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Found 4 results

  1. So it says iw as banned off gfl clan servers for ever and i have no idea why it said something about duplicate accounts but this is my only steam account but i have had to change my password a few times due to me forgetting it but i dont see what i did wrong and im real sad because its permanent admin pls help btw this is csgo and whoever console is I HATE YOU Omg im real osrry for appealing wrong but im making another one rn sorry guys!
  2. I was playing on a GFL Hide and Seek server and I had just got VIP for it. Later when I started playing it again I wasn't able to join because of an error that said "Reliable Buffer Overflow." I later found out on the discord that many people were having that problem and that they had to play on an alt account. It doesn't seem like a big issue but I got VIP and wanted to enjoy it but couldn't since my main account couldn't join the server. I was told it was on the GFL side that was having issues. Not the people themselves. After it had been fixed and I joined the server once more, I had seen that my VIP had been removed and i wasn't able to enjoy it anymore. I was wondering if I could get another one again and actually enjoy and use it this time? It just doesn;t seem fair to me at all.
  3. So, I tried joining one of my favorite GMod servers but it wasn't working. One of them is a HogwartsRP without a server pack thing. But this one does (I think). So, I tried it but it didn't work either. It keeps getting stuck on "Downloading materials/pointshop/masks/uka.png.bz2" and it just says "Not responding" Is there a datapack I can download to fix this?
  4. I'll keep this brief while providing as many details as i can, I work soon. So today I thought that I would start up my computer before work, and I was greeted by my normal desktop, but gmod launched and promptly crashed my computer. I received a message on screen after I restarted my computer from Dell anjd Alienware support (my support hardware) that the OI/disk could have been damaged and it needed repairs. And that it did, the support hardware went to work on restoring and recovering data and reparing the OI/disk (i think thats what it was called, the screen only showed up for a few seconds before it switched to a different support screen and began restoring the computer). But when it finished and I started my computer back up, I was not able to log into the account on my computer (I'm using a temporary one now). There are a few of my games and random files still accessable to me now, but everything else is missing. I cant call support yet, I work in 10 minutes. But in the meantime, since I can stay updated on my phone, can any of you tech savy members of GFL give me a general idea of what happened so I can go to Alienware/Dell support with as much info as possible. I know this isnt much but I can provide more information if needed, i just dont know what else to put. Side note; I ran a quick scan with my Norton anti-virus software, it found nothing, so I can now doing a full system scan. I'll be back at 11:00 PM central time to reply to comments left on this thread. Update: All of my files were recovered, virtually lost nothing (But a few pictures). But now can't sign in to my user on this computer, basically I get a message saying that I am unable to sign in (I have internet on), so now I can only use a temporary account where any changes aren't saved. I can't switch my user normally, going to the start menu and clicking my name/profile picture does not show a option to switch users, neither does going to the lock screen. Yet I can go to ThisPC - OC: - Users - And see my other users (I have two).
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