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Found 6 results

  1. Ever since i've joined gfl, there has been a constant battle, one could say this battle will rage until the day gfl breathes it's last breath (what a sad day that will be for sure). This battle of which i speak is of course the debate between members, server admins, moderators, and upper level staff. Which is better, Teamspeak or Discord? I today, present to you, for all to see, no matter your rank in the community or place in the social pyramid, the be all, end all, of this debate. The final solution laid down by god himself, the superior platform. You may not believe your eyes but it is true, and the true winner of this debate isn't teamspeak, it isn't even discord. The true winner is RaidCall. This marvelous piece of technology has served countless gamers throughout the years, providing the services of both teamspeak and discord, while doing it oh so much better. (all sales final, no refunds )
  2. Hello everyone, This guide will guide you step-by-step on how to setup a new identity, and having it idling in the Help Desk channel. This is mainly for those who are interested in being TeamSpeak 3 Admin and don't know how to get themselves 'noticed'. Disclaimer: My TeamSpeak 3 client is in the english language and may differ slightly from yours, due to version or other general modifications performed by both parties. Here's the guide itself: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 First thing first, open your TeamSpeak 3 Client. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Go to Tools > Identities or press CTRL+I (capital i) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - This may differ from yours depending if you have advanced options enabled. Advanced options are NOT needed to make this step. A window will pop-up where you will have 2 boxes • [ 1 ] Synchronized Identities (this is if you have a TeamSpeak 3 Account) • [ 2 ] Local Identities (Stored locally, unlike Sync ones) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Click on the Create button ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 A new identity will show-up depending if you have a TS3 Account or not. • [ 1 ] You want to write something that is easy to understand which identity it is. • [ 2 ] This is the username that will show up in the server once you're connected. Write something such as 'Poke for Help' or 'Message for help' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Click OK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Go to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks or press CTRL + B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Once in, a window like this will show-up: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Click on 'Add Bookmark' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 A new bookmark will appear, titled 'New Server' Fill it with the following details: Bookmark Name: GFL - Help Desk Nickname: Message for Help / Poke for Help etc Server Address: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Click Apply and then OK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Connect to the server through Bookmarks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Once in the server, join the Help Desk Channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Press CTRL + B to manage bookmarks again. In the Default Channel section, you want to click the button right next to it. OR, just copy paste this text into the 'Default Channel' form Lobby (Please Read Description!)/Help Desk Now, you can connect in new tab and connect with your default identity at the same time! Hope this helped.
  3. Hey guys! STRAWPOLL FOR VOTING ON EVENT: http://www.strawpoll.me/12901985 I am going to be working with the Teamspeak admins to host GFL's very own LIVE PUBLIC EVENT ON TEAMSPEAK! Now then, the way we will get this set up is by seeing what you guys want. I am going to keep polls open for the day and time you want the event to be held. As for the event itself, the ideas should come from you guys! Here a few ideas I came up with if you guys are interested: -Karaoke Night -Comedy Central style roasts -Movie Night -Large moderated discussions on any topic(s) (ex. politics) -Online games (needs to include everyone) I'll be holding up the polls for the day and times. Feel free to comment below if you'd like to add a day/time! The length of the event will depend on what the event will be. Hope you can all attend! -Severely Artistic
  4. Discord?

    Does GFL actually pay for a team speak why don't you move over to discord? It has free servers
  5. Teamspeak

    Hey so I got VIP not too long ago and I don't believe I ever got my own ts channel, I was just wondering what to do about this?
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