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Found 8 results

  1. Hey folks. I felt it would be nice to have some kind of rules set-up for the suggestion forums, in order to better clarify what the server managers are hoping to see in the suggestions. Please, don't take this as a personal insult or anything if you feel like one of your previous posts or threads violated one of these rules, there will not be any kind of forum ban or punishment. These are mainly guidelines, and suggestions that don't follow these guidelines are likely to be ignored. 1. Please make sure your post is legible. We are likely to gloss over your idea if its written with incredibly poor English and grammar, and is a giant wall of text that is difficult to read. I understand that English is not everyone's first language, but the very least you can do is attempt to space it out so it is easier to read. 2. This place is for suggestions only. You're free to comment on suggestions, but any actual threads posted here should be relevant and a suggestion of some sort. Do not try to derail someone else's thread by posting your own suggestions there either, unless it is related to ideas on how to improve the post or suggestion. This helps keep the section organized and clean. Please note that posts that don't belong in suggestions will likely be moved to General or Hidden. 3. I mentioned this in the other pinned thread, but I'll put a brief version of it here. Please, do not suggest deleted SCP articles in the suggestions. They will not be added, and they will remain ignored. 4. When directly suggesting a SCP from an article or tale, please try to keep it as accurate to the article as possible. There has been many suggestions, both in this forum and on the discord, that had nothing in common with the original SCP article that it is based on except for the name. An example would be taking a Canteen that has an infinite amount of water inside it, and attempting to make it a playable SCP that teleports people into the ocean to drown them and can shapeshift. This does not mean, however, you can't suggest the Canteen as an item that can be used as a weapon by flooding rooms(We wouldn't be able to do such a thing, its just an example). 5. If your suggestion is directly based on a specific SCP article or tale, it is very helpful if you provide a link to the original article or tale. This allows easy access to verify that the suggestion is related and not something you made up on the spot, and helps catch attention, especially if the article or tale is particularly interesting to read as well. 6. While this is not mandatory, it greatly boosts your chances of getting an addition to the server added if you can provide a link to a model or addon that would serve to help make the SCP. Models is one of the hardest things to find in regards to playable SCP or other role suggestions, and having one available is a massive boon.
  2. Discord Rules Announcement What are we looking for? The primary outcome of this post is to bring about changes in the way we moderate the front end of GFL Discords. This will create a more welcoming environment for new and existing users to be more involved in the community. A recent post by @Harakoni proposed possible solutions to the negative behavior along with moderation issues within the GFL Discord. It has been a long term goal to be as transparent with the community as we can which is why we want to include you all on this discussion, as well as other recent changes we have implemented. We are making this announcement in order to get feedback from you, the community, on how we should achieve this outcome. The way that we plan to achieve this is by tightening our moderation standards by releasing or appending our current rules to create a stricter ruleset. Specifically, one that explicitly targets people who “harass” or “shun” new members. We truly want the input from everyone who has something to say. The goal isn’t to create drama or spark a fire in the comments. Thus, we will be hiding posts if they are even slightly off-topic. We hope you all can understand. Now, an explanation of what we mean by a “stricter rule set” and why we believe it will be effective in alleviating the issues highlighted in @Harakoni's post. By “stricter rule set”, we mean one that would properly: Restrict the use of words, in both voice and text, which are used for the sake of being edgy or legitimately prejudicial. Especially against new members who have not yet experienced a community like GFL. Restrict the use of insults that are used to discriminate, belittle or shun people from the community. Name-calling or prejudice comments directed towards anyone is prohibited. Although, the phrases themselves are not blacklisted; instead are not to be used without explicit surrounding context. For example, calling someone any derogatory phrase (n-word, faggot, etc.) is not allowed; while discussing the news politics is permitted. The aforementioned subject applies to text chat (chat messages, photographs, videos, etc.) and voice chat. As you may point out, we already have rules such as “Private Matters” and “Channel Topics” which should deal with these types of behaviors. Although, these rules are very bland and vague. We want to clarify what these rules enforce and the way these rules will be implemented. This may include modifying current rules or even creating a new one. The new rule would be: 9. Be clubbable: Do not be unwelcoming, insulting or inimical toward other members through racist or otherwise prejudicial slurs. (This rule would basically act as an amplifier for other rules to be enforced) OR the appended rule would be (we could have both): 2. Private Matters: Do not discuss anything confidential with another user in public or bring personal distaste for users into general conversation. (We already know that this is implied but we want to make it readily clear) Why would we want this? A “stricter rule set,” along with harsher moderation standards would create an environment that is suitable to all people, regardless of their characteristics, across many games. The goal is to make everyone feel welcome and we believe that by enforcing a more strict rule set we can accomplish this. Insults, toxicity, and harassment should not be something that the community represents right from the get-go, or even at all. “Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand-pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily.” We need to start looking back at our core and reflecting on what we’re supposed to represent. These behaviors are something that we, as a community, should not want to represent; yet, we largely are. As previously stated, this more strict rule set is to increase the feeling of welcomeness to new players while still accompanying the regulars. New players are more inclined to stay in a community if they feel at home and can relate with others, which is exactly how this problem occurred. Toxic people herd more negative people which lead the Discord to be what it is today. How would this proposed change help our community? This is not only to help our community be more welcoming to new members but also to encourage friendly behaviors. In return, this may increase overall positivity in mood and mind. We understand that this would be a major change to how members communicate with each other, whether in friendly jest or casual insults (referring back to toxic communications). It'd be a difficult transition for many regular members who don't practice a more friendly behavior, and we understand. We want to pace this change, as to why we are first making this post to explain what might be happening and why. To ensure no one gets punished while making an effort for the better, the proposed change will not be immediate, we will be very forgiving and loose-handed with punishments for about 3 weeks after the new rules come out. Although, we will be giving warnings which do not affect your communication abilities in any way. The warning will say, “Please read new rules” along with the rule you’ve broken. Conclusion This is our current proposal. Do you have a better idea or any suggestions on how to improve upon our proposal? After a discussion on this thread, and a clear outcome is decided, changes will come into effect. If needed some changes will come into effect immediately. Disclaimer: The topic of NSFW content was not discussed in this post, obviously. We do plan on making a separate thread about that. Expect another thread for defining NSFW across all platforms soon. I am creating a thread per issue. Edit(s): 1. Whoops. You can comment now.
  3. 1. Only trade what is rightfully yours You may only trade your own personally owned items. Items put up for trade must be in your possession through legitimate means. 2. We (GFL) are not liable for any scams, mishaps or other forms of trickery used in this forum. If you get scammed, we (GFL) are not going to reimburse your items but if you are scammed, make a thread here with all the information about it that you can and we will deal with the person. If there is a scam thread made, report it using the "report post" button and a Forum Moderator will take care of it for you. 3. Be reasonable in your offers and requests Don't ask for or propose overtly uneven trades, be reasonable. 4. Virtual items only Only trade items that are virtual on this forum, trading of real-life property is disallowed.
  4. [CS:S ZE] MOTD

    Welcome to the GFLClan.com Zombie Escape Server! Useful commands connect : Type this in the console to connect to the server with your reserved slot (Supporters or VIPs). ★You can replace '!' with '/' to make your commands silent so others won't see them (e.g. , "/admins"). !ztele : Teleport back to the current spawn area if you're stuck. !zspawn : Spawn into the game if you joined late. !zmarket : Buy weapons mid-round and customize your spawn loadout. !zclass : Change your human or zombie skin. Skins are cosmetic only (no advantages). !admins : View the current list of online admins; ignore "torchlight." !report <name> <reason> : Report a player for the reason specified. Abusing this command will result in a ban. !sm <name> : Self-mute a player. This will block their voice chat, text chat, and radio. !su <name> : Self-unmute a player. !vip : View your current donator/member status. !glow : Change your skin color (Supporters or higher). !tag(s) : Customize your chat tag and colors (VIPs only). !stopsound : Toggle weapon sounds. !shake : Toggle screen shaking from explosions or similar events. !hud : Toggle displaying the list of alive item holders. !votedisable : Disable TorchTV, requires 5 votes. !toggleimmunity : Toggle mother zombie protection for top defenders. Basic Rules Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment. Voice chat is reserved for English only. Other languages may be occasionally used through text. No excessive racism and/or defamation. Do not spam the voice or text chat. Do not impersonate admins. Do not use shocking, disgusting, hardcore, sprays featuring genitalia or anything illegal. Your privilege to use sprays may be removed. Your spray may be blacklisted without warning. Do not use hacks and/or bhop scripts. Do not encourage or explain a map exploit to other players, and of course, don't exploit yourself. Do not become a zombie on purpose (also known as "zombie inflating"). Do not team-kill. This includes (but is not limited to): using items to hurt other teammates, knifing zombies towards other humans, and "edging" (standing in a vulnerable area and being infected by a zombie). Minor Rules Actions that are frowned upon but not punishable with a ban. They will be enforced differently by admins, but they negatively impact the server in most cases. You may be warned, punished in a lesser way in-game, or kicked. Delaying rounds. Refusing to contribute to a boss fight (e.g. , not shooting). Using hyperscroll to gain an unfair advantage. Picking on people. Human beings make mistakes, so please don't spend time explaining how bad they are; instead, tell them what went wrong and what they can do to improve. Voicechangers, they are very annoying. Do not abuse the nomination system (e.g. intentionally changing your nomination in the last moments before the vote starts to block a map from being nominated). Teaming up with the opposite team to farm points is not allowed. If you are caught teaming, your rank will be invalidated. Reports and ban appeals Reports can be submitted from within the server using the !report command (refer to the commands section). Alternatively, you can submit reports and ban appeals on our website in the following sections: Ban appeals: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/788-muteban-appeals/ Player reports: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/786-player-reports/ Admin reports: https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/ Donator Bonuses Donators are broken down into 2 tiers. Each tier costs "itself" in US Dollars per month. So Supporter is 4.99$ and VIP 7.99$. The bonuses for each tier are as follows: ★If unsure of how to access your bonuses, please visit the 'commands' section! Supporter (4.99$): Reserved slot [Donator] tag Glowcolors Custom skins VIP (7.99$): Reserved slot Custom tag and chat colors Glowcolors More custom skins Discord and Steam Group Join our CS:S Zombie Escape Discord Channel by clicking on this link! We share important information there for the server and the weekly Events. Make also sure to join our Steam Group, where we also announce Events and other importants things. Here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gflcssze.
  5. So the HnS server has kind of needed an update to the rules for a while now so here are the new guidelines/rules so that players can see what is and what isn't allowed. thanks to @bnewton and @mbs for helping me come up with these rules and for taking time out of your day to do this. If you think we missed anything then tell me so I can add it or bring it up with the admin team. mic spam- definition: playing music, yelling, singing, random noises, holding down x and not talking, not speaking English, disrespecting other players, using voice changers, using text to speak, and soundboards. -intentional spam is a straight away gag. -unintentional spam is a verbal warning first, then gag. -you will be put on the watchlist when you are gagged the second time. -if you are already on watchlist for spam, if you spam again, you will be warned then gagged again -people speaking foreign languages will be asked to speak English, if they continue then they will be gagged -calling people names many times, harassment, continuing when told to stop will be told to stop, then gagged if they continue leaving and rejoin to get rid of gag will be 12hr ban chat spam- definition: repeating the same message more than 3 times in a row, chat flooding, harmful or inappropriate links in chat, disrespect, spamming spectator to hider -you will be verbally warned if you say the same message 3 times -the second time you are muted you will be put on the watchlist -you will be warned the first time if you are spamming excessively(same message around 8 or more times) -spamming admin chat and pm chat is warn 1st and 2nd time and kick the 3rd -saying the same thing in chat 4 times in the course of 4-8 seconds is spam. For both mic and chatspam: Please keep your drama and personal quarrels to yourself, through dms. DO NOT flood chat with your arguments/debates. prop blocking- definition: using props that you cant pick up with "e" to block a door, pushing props that you can pickup in a way that doesn't allow seekers to catch you, blocking doors with props -you will be warned and brought to a seeker the first time, kicked, then banned for a day -you will be verbally warned if you are blocking a door with props you can pick up but also standing in front of them so seekers cant push the props map specific rules- definition: rules specific to certain maps because of that maps environment -you can hide on the blinds for 10 seconds, so that you can jump down onto the window sill in geekroom, if you don't jump down then you will be brought or slapped off and warned in Geek Room -you will be brought outside of the lockdown room in Geek Room if you are hiding there door blocking- definition: spamming a door so people cant get in, standing in front of a door that opens one way so it cant open. -warn and slay, kick elevator blocking- definition : blocking the elevator from moving, standing on top or under the elevator, blocking the elevator -verbal warn, warn and slay body blocking- definition: blocking ladders, entrances, blocking paths, not allowing teammates to get somewhere -verbal warn, warn and slay, kick ghosting- definition: spectating and telling seekers where hiders are or finding and getting them yourself, following hiders as a hider and going spectator then seeker to go tag them. -warn, warn and kick second time, day ban the third time -giving hints as a spectator is also ghosting impersonation- definition: impersonating another player/admin without their permission (and if you impersonate and admin or above whilst their not online then that is an instant warn, I'm personation of staff is not allowed when said staff member isn't there to meme with you and back up the allowed impersonation claim) -Asked to change your name, if you don't change it you will be warned and told to change your name again, if you still don't change your name you will be kicked. unstuck abuse- definition: using unstuck to get somewhere you shouldn't be or using it as a shortcut, using unstuck for no reason, spamming unstuck -getting out of the map using unstuck is instant teleport to a seeker and then warned -warn, kick prop surfing- definition: using props to get somewhere faster by surfing, using props to get somewhere inaccessible, prop surfing to tag hiders. -Only prop surf as a seeker, even then DO NOT do it to catch another hider. Please try not to fly to the top of the map doing it. Use common sense, I know you have it in you somewhere. -warn, kick exploiting/inaccessible spots- definition: Locking lockable doors, unstuck abuse, somehow getting into a spot that no one else can enter -if you can parkour there its fine, if it becomes inaccessible to other players its exploiting, or any other exploit that means you can't be tagged. -warn and teleport, kick. Avoiding seeker definition: its pretty self explanatory, just don't avoid seeker. -warn or warn and slay if they come back, warn and seeker for the rest of the map, warn and kick. Try Harding Definition: Going out your way to accumulate a large amount of points over multiple maps, and 25+ points (varies on server population count). -warn, jail, stripped of seeker. ALL RULES ARE FINAL. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE ROUND IS OVER OR THE MAP IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. that's pretty much it -atomicheadphonez, Ex HnS Senior Admin
  6. Due to the recent downtime, it came to my attention that many new players that join the server could not read the rules, and they cannot learn how to play the game mode if they were new. At the moment, the MOTD is a forum post on the sub topic on the specific game mode, so when the forms go down for downtime, schedule maintenance, or even a DDOS attack, the post is left unreadable. This suggestion is to host a bare minimum of the list of rules and how to play on a separate site (big domain) that can be switched to when the website goes down. Another solution is to host it locally on the content, however then you run into the issue of having to change it, and for users who don’t download content. Here below is a screenshot of discussion on this topic from Discord.
  7. Since this has become a rather rampant problem, I've taken action and decided to make a thread detailing the proper and non-proper uses of admin chat, for those that are not admins. Proper Uses of admin chat: -Reporting bugs and exploits -Dealing with a broken door, or someone breaking doors/closing doors on teammates -Replying to an admin who has Private messaged you. -Someone mic spamming/chat spamming while dead, and no other admins dead. -A situation where you MUST get into contact with one of the admins on the server, and can't do it any other way. Un-proper uses of admin chat: -Reporting RDM(Use !report for that) -Ghosting info to admins to try to report and ban them for ghosting. -Telling them your admin/player ship fanasties. -Sending insults to any admin staff who are on -Complaining about players who aren't breaking rules. Yes, that includes Ripjaw. And Cold solider. -Begging/asking for a sponsor. -Reporting admins to other admins. Use the forums for that. -Begging/asking for a sponsor from someone you reported. -Requests to slay everyone -Requests to have sex. -Telling Puns -Requesting Xy's nudes. Thats only for members. -Complaining about weapon or SCP balance. Use the forums for that. -Suggesting new SCP ideas. -Reading out Fan Fiction -Asking for someone to call 911 -Requesting permission to prank call pizzerias on fridays. -Asking which is better, tf2 or overwatch -Advertising other servers -Asking what the secret is -Demanding your music suggestions get added -DDos Threats -To spam one admin's name over and over. -To spam haxray's name over and over. -To spam Ripjaw or any other user's name, over and over. -Don't spam anything's name in admin chat. -The lyrics to Rick Ashley's never going to give you up. -A link to a recording of you singing rick ashley'sn ever gonna give you up. -To taunt admins you've killed. -To talk about Vore. -To talk about any kind of fetish -To talk about anything related to sex. -To demand links to pony related sexual material. -To demand we add pony playermodels. It wont happen. -To demand Containment is magic special round. Everytime you ask for it, it drives XY deeper into his programmer dungeon. Ask it too much and he will never come back out. -To demand scp-682 nerfs -Ask how to play World of warcraft -Spam 'BECOME A MEMBER TODAY'. -Spam 'BECOME AN ADMIN TODAY' -Spam anything. -To discuss your Pony/Furry/Homestuck/FNAF/Undertale/Dragonball/Sonic/SCP/Final Fanasty OC -To discuss any kind of OC. -To complain about unskippable ads. -To ask us to get crunk. -To clarify that ads are skippable when they're not. -You're not allowed to use admin chat purely to add more things to this list -To ask about the RP rules -To ask if you prefer wine coolers or cool wine. -To say hello to Haxray -To threaten to report admins if they don't join the Deathmatch. -To demand they worship lizards. -To demand they worship ponies. -To demand they worship anything. -To ask them to open gate-B with commands. -To ask them to open gate-a before the round even begins -To ask them to change your role to CI. Which would be pointless as it would inform EVERYONE what you respawned as, but regardless, don't ask about it. -To request that the respawn command be changed to hide what role you're respawned as. -To complain about TFA weapons -To ask about chat colors. -To make bets on how fast you can get yourself banned. You always overestimate anyway. -Try to confuse us about what SCPs are on the server. -To make Dr.bright Memes -To make any kind of meme. -To screech. -To ask us to spawn weapons for you -To try to convert all admins on into bronies. -To try to convert all admins on into furries. -To try to convert all admins on to islam. -To try to convert admins in any way, shape, or form. -To convince admins to type 'Quit smoking' In console. -To declare that you are 'the law'. -To 'Rub your hand'. -To announce 'FUCK COMMUNISM' -To mock how no one knows if you're a Asian girl or a boy. No one cares. Also we all know you're a boy with a voice changer. -Don't tell us about your life. If we cared, we would be working as therapists. -Don't ask for life advice. Idk why you would ask us to begin with, seeing as seem to be the biggest collection of "What not to do with your life". Sad part is, you prob think these 'not to be used for' are all jokes, right? Nope, outside of the crossout one(and the one about 'intentionally to add to this list', all of the things on this list happened. So you can be sure ill prob be updating this list in the future.
  8. Welcome to GFLClan.com's TTT Minecraft Server! How To Play: Innocents and Detectives must work together to defeat the Traitors among them OR find the diamond blocks to win. Detectives are proven and can force test players after the gold block is found and placed in the tester. Detectives and Traitors can buy special equipment by pressing C on their keyboard. How To Become A GFL Member: Register on the forums. Check your email and validate your account. Apply for membership here. Another easy way is to type !member in game chat. How to donate for perks, skins, and chat tags: Once you are a member, click here to become a Supporter or VIP. Another easy way is to type !donate in game chat. Your new status will validate after you rejoin. If there are any errors, contact an admin. GFL Rules: No racism and homophobic slurs in text chat, voice chat, or sprays. Keep text chat, voice chat, and sprays appropriate; these will be restricted if necessary. Profile pictures must be appropriate for all ages. Explicit images are prohibited. Names must be pronounceable, appropriate, and readable. Do not disrespect other players or staff. Do not advertise non-GFL servers. Hacks of any kind are not allowed. Children on mics or poor voice audio quality may be muted or gagged. Sharing/advertising personal information is not allowed unless given permission. Threats such as ddosing or doxxing are not allowed. Only English is allowed on the server. Players must obey Admins. Do not impersonate Admins or regulars. Server Rules: Obnoxious behavior may lead to a mute or gag. These are, but not limited to: Mic spam Singing, yelling, screaming, squealing, blowing, playing music, or moaning through your microphone. Chat spam. Arguing with or antagonizing other players or admins, be it TTT related or otherwise. Sexual behavior. Toxicity. Racism, sexism, and other types of hate related content. Admins have the final say. Please accept the punishment and move on. (See abuse reports if you believe that you were falsely punished.) Warns are not subject to be issued before a punishment. Consider your punishment as a warning. All punishments are subject to be upgraded should you repeat them. Common sense is a necessity, not a luxury. Have fun 😄 TTT Minecraft Rules: Do not RDM (Random Death Match) - killing or damaging someone at random. Do not kill anyone off of suspicion. Visual proof is needed in order to kill individuals committing traitorous acts unless they were KOS'd in voice chat by others. Claiming areas is not allowed. Camping an area for more than thirty seconds is not allowed. Goomba stomping is considered RDM, unless done by a traitor. Body blocking is not allowed and is KOS'able after THREE reasonably spaced (5 seconds minimum) warnings (In TEXT CHAT only). Do not kill or push AFKs to their death until overtime. Pushing them to water is considered death. Innocents and Detectives may not help Traitors in any way. Allow a person to ID a body after they kill them. It is recommended that you wait at least three seconds before attempting to kill them. Pushing with a crowbar is allowed as long as it doesn't present a clear danger. Do not use map exploits. Do not revenge RDM. Do not target Admins or specific players. Do not falsely report players or lie in responses/reports. Do not kill/crowbar people when you are stuck. Request an Admin to teleport you. Not killing someone when they commit traitorous act when you should is considered teaming/ghosting. Do not Karma bait: purposefully doing actions that will lower other people's karma. Crossfire is determined by the admin on review of the death-scene. Do not block/trap people during pre-round. You will be warned. DO NOT consistently follow a certain player. This can be considered targeting. Detectives: Detectives are the only players who are allowed to force test. Only detectives can place a KOS on player(s) who refused to test after THREE reasonably spaced warnings (seven seconds) in TEXT CHAT only. Traitors: Traitors may not hint or give away their traitors teammates. Traitors must call out traps, detonated slams, jihad, and TNT (C4 is exempt) to other traitors with sufficient time to react in TEXT CHAT. Traitors may not place a slam trap in the portal located in the nether. Traitors may not harm other traitors in any intentional way. Traitors may not trade or give away any traitor equipment or weapons to non-traitors (this can be considered teaming/ghosting). Traitors may not stay inside the traitor room and nether for more than thirty seconds. Traitors may not delay the round. Traitors must make progress. If you are a Traitor and are not proactive for ONE MINUTE and THIRTY SECONDS, an admin can determine if you should get slayed. KOSable (Kill On Sight): Throwing incendiary nades or discombobulators at or near players. Walking by an unidentified body without IDing it. Being seen in the traitor room. Planting C4 or SLAM. Hiding the gold or diamond blocks. Hanging bodies/blocks/minecarts. Traitor baiting - shooting towards another player without calling any KOS. Damaging or destroying a health station. Having a traitor weapon or equipment that has not been declared to have been picked up in TEXT CHAT. Any detective weapon or equipment that a traitor can purchase IS CONSIDERED a traitor weapon. You may use process of elimination to determine who is a traitor (Ex. killing the only unproven person/ the last individual who has not tested innocent). Hanging bodies. Getting rid of bodies with DNA or evidence. Emitting "Cloud boots" particles from the ground when falling from damaging heights. Using props to damage or kill other players. Non-KOSable: Do not KOS on any location(s). Do not KOS a person coming out of the nether. You may place suspicion on them only. Do not KOS a player for facing a traitor trap going off. You may place suspicion on them only. Do not KOS a player for saying they are a traitor (Voice chat or text chat). You may place suspicion on them only. Do not KOS a player for their skins or the contents of their character. Bans and Slays: 1 slay for 1-2 RDMs in the following round. (Player must stay until they are slain the following round). 1 slay for joining gunfights without any CLEAR KOS If the gunfight is over, let the victor ID the body before you decide your next move. 6 hours for RDM and leave. 12 hours for 2 RDMs and leave. 1 day for consistent RDM - RDMing for 3 consistent rounds or more. 1 day for karma below 600. 1 day for refusing to listen to an Admin after being warned three times for the same offense. 1 week for ghosting/teaming - collaborating with someone through external means to gain an advantage. Ex. using Discord/Steam/In-game reports to tell your friend who the traitors are when you are dead. 1 week for targeting (consistently harassing, following, RDMing) other players or admins. 1 week for attempted mass RDM - 2 RDMs with the intent to kill a 3rd. 1 week for Mass RDM - 3 or more RDMs in 1 round. 2 weeks for Double Mass RDM - 6 or more RDMs in 1 round. Permanent for Super Mass RDM - 9 or more RDMs in 1 round. Permanent for 3rd week ban within a year. Permanent for doxxing or ddosing. Permanent for hacking. Permanent for advertising other communites, illegal content/websites or hacks. Permanent for high amount of bans. Permanent for illegal sprays (gore, and child-pornography). Warns: You will be warned for failing to follow the rules listed above. It is within the discretion of an admin whether or not to warn you or slay you OR BOTH. If you receive 4 warns of the same offense within a 1 year period, you will be banned (see above). Commands: !member to apply for membership. !donate to gain access to vip/supporter roles. !discord to join our discord. !report allows you to report a player for RDM. !respond to respond to a report. !motd to bring up the MOTD or F9. !tags allows you to set your chat tag (for donators or higher rank). !id <name> to copy someone's steam ID. !profile <name> to open their steam profile. !join to move yourself out of spectator. !member to apply for membership. !specme to move yourself into spectator. !warn to view your existing warnings/offenses. !dim !dmgmenu !damagemenu to edit your damage indicators. !sprays to edit your advanced sprays. @ allows you to talk to admins directly. F1 brings up your settings. F2 toggles mutes on live and spectators. F3 brings up Pointshop (for members or higher rank). F4 toggles mouse pointer for betting. F8 brings up Damagelogs and death scenes. Binds: ttt_radio yes ttt_radio no ttt_radio help ttt_radio imwith ttt_radio see ttt_radio traitor ttt_radio suspect ttt_radio check ttt_toggle_disguise ttt_spectator_mode 0 or 1 In-Game Reports: Be as specific as possible. Do not keyboard mash in reports (Ex. jdfdshdsaijfgbasdiujfheb). Do not use foul language or racism in reports. Do not argue with Admin over report decisions. Do not abuse the reporting system, submit false reports or lie in responses- you will be warned should you choose to abuse. Formal Reports: Reporting a Player. Use the link below to report players for Mass RDM, Hacking, Targeting, or Advertising. Players should not use player reports for RDM. You must include proof in the report! Submit a formal report against another player here. Reporting an Admin. Use the link below to report Admin or staff who are abusing their elevated privileges. You must include the proof in report! Submit a report against an Admin here Ban/Mute/Gag Appeals: Appealing. Use the link below if you have been banned/muted/gagged and wish to appeal. Submit a ban/mute/gag appeal here Applying for Admin: If you meet the requirements specified on the GFL forums, you may apply for a position on our GFL TTT team as an Admin using the link below. Be sure to follow the required format and have a confirmed sponsor prior to applying! Good luck! Apply for a position as an Admin here. Staff Roster: The updated staff roster can be found here. GFL GMOD Discord: If you would like to talk to other members or get a hold of staff quickly, join the GFL GMOD Discord by clicking here. The contents in this MOTD may or may not be all inclusive. If a rule is not present in the MOTD, an Admin may determine the rule and action. This MOTD is subject to change at any time. A big thanks to all the previous server managers who have worked hard to lay the groundwork of this new MOTD.
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