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Found 8 results

  1. You're either here to just read or really don't know how to fly LFS ships. Anyways, here is a guide as to how to use one. Non-VTOL Step 1. Ask through comms. If it gets approved, an admin or game master will spawn one for you. Step 2. Enter it via pressing E on the ship, make sure you're in seat 1. Seat 1 will always be the pilot seat and pressing 1 again will lock other seats from being occupied. Step 3. Hover the cursor over your crosshair and press R. This will start the ship. Now, hold SHIFT until you are a decently high enough. Step 4. Just hold W until you're at the speed suitable for the terrain you're in or the maneuver you're performing. Holding S will decelerate you until you have no more speed, then when you have no speed, you'll start lowering toward the ground. Holding A or D will tilt your ship in that direction. For ships that aren't the LAAT, it'll do a barrel roll if not completely stopped. Moving your mouse will point and move you around. Step 5. Not much else besides being able to "free look" by holding ALT. Do note that you will not be able to steer your ship while holding ALT. However this is useful for shooting precisely without moving the ship. Step 6. Holding left click will shoot the ship's lasers, right click will shoot it's alternate fire which is usually rockets but sometimes in the case of a Tri-Droid or V-Wing, it'll shoot pellets of lasers. VTOL VTOL is the same however take-off is different. Just hold W, and when you are high enough, just press space and you'll start going forward. Press it again to go down and touch-down.
  2. WE JUST GOT NITRO BOOST LEVEL 3 THAT COMES WITH TONS OF PERKS INCLUDING A DISCORD SERVER BANNER AND OTHER STUFF LIKE THE LINK BELOW!!!!! https://discord.gg/cwrp <-- NEW CUSTOMIZED DISCORD LINK OMG Request: Our current server banner is this: We need to SPICE IT UP YEAHHHHH Basically we just need some creative artists to make us a server banner that fits the aspect ratio and size in the image above. Be creative and have fun we just need something epic thanks No time requirement but we'd like this as soon as possible, thanks cuties.
  3. WE JUST GOT NITRO BOOST LEVEL 1 AND NEED A NEW ANIMATED LOGO <-- current discord server logo Request: Animate this logo however you'd like to SPICE IT UP!! YEAHHHH some ideas include: MAKING IT SPIN Making the "GCWR" text grow and then get small MAKING IT POP No time requirement but we'd like this as soon as possible, thanks cuties.
  4. Name: coronavirus Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:71771365 Banned by: Harakoni Ban reason: nitrp fail rp Why I should be unbanned: hi. I was banned (obviously) for failed rp. this is my first ban on cwrp server and I feel as the ban is quite harsh. I was goofing around a bit but it is a semi serious server. but the server is great, and the people there are good too. I will take things more seriously in the future. once again, the server is really good, and in my opinion no other servers can match up to this one. hope someone can hear me out
  5. So our brand new CWRP server has been widely succesful since release, we're hitting record player counts every day, and I can't wait to continue helping this server. Today we hit 45/64 players during an event, and it was a great experience! Tons of new faces in the community. Now we really need an event server in order to better prepare events for the community, but when I've spoken to rick he doesn't think it will happen. @Roy Please see the potential in this server and grant us our wish
  6. [CWRP] MOTD

    1. Do not MRDM. Our RDM rule consists of not killing over 3 or 4 people. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a ban. 2. Do not FailRP. FailRP is things such as not following orders, failure to participate in events in a serious manner, going around killing troopers and an overall out of character attitude during events. While not in an event or simulation, refrain from doing things such as jumping off the ship, going outside the base gates, killing yourself to remove an AOS and so on. 3. Do not ERP. This is a child-friendly server, what are you doing? Use your common sense and do not ERP! 3. Be respectful of other players. No racism allowed, being slurs or blatant hatred. No toxicity towards anyone; if you have an issue with someone, contact a staff member using @ in chat and staff will handle the situation. Simply keep the server and forums free from unecessary drama. 4. Listen to staff members. Staff members will be moderating activity on the server and if they tell you to do something, you must do it. Failure to comply to staff orders will result in an according punishment. 5. Do not spam your microphone or chat. What counts as "mic spamming" is incessantly speaking/screaming and holding down your push-to-talk button, unless given permission by a staff member. Chat spamming includes sending repeated messages over comms, OOC, or adverts in a short span of time (i.e 4 messages in 5 seconds). Being overly obnoxious on your mic aswell is grounds for a temporary gag. 6. Do not abuse /advert and /comms. Abusing the /advert command includes spamming it or adverting messages that should be sent over OOC chat. 7. Do not Player Surf Abusing the sit anywhere script to sit on player's heads without any good reason is a warnable offense as it is considered 'FailRP' and also leads to staff usually getting involved due to players getting stuck. 8. Do not PAC Abuse Do not make major model changes. Do not use anything that may seem like it increases your rank. For example adding pauldrons to a regular CT model. Do not use anything that would be considered 'FailRP', ask staff if you're unsure. Do not modify scales or bones. Yoda is the only exception to this. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Interested in applying for Server Admin? You can do so here! Interested in applying for Game Master? You can do so here! We are always recruiting and looking for staff, so feel free to apply. Be sure to read all the rules and application requirements before applying, and have fun!
  7. Here is a CWRP porno, starring Rick Grimes, and Rose. (ONLY USE THE MEDIA FIRE LINK) Also LIKE THE POST THX http://www.mediafire.com/file/daewmxbkamx98yi/GFL CWRP.mp4
  8. Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement about the release of a new 'Clone Wars RP' server for Garry's Mod. The server will have you roleplay as either a Jedi or a Clone Trooper in the grand army of the republic where you will rise through the ranks whilst destroying the C.I.S Organisation. There will be plenty to do throughout the server and a quest system where you can complete quests to earn upgrades to your characters to improve game play! So what are you waiting for? Come check out the server! IP: or click here to join Discord Link: https://discord.gg/p6BHCvK Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1350014079 (Important you download all of the content in here to download quicker) Look forward to seeing you all online! just a little note there may be bugs that we are still yet to find so if you find any bugs please report them to @RickGrimesTM and @Violator
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