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Found 1 result

  1. So for about the past week or so, I've always been getting reported for KOS'ing someone for using a disguise, which is understandable since that is against the rules, but i want to point out that i am correct 100% of the time without hesitation. The problem is that players are too monotonous with how they play, and some players learn of their habits and affiliation with different play styles, and that's what i wanted to talk about. The first issue i want to point out is that you should be able to KOS them off of that since i feel like it falls under just using logic to determine who is a T. Everyone mostly plays in a static manner in that they just use the same cosmetics and habitual play styles whenever they're innocent, detective, or a terrorist. It seems like that's the biggest issue i have been noticing myself when people do call it out, they will say you have no grounds or proof because "mUh DisGuIseR", you can call it out when you're absolutely certain of who the person in question is, because of the aforementioned details above, but you'll get reported anyways because that's what the rule states, and i don't feel like that should warrant a report. I have been correct all of the times i called someone out on using a disguiser, and it's because of these details that i notice about the player and their playstyle. I understand why the rule is there, because you can't KOS off of skin since people can just change their skins, but i feel like it should be changed to not be interpreted soo literally. The easiest way to go about this is to actually change how the disguiser functions, in that it just changes you to a basic player-model with no outside cosmetics added, since most of the players already look like that. This would definitely improve on how people report other players for KOS'ing them off of disguiser since there is a much, much smaller chance of you actually figuring out who it is (other than minute details like movement, habits, etc.) This also becomes a RDM issue since you will get slain if you go off of skin in the first place, but the people are correct pretty much all of the time because of those details i mentioned, so whats the point of using a disguiser if people already recognize you outside of your name. This is just my observation, and you can freely disagree with me.
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