart of this gaming community ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But the above text is just an example.
  3. Hello cuties, We want to re open an ARK survival server for GFL. We cant do that without your help, we made a petition to show them how many people want an ARK server, right now we have 110 signatures and with your help (people who play ARK) we can boost that number to 100 and show we have a community behind us. So if you would like to sign it go here (http://chng.it/RQhWD2bhjX). Obviously this does not mean we will get it its still up to the directors in the end but if we show a lot of support I dont see why we couldnt get one! Thank you all! you also do not donate, signs are fine
  4. Hey there everyone, To celebrate my coming as Minecraft Trial Admin to GFL and because i feel still in the holiday mood i am going to giveaway 1 month GFL VIP to 1 person. Entries are currently already open, Close date is unknown and is a suprise, So make sure you join the giveaway as soon as possible. Goodluck on the race. To join this giveaway you have to do the following step: Reply with #Giveaway And tell me why you really would like to win. The winner will be rolled randomly and proof will be included who has won. Why tell you why i want to win? I am just curious why you guys like to win VIP. Goodluck and be fast! ~AverageKevin P.S. Only 1 reply! Multiple replies or duplicates will be ignored and only count as 1. When #giveaway or the reason is not included your entry is invalid and will also be ignored.

    https://imgur.com/gallery/Vlg2r7H made this cool GFL logo reveal thing, hope you like ❤️ IMG_0797.MP4
  6. Yesterday while playing i noticed something strange in the notification, i saw the text a little bit bugged. Anyone can say me how can i fix it? Thx 😃
  7. My Age: 11 My Talent: Hey! My name is John. I work mainly in web development, and in my spare time I might do some game design and game mapping. Programming languages I'm fluent in/have a lot of experience of include: PHP; Lua; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Python; and SQL. I do have experience with SourceMod, my only problem not having something to host my game-servers on. I do work with Git and currently own a Raspberry Pi B, and a private Git environment would be very helpful for programming, so thank you. CONTACT INFORMATION DISCORD: @Johnodon#9360 PS: I know that I will probably be denied because of my age. I just want to let you know that I have a lot of experience and am very mature for my age. Thanks, John Hours/Week: 5-15
  8. THE ZE_MOLTENTEMPLE CONTEST! RULES: No admin abuse to win the map Z:R jump height must be 1.0 and no jump boost on humans, proof may be requested. There must be a demo available from the server There must be above 35 active players playing at the time of the wins. The map must be played in 'full mode' and not in 'normal mode'. START DATE: 06/05/2019 END DATE: 06/06/2019 ALL CONTEST SUBMISSIONS, PLAYER OR SERVER BASED, MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE THE END DATE. THIS CONTEST WILL BE PERFORMED ON ZE_MOLTENTEMPLE_A4 UNLESS THIS VERSION CONTAINS A GAME BREAKING BUG OR BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT IN WHICH CASE I WILL UPDATE THE CONTEST AND THIS THREAD! SPECIAL PLAYER REWARDS: Winning the map atleast once, but also fulfilling one of these special conditions will net you a SPECIAL UNIQUE PRIZE, that only YOU can claim (unless you tie, then this statement is a lie): Most map wins: The person with the most collective map wins between servers will earn a special skin of their choice in the beta and final versions of the map! You must have won the map MORE than once to qualify for this reward, if you have managed to wrestle a few wins, great! When I count the players at the end, I will be compiling winners by STEAM ID and in the case of a tie, I will raffle the prize and it will be rewarded to 3 people max out of the possible pool of winners. Climb Master: The person who has done the most triggers over the contest period AND won the map at least once will be awarded the grand super title of Climb Master! They will also earn a special skin in the beta and final versions of the map! MLG Bow Trickshot 360 NoScope: The best trigger shot (or even casual shot if it's good enough) shot will earn a game of their choice out of the prize pool (TO BE ANNOUNCED, SEE BOTTOM OF POST). To qualify for this reward you must send me a video of your most MLG trickshot with the bow, the most creative one (or multiple if I really can't decide) will get the reward. Glorious Leader: For this prize, the person who leads the map with the LEAST death/human loss will be rewarded, the way this will be calculated is a ratio of the humans alive at the end against the humans alive at the start. If there are multiple leaders in a tie or multiple leaders on a 'good' round, then all relevant leaders will be rewarded. The prize for doing this challenge is a game of your choice out of the prize pool AND a special skin in the beta and final versions of the map! (To qualify some evidence must of course be provided in the form of a video or otherwise.) Play of the Game: The best play that is sent to me in video form (it must be special in some way) will win this prize, to enter you MUST send me a video of what you believe is your 'play of the game'. If you win this reward you will earn yourself a prize from the prize pool AND a special skin in the beta and final versions of the map! OVERALL PLAYER REWARDS: Every win of the map you successfully partake in earns you an entry into the final prize raffle, after all the special rewards have been awarded, the remaining prizes will be raffled between everyone who won the map at least once, remember 1 win = 1 entry, so get those wins in for a higher chance of a reward! SERVERS: The valid servers for this contest are UNLOZE and GFL, if any other server wishes to partake in the contest please contact me and I will consider your server for entry into the contest. The server which beats the map first will earn a place on the final contest board(s) announcing the winners of the map! PRIZE POOL: The prize pool for the contest is not yet announced however watch this space, it will be soon!
  9. "Hello there!" This isn't my usual type of suggestion. Actually, this is kinda' unique to other suggestion. For the most part, it's not really a suggestion in a way. I'm trying to get feedback on the idea, and the map itself. Once it's finished, I'll upload it on the workshop, which is when I can pretty much actually tell the server that I have an actual map to add. Apprende? No? Good. This is WIP, so bare with me. (Based on the site referenced in SCP-1124: "Xenoplague": ILYENA (aka, Site-x19): http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1124) POINTLESS BACKSTORY BUT WHATEVER So, while I was playing breach a couple weeks ago, I had this idea for a map stuck in my head. I had recently been trying to find any stuff on the origin of 682 for some reason, and I stumbled accross SCP-1124, which is related to SCP-682. A facility on Venus would be a weird but cool experience. Now obviously, I don't think other people would listen if I told them to construct an entire map as a suggestion, it would seem like a stretch. Well, I have decent experience in hammer. So, I decided why not make it myself? (You would be surprised. Hammer is actually incredibly easy to use; it's more drag & and drop than anything.) its literally easier to use than roblox studio lol Well, I'll be working on this map for quite a while. So far, I'm doing the LCZ right now. There's plenty of other rooms to finish, and containment chambers to furnish. (Random Staff Louge Room; lovely plants too.) (Security Gateway, based on the one from SCPCB, full with working gas.) (LCZ Armory) (Class-D Wing) (Random Meeting Room. Please don't shatter, glass is expensive.) These are pretty much all the rooms I have done right now. I'm going for a very different approach than the usual maps. However, I'm keeping Site-19 and Site-13 in mind for the baseline of what my map play as. This suggestion might be edited to add more. I have a lot of stuff planned. Please let me know if you want to see this map in the future. (Mhm, gas.) PLANNED CONCEPTS don't mind me just fantasizing about what to add. hopefully they do get added though Room Ideas: Anti-Gravity Zones (If Possible?) (suggested by Hunting4r2d2) Site Director's Office High-Security Nuke Room SCPCB-like 096's server room SCPCB Unity-like SCP-914 SCP-939's maintenence tunnels (939 will its own CC) Return of the Melon (easteregg) Execution chambers because why not More random offices A Cafe in EZ Emergency Evacuation Zones (Escape Pods substituting for gates, because you can't go outside, duh) An Observation Zone, with some appropriate skybox so the player realizes this ain't home anymore An HCZ with doors similar to Six-Eight-Two (The Game) (AKA you shoot the doors and they close) 860-2's "Den" SCP-055's CC WIP (part of 173's cc) Padded Room to lock up micspammers WIP (SCP-914, largely inspired by SCP:CB Unity)
  10. Can we make a suggestions form for purge? Even before it comes out. If there is one, send link thx
  11. Well, this is a very simple suggestion, and not much can be said about it. I'll try to be quick. Only reason I'm suggesting this is because I think it's kinda' bland that you rush into people and they drop dead, nothing else. SCPs like 173 has that crisp crunch sound, and I'm pretty sure SCP-682 has a couple of sounds to use from SCP:CB. Sure, it might be fun rushing into a room, crowded with MTF, and then grinning as you hear each one of their corpses thud on the ground, but you soon realize how dull it is. For as loud as 682 should be, its completely quiet in-game. So why not spice it up a bit? Tweaks: 1. If you take a look at the animations in SCP-682's model, you can actually find a biting animation. It would be nice if this were to actually play when you attack people. This may be accompanied with a sound too. 2. SCP-682 should be able to do his characteristic "roar" when he does his special attack. Maybe you can throw in a lil' screen shake because why not. In all honesty, I think 682 deserved his roar for a long time. Two little 682 tweaks. None of these affect gameplay in anyway. No random damage boosts, no speed boosts, no random critical hits, just purely cosmetic. (Animation is called "Attack1". Here's some screenshots because I don't know how to make .gifs lol)
  12. I never thought I would write one of these for a while but I’m afraid that it has come to that time. I resign from being Server Manager on Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II and from GFL entirely. I have done this mainly because of the lack of communication I have been getting from higher-ups. I have tried contacting people of various positions such as Directors, Team Leader, and other Server Managers. I have tried to bend the wire of possibilities for the server as it was endless in my mind, but the lack of communication is stopping that. The reason behind it I may never know but I can only come to one conclusion. My division is most likely the most irrelevant, and the least important since the game is small. That is understandable. What is not understandable is that I try to communicate with other members of GFL to create special events, and such. I am flabbergasted because they gave me Server Manager only after 3 weeks of being a part of GFL. I am ashamed because I was never properly told what to do. Yeah, manage the server and what not, but I wanted to do more for this server, but they have stopped every attempt to try something new because of the higher-ups not knowing anything about the game. In all honesty, I believe the PVKII division should be permanently shut down. Everyone left the PVKII Division because of the unattentiveness of Directors. I was the last to remain, and I felt like I could change the server for the better. Sadly, you can’t keep building the road... it eventually ends somewhere. My last request is to shut down the PVKII Division. Not only is it almost always empty, but it’ll help by making the bills a little cheaper. Anyway, I’m sorry if I let anyone down, and I wish this community wouldn’t focus only on Garry’s Mod. If you know nothing about a game, don’t get a server on that game. I saw these on other resignations so I’ll do the same. If I didn’t mention your name, that’s because either I never knew you, or you were the reason to why I did this. @X2D You were the only Director that actually cared for my Division, and even though you didn't know how to help, you still tried. I hope you do great things in your life, because your a really swell guy. Take care! @Benroy I never spoke to you much, but I thank you for helping me when I needed help, even if you didn’t know how to help me. @tealchicken I never spoke to you before, and you did nothing on my server, but you seem like a cool dude, and I hope you get better grades. Have a good one buddy! @Glenn_ You were a sick dude to be around, and I thank you for working so hard to get me to where I am. Sadly, I see the truth behind your resignation. I hope you have a great road ahead of you, thank you. Honestly, thank you! @Chef_ You are a cool dude, and I like you. You were (almost) always there when I needed you, and you were a reliable person. You deserve to get admin on other GFL servers. I wish you the best of luck in your future. And I hope you deny the request to be Server Manager, so you don’t make my mistakes. See ya dude! @JGuary551 You were always the guy picked on, and you were good at being an admin, and I had limited time around you, but I hope you do well in your journey of life. Stay Ga... I mean stay Guary... :3 @NOT-LAW You were the guy who afk-ed the server. That’s kind of all I knew you for, but I hope you do good doing whatever you may do. Thanks for accepting me as a Server Manager too! @TheJitFace You were a funny dude, and a great guy to talk to. I hope our paths cross again, and I hope you get Admin on Purge! @Raptor Jesus I will see you along with Ninja tomorrow, or by the Weekend. I would hope that this awares director of this message so they do a better job of listening to sidestream divisions. I will repeat my final request, and I hope that it’s done for the sake of PVKII.. If I missed anyone, sorry. It’s been an honor being a Server Manager and being the quickest to become Server Manager. I one day may return here to triumph again, but it's very unlikely. Thank you, and goodbye.
  13. Not too long ago, I was appointed the server manager on a GFL server for a game called Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II. In the time I have been staff, there have been 2 massive hits to the staff team. One of them is right now. Firstly, the game is free on Steam for everyone, and its a Half-Life mod. The staff number before the major low blow was this... Server Manager = 1 Admin = 3 This is it now... Server Manager = 1 Admin = 2 Doesn't seem that bad right? Wrong! Let me explain quickly... We had 4 staff members in total, we confirmed lost one (not an active one) a few days ago. I was also informed once PURGE comes out, another staff member will be resigning to become staff on PURGE. On the bright side, we did hire one new admin, but not too long ago. The server needs staff, but not an overload of staff. I will be only accepting at most 4 new staff members. You apply here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/707-admin-applications/ The format is here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/171-pirates-vikings-knights/ The questioning is tricky, but if you're 9 years or older, you can at least comprehend what is written. I wish you all luck, and if you have any questions, contact me via Steam, Discord, or the Website.
  14. Stop banning people just because you're misinterpreting a keyboard with bad or no anti-ghosting features as a null config. The GFL bhop server manager (Reeve) has undone these incorrect bans in the past, stop creating extra work for him. The owner of the anticheat you're using has come forward and said that the admins are using it incorrectly. Silencing me will only make this look worse.
  15. This will be the format for when a player reports someone. You must follow this format exactly. Failure to do so will result in an automatic denial of the report due to incomplete format. YOUR Steam ID: The steam ID of the person reported: Summary of the Situation: Proof (screenshot/video/eyewitness/etc): Follow this simple format, and you will be likely to get that person investigated.
  16. This PVKII announcement brings good & bad news. The unfortunate news is… - We won’t be able to switch server hosts for private reasons. - I haven’t found a developer to work with me on the project yet. But, the good news is… - We could switch from a location in the US to EU. This will be a small update, but I wanted to aware you guys since significant in determining my plans for the server. Thanks for reading this, and I should have another update out when something juicy comes along.
  17. IM BACK

    Im assuming 95% of anyone who reads this has forgotten about me, and or, does not know who i am. My name is Ryan. I go to work, and come home and play games... i dont like spending money I have been with the GFL community for YEARS now... bascailly ever since i started playing Garrysmod. The first server ever played on was GFL Deathrun.. and it was a HUGE success.. no idea what happened :"/ saddens me.. Nowa days i literally only play GFL 24/7 minecraft... i'd say most of anyone who does know of me would recognize me from Deathrun, but then again i have an easy 250+ hours on the 24.7 minecraft sever. I hope too meet all the new people on the server, and communicate with the staff like i did in previous time. Feel free to add me on steam!! - KushBlowinRyan Thanks... 420.
  18. If anyone has any recordings or clips of gameplay from the GFL servers, please PM me.
  19. New Server?

    Hi, welcome to my suggestion topic. As you see in the title it is titled, "New Server." I am here to propose an idea that could be very useful for GFL. It is a new server. You maybe wondering, "Well, what would this server be?" This new server would be a SantosRP server. Some of you maybe familiar with SantosRP some of you may not. What is SantosRP? Easy! It's a Garry's Mod gamemode which is based around a semi-serious RP. It is not like DarkRP where you can just buy guns and become police on a little vote in-game. Most servers, you have to apply on their forums, or there is an addon that has a little sub-forum thing that you can apply for police on. There is an actual police team and police roster that only those people, who are accepted, can become police. Oh sorry, was getting ahead of myself with the Government. Obviously there are criminals too! There are no criminals :(. HOWEVER, unlike DarkRP there are only few jobs that you cannot get into from the F4 menu. To become these jobs there are NPC's around the map that you can click E on and become. A few are: Firefighter, EMS, Police, UPS Driver, Tow Truck Driver, and Civilians. No thieves. A Civilian can be an outlaw type character that can grow weed, moonshine, and I believe meth. They can also buy cars for real prices. Not a lambo for 50k. Lambos are probably atleast 2 million. Money making is a little bit hard and fun. You have the paychecks and then you can do things such as illegal producing of weed (Gives you the most amound of money). The map is huge and when the police see you speeding or breaking a traffic law they pull you over! You can even get arrested for a minimum time of 5 minutes!!!! So try not to break the law, the times can be really punishing. Why SantosRP? I have been in GFL for a very long time and I haven't seen any server that is this serious and realistic. I think the GFL community would really like it even if they don't play GMOD. It is very fun rolling around in a car with your friends and raiding people. Honestly, my favorite part is the police. Being police is so fun because it's so realistic and fun. Please leave your comments down below if you are for or against this suggestion!!
  20. until
    On June 23rd and 24th, GFL will be competing with multiple other communities in CS: GO. In this competition, each community will put forward 100$ and a charity of choice, in the end, the victor will have each 100$ donated to their charity! More information can be found here.
  21. So recently (today), I did a quick search, and wasn't too happy about my results. First, I googled gmod servers, lots of servers appeared, but I didn't see GFL anywhere. Second, I googled GFL, this website was not the first thing that appeared, instead it was environmental shit that did. Third, I googled gflclan, and found thing in the highlights of servers, or anything of that nature. My suggestion is to add somewhere in the homepage the words "gmod servers" or "csgo servers", that way when people look for them on Google, our community can come up (not saying that there aren't populated servers, but not all of them are populated). When I did search it on Google, all of these website advertising sites popped up, and they all said either Superior Servers, or some other shitty community that I've never heard of.
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