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Found 4 results

  1. So why is SCP-035 allied with Class-D? I know he was part of the SCP team before and he was still allied with Class-D. But what's up with 035 helping Class-D? Is it because of the events in the game SCP: Containment Breach when you free SCP-035 as D-9341? If it is, I'd like to point out that SCP-035 was attempting to manipulate D-9341 to let him out. Speaking of 035 trying to get out of his containment, how did a Researcher get into 035's containment? Did the researcher just went inside of the room and closed the door behind him? Why on earth would he do that... And if he was getting the urge to put on the mask, why would he even be in SCP-035's room anyways? Was it for the SCP-500? Back to my statement, SCP-035 didn't even go with D-9341, he ended up getting shot by the Nine Tailed Fox. What the fuck is happening anymore. And how did SCP-035 even get a fucking AK-47? Did he somehow find a Researcher who had an AK-47 and possessed him? Speaking of Researchers, they should have radios. They are associated with the SCP Foundation after all. And speaking of the SCP Foundation, how come there are no medical staff ANYWHERE except for the TRO Medic? TRO Medic is to heal TRO allies and also fight. But what about the normal medical staff? Nothing. In Containment Breach, there was a medical room. There are even medkits laying on the floor scattered all over the facility and barely any medics? And also speaking of the SCP Foundation, WHY ON EARTH did they construct a metal fence around SCP-079? Did they predict someone would fucking punch the computer? Speaking of SCPs, how come SCP-682 can get killed by bullets? BULLETS. FUCKING SCPS ATTEMPTED TO KILL 682 AND IT DIDN'T WORK NOTHING WORKED TO KILL 682. And speaking of bullets and SCPs, SCP-096 doesn't even flinch from bullets. And speaking of sight, SCP-1471 is actually suppose to be called SCP-1471-A. So that is all of the weird things I know in breach. Yep. You have officially wasted your time.
  2. Fix 372

    I had time to waste, so i wrote this. Fix 372, double jump bad, ant lion can speed his way around the map faster than 173 by spamming the jump boost. give jump boost a cooldown ( 5-10 seconds ) per use to fix the speed glitch. Make 610 instances not insta transform into a tumor after a few minutes, instead they should transform into a tumor when they die. make brain looking tumors killable. Lower 610-2's health by a few hundred or half. ( or is it just 610-1 i didn't check ) 939 is still 682 without the benefits and a paper-thin mustache disguise . let 939 mimic whoever he kills, or just let him have the ability to mimic a random player as an ability. last one is 035, it should be nuetral to scps at the very least. and Friendly to 049 ( He uses whatever he can get to escape, doesn't matter if d-class get infected to him). In lore 049 and 035 kinda become allies so it would make sense. friendly to d-class of course since you guys still haven't really made an official 'hero' for d-class but honestly 035 doesn't care about them lore-wise and he IS an scp so he shouldn't be targeted all the time by other scps unless he is shooting at them. ( Doubt )
  3. Was thinking about the afk problem with ntf / ci spawn, Suggest having a timer for all ntf/ci/scp who spawn at the 8 / 2 minute mark for 30s-1m , if the player remains afk (doesnt move) in the time period given, it will automactally slay the player and select a new player to become NTF/CI/scp , the process will continue until an active player becomes ntf/ci/scp , could also apply to scps and mtf commanders who spawn at the start of the round, if they remain afk for 30 seconds or so, the player is auto slain and another player is selected automatically to become scp. yes there is a auto spec feature but it does not replace afk scps, which would be nice. also another suggestion I was thinking about has to do with the H.I.D Cannon located in one of the towers at the surface, currently using it is virtually impossible, however perhaps an auto-targeting system could be made for it, the player would walk up to the console, and press e on it, the turrent would automataclly seek out the first SCP it can detect ( it will not fire at humans ) and the beam will fire , the only way scps would be able to dodge the auto-target cannon would be to take cover quickly, the cannon would have a 1-2 minute cooldown to prevent overuse ( something tells me this will be hard af to code so i doubt it will happen, but just throwing it out there) scp 035 should get more ammo in its gun, or be able to pick up ammo , also it would be cool for scp 035 to have a flashlight. speaking of flashlights, why not give all scps flashlights, sometimes it gets dark. oh and 017 when in shadow mode doesnt take damage ( still ) probably because its hitbox is underground or something ( ive shot the shadow pool and it shows as taking 16 damage but its health does not go down ) just wanted to point it out, honestly it should either have an infinite shadow ability but its attacks have a 30 second cooldown or whatever it is right now ( it never expires, and tbh the shadow pool looks cooler than the black burnt skin it has ) with a decent hitbox or it should have a 10 second cooldown between shadow pool ability. I think thats all. *cough cough 106 is still op cough cough* EDIT: Addition Oh yeah people were thinking on the breach server right now, and it would be pretty cool to have dr.bright as an scp thats a researcher ( like 999 ) , COULD carry a gun with some ammo (doesnt really need it though), lvl 4 , and upon death it respawns once. (would spawn in the warhead room) the only reason i suggest this is that perhaps if dr.bright is added, the mtf commander can FINALLY be removed and we will no longer have all MTF rushing to surface and camping the exit, instead, mtf will be forced to find dr.bright in order to open the gates (lvl 4's spawned in the EZ zone should probably be removed if this is the case, or be VERY rare to find) ( and no, admins usually cannot do anything about surface camping, so this would be a nice way to fix a problem).
  4. It's not uncommon to see 035 die because a class D was in front of him while he was trying to get through a tesla gate, and it's also very annoying when a lot of them are around 035 as it'll make it harder for him to get under cover and move around.
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