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Found 8 results

  1. Overview In-universe, The Global Occult Coalition is a group of interest that aims to be the "police" of the supernatural world. Unlike the SCP Foundation, they destroy anything they deem to be supernatural instead of containing it, leading to some anomalous objects or beings destroyed before they can be captured by the Foundation. On some occasions, they have teamed up with the Foundation but have also went against the Foundation. In-game description The Global Occult Coalition would be a new team (main color is brown) with the goal to exterminate every SCP (including any SCP on the human side), while being neutral towards anyone else. GOC does not escape and counts as deserting unless they are holding an SCP object. GOC cannot escort any team, nor can they be escorted themselves. The GOC would be a replacement spawn for the NTF. The GOC can pick up and use items like a human and can pick up ammo. GOC spawns with their own vests, but they can drop their vests. When spawning, a player is either chosen to use the "Grey Suit" or the "Black Suit", with each having their own loadout. (Descriptions can be found below.) GOC would also be able to pick up SCP objects and escape with them for a bonus. "Grey Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, a cloaking device tool, random pistol, and a random SMG. The cloaking device allows for unlimited invisibility. To balance this, it causes moving or giving/receiving damage to disable the cloak. Switching to a different item will disable the cloak after 4 seconds. Playermodel uses "Cell assault4" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 10% damage resistance with no speed penalty. "Black Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, and a random rifle (including M249, Negev, and Volk). Playermodel uses "Cell assault3" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 40% damage resistance but moves slow as a Nu-7 vest. Alliances: GOC is hostile towards the SCP Team, Serpent's Hand, and Class E. They would be neutral towards MTF, CI, Researchers, and D Class. The only team they are friendly with are other members of the Global Occult Coalition.
  2. My Age: 16 My Talent: I use english and my programming abilities is that i support people and help them , so the team stays up Hours/Week: 3
  3. List of all the people in CS:S Zombie Escape who have admin. Click on the respective admin name to go to their Steam profile. Server Manager Vanya Head Admins Lev Soft Serve xen Technical Assistants Neon Nick Developer Admins Moltard Server Admins Consolo Dashe Duma Filip FireMachine Gamesadict j0ueurnul Lv100 Crobat nano Noctali omarfire Pyrono Rune WarpedCakez WillyWilson Zegawa List last updated on August 26th, 2019.
  4. Hello everyone, This guide will guide you step-by-step on how to setup a new identity, and having it idling in the Help Desk channel. This is mainly for those who are interested in being TeamSpeak 3 Admin and don't know how to get themselves 'noticed'. Disclaimer: My TeamSpeak 3 client is in the english language and may differ slightly from yours, due to version or other general modifications performed by both parties. Here's the guide itself: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 First thing first, open your TeamSpeak 3 Client. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Go to Tools > Identities or press CTRL+I (capital i) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - This may differ from yours depending if you have advanced options enabled. Advanced options are NOT needed to make this step. A window will pop-up where you will have 2 boxes • [ 1 ] Synchronized Identities (this is if you have a TeamSpeak 3 Account) • [ 2 ] Local Identities (Stored locally, unlike Sync ones) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Click on the Create button ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 A new identity will show-up depending if you have a TS3 Account or not. • [ 1 ] You want to write something that is easy to understand which identity it is. • [ 2 ] This is the username that will show up in the server once you're connected. Write something such as 'Poke for Help' or 'Message for help' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Click OK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Go to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks or press CTRL + B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Once in, a window like this will show-up: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Click on 'Add Bookmark' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 A new bookmark will appear, titled 'New Server' Fill it with the following details: Bookmark Name: GFL - Help Desk Nickname: Message for Help / Poke for Help etc Server Address: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Click Apply and then OK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Connect to the server through Bookmarks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Once in the server, join the Help Desk Channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Press CTRL + B to manage bookmarks again. In the Default Channel section, you want to click the button right next to it. OR, just copy paste this text into the 'Default Channel' form Lobby (Please Read Description!)/Help Desk Now, you can connect in new tab and connect with your default identity at the same time! Hope this helped.
  5. What's your guy's favorite esports team in CS:GO and your favorite player from the team, and how come?
  6. After seeing Mufasa getting killed by Santa, the GFL crew pursue the culprit to the north pole where they stumble upon the Santa factory that is run by an aggressive beaver. Not everything goes to plan as it seems to be....
  7. Hate going into a comp match with bad teammates? Today is your lucky day. I have decided to establish the GFL Overwatch Competitive Team. Those who are interested in joining the team will apply (using a format below). I will take all the applications and look at each person's statistics, best heroes, etc. The top 6 players will make the "Major Leagues" or the better GFL team. The next 6 people will make the "Minor Leagues" or the not-as-good GFL team. They will serve as their own separate entity but can substitute for players in the Major Leagues in the case of an absence. Both teams can scrimmage against each other as well. The goal of each team is to work their way up the ranks and have a good time. I will not necessarily be apart of either team (depends on my stats in comparison to those who apply), but I will be the manager of the team and control who is on it and give any advice where it is needed. If you do not play on American servers, do not apply since I play on American servers. If you are someone who would like to manage a EU team, PM me and I will update this post with details on that. ________________________________________________________________ Application Format (with Example): Battle.Net Name: qDogg#11147 Master Overwatch Profile: http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/qDogg-11147 Reason for Joining the Team: Because I want to actually win games ________________________________________________________________ Copy the above, put in your information, and post below. Good luck to all. See how you are comparing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BFzVQfUCYWR5ek1_eu3E_gkcXAfDvVyGZ21xAzdJAG0/edit?usp=sharing This is an example of what I plan on doing with the team (good communication, shot caller, etc.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTy3oiNhD6E
  8. Hello all! I had an idea earlier today. What if we had gotten a sponsored CS:GO team to potentially compete in tourneys? I know that ESL has some tournaments, with earnings and without. If the team gets big, we could have the GFL logo on jackets as we go into the tournaments. Thoughts?
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