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  • Before making a donation: All donations are non-refundable. Exceptions may be granted by Aurora if the donation was made in error (i.e. donated $80 instead of $8). Attempting to charge back a donation will result in the removal of VIP/Supporter status and, in some cases, the removal of your ability to access GFL's servers. If you have already donated and are not receiving your perks, please make a topic in the support forum describing your issue. Thank you for supporting GFL.

Make a Donation

  • Enter Steam
  • Confirm Steam
  • Choose Perk
  • Confirm Donation
  • Finish & Pay

Step 1: Steam

What Steam account do you want to get perks on?

Find Steam Account Manually

Enter a SteamID, SteamID64, Custom URL, or Profile URL to find an account.

Sign In with Steam

Sign in to your steam to donate for perks to your steam account.

Sign in with Steam

Donate Without Steam Account

You cannot currently do this, we recommend donating to someone else's SteamID if you do not want the perks yourself.

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