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Found 15 results

  1. Name: Gunnzz Steam ID: GunnzzNRoses Banned by: Console Ban reason: Low Karma Why you should be unbanned: i think like the 4 or 5 of us were all messin around and two dudes started shootin each other so i shot the aggressor and the other dude and got karma banned, rounds similar to that where it was an RDM fest (I was usually detective) contributed to the karma ban but it was just the "spirit of the night" or whatever, I don't do this stuff during the day and would appreciate an unban, thanks
  2. Gunnzz Ban Appeal

    Name: Gunnzz Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GunnzzNRoses/ Banned by: Ryann Ban reason: "Consistent RDM" Why you should be unbanned: I have no clue why i was banned. Here's what happened, to the best of my recollection. I went AFK and I got rdmed by a Detective, or so i thought, until i did the "report the player who killed you", but the name wasn't the same. I asked the admins to identify who killed me, but Ryann, the dude who was on, warned me first for "Damaging other players with props", then for "Consistent RDM"? I've never screwed around with props, and i'v rdmed only once or twice on the server, and I had yet to do it on the session that I was in. Anyway, I say "wtf?" This whole time, he wasn't responding to me. i try to say in voice chat "When did I rdm?" but i was banned for the aforementioned "Consistent RDM" before i could finish my sentence. I really have no clue what happened, but I do enjoy playing on yalls TTT minecraft server. Thanks.
  3. Game name: The Legendary OMICE Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:115053985 Ban reason and length: Ghosting in TTT, 1 week ban Admin that banned me: Xy Appeal reason: I know I made a stupid mistake and I promise I won't ever do it again, I'm usually not the kind of person to do stupid things like this and get myself banned. I really want to get unbanned because I really enjoy playing your breach server as it is the reason why I haven't stopped playing Garry's Mod yet.
  4. In order to appeal your mute or ban/eban, you must create a topic in the Mute/Ban Appeals subforum and copy & paste the relevant form into it. In order to report a player, you must create a topic in the Player Reports subforum and copy & paste the relevant form into it. In order to report an admin, you must fill out the form found here. You can then find your ongoing report in the Abuse Reports forum section. - This will only be visible to the player who submitted the report and Sever Managers+ Finding Information Needed to Complete the Form. To find your Steam ID, just click this link. Check sourcebans if you do not know why you were banned/who banned you. [Ban/E-ban Appeal Format] Your In Game Name: Your Steam ID: Which admin banned/restricted you? Ban Reason & summary of what happened: Why should we unban/unrestrict you? [Mute Appeal Format] Your In Game Name: Your Steam ID: Which admin muted you? Mute Reason & summary of what happened: Why should we unmute you? [Player Report Format] Your In Game Name: Your Steam ID: Offender's In Game Name: Offender's Steam ID: Report & summary of what happened: Link to demo or approximate time that the offense took place:
  5. Name: Squishy Fart Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:134128746 Banned by: CONSOLE Ban reason: karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I was following KOS's from t's as an innocent. Dropped my karma way too low.
  6. ***Ban appeal resolved by TLAR via private message. Forum may be closed/resolved. Thank you!*** Name: SkydivingSquid Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:81405515 Banned by: TLAR Ban reason: "RDM/L" Why you should be unbanned: I pressed F9 in game instead of F8. I was attempted to watch my death scene to prove I did not RDM. F9 places me in a solo match. Within 10 seconds I was banned for "RDM and leave" by @Tlar. I have played at least 10+ hours with TLAR and have never even received a slay from him. I have followed the rules strictly and even have an Admin Application in. I do not RDM, and I definitely do not RDM and leave. I didn't even have time to get back into the server. Furthermore, I did not RDM. A guy reported me from a previous round because I shot at him for sniping people. I wanted to check the death scene before his T buddy killed me. I had done 26 damage to the guy, but he reported me. The report was finished (I responded to it), but had hit F9 before the admin checked it out. Regardless. I feel the ban was unwarranted and was done far too quickly . . . I couldn't even get back in fast enough. Please reverse the ban. I am a VIP on this server and have an active Admin request in. I follow the rules strictly. I do not RDM. I don't even get slayed. . . @TheSadBandit @MilkMan
  7. Name: Soul/ -->BIG NOOB HERE<-- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:97904633 Banned by: TheSadBandit Ban reason: Bhop Scripts Why you should be unbanned: I was falsely accused of using bhop scripts on the server. I was not using any scripts, unless you count having +left as a bind.
  8. Appeal TTT

    Nick current : ┃Nuny Steam id : STEAM_0:1:227002806 Because I was banned : Prop kill Why should I be disbanded : A month ago I was banned for doing prop kill, I regret doing it and that I will never do it again, I made prop kill more I was playing and I realized that prop kill is not something cool, so I want to be banned from the server, Thank's for watch.
  9. Name: Mr. Pineapple Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:143178134 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: A bunch of rdmers on and was trying to kill them (they killed people right in front me). Karma got too low and got banned. I was just trying to kill the rdmers before they killed more people on the server.
  10. i got karma banned this morning and I was killing rdm'ers who were trying to kill me as inno's, or killing other players that were called kos for rdming as inno's. I seriously don't rdm and I report every other rdm'er so I don't understand how I get karma banned for dropping below 100 when there is some players who are on the server with 700- karma and I get picked out of the bunch? ask the trial admin ducc200, or vip Karen there has been rdm'ers on all morning and how am I the one banned when I'm trying to stop the rdm?
  11. In-Game Name: Schurkzz SteamID: STEAM_0:0:228567917 Ban Reason: Duplicate Accounts Banning Admin: CONSOLE Why I should be unbanned: I bought CSGO again on an account with the same e-mail address because my other account got VAC banned. I 100% learned my lesson and I guarantee you I will never break any rules again, since I carefully took the time and studied every single rule. Also I will stay VAC-Clean. I promise.
  12. Name: Courage The Cowardly Dog Steam ID: Banned by: SerAxolot Ban reason: Mass RDM (One week) Why you should be unbanned: I feel that this punishment was extreme because of the fact that I only rdmed two people which were by mistake. I killed the first guy because he was standing next to a unid which I felt was grounds to kill him and, the second was in the crossfire and fired on by mistake. I feel sorry for the rdming of 2 innocents and would try to prevent such a thing to happen again, and I propose the ban should be shortened to 1-2 days instead of a whole week because again I only rdmed 2 people both by mistake. Mercy pls, Courage
  13. Your In-Game Name: Space Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:56122860 Mute Reason and Length: Muted for pretending to be an admin - 24 hours, it was then changed to a month when I went offline. Admin That Muted You: Koala Appeal Reason: I want to appeal this mute because I didn't mean to cause any harm on the server. Hopefully any damage I've done isn't anything major, I was just trying to have a good time and make other players experiences more enjoyable. If i am unmuted I will be more focused on the goal of the game and will stop fooling around. I love playing on GFL and I wish to keep on playing, leading and setting an example for future players.
  14. I log in and i got instantly banned, I made sure to clear my Gmod Installation files and I have successfully Re-Validated my Gmod files as instructed. This is my ban appeal, Forgive me brothers for I have sinned... I wish to be apart of the tribe once again!
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