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Found 1 result

  1. Overwatch 6v6 Extravaganza

    Overwatch 6v6 Tournament - Hosted by GCC Event Credit goes to both the GCC and GFL EC Teams. Hello everyone! With the coordination of both GCC and GFL, we have decided to bring you an Overwatch 6v6 Tournament. Just as always, I will put the details below, please read them if you're interested in participating. Details Date: 3rd February 2018 (Saturday) We may extend the tournament depending on amount of entrants. Time: 4 PM CST / 5 PM EST / 9 PM GMT Maps: TBD Discord: GCC Discord - (https://discord.me/gccofficial) - You will be asked to join this on the day of the Tournament if you belong in one of our teams. Prizes: N/A (Sorry, maybe next time? :o:) GFL Organisers: @Runda, @syrus and @Darkling Requirements Must be a GFL member+ Have no active bans Active Overwatch Player Decent game knowledge Ability to work within a team Team Sign Up How to Sign Up A team must be healthy, consisting of all 6 members, plus 2 subs. Teams will be selected as soon possible if they're good to go. Comment below with an application if you are interested in joining the team using the format below: ________________________________ Battletag: Current SR: Highest SR achieved: Total playtime: Main(s): Any other relevant information: ________________________________ Current Team Team Name: The Fifth Reich Shuruia - (Main tank) - Team Leader Chanklas - (Flex tank) Syrus - (Main DPS) Crusty - (Flex DPS) Dano - (Main support) Deltacommander - (Flex support) Sub 1 - RickGrimesTM Sub 2 - Rules: No cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players. No ghosting Do not be disrespectful No sexual harassment of players Do not be racist or use racist terms No mic or text chat spam No advertising other communities events Don't impersonate anybody. Saturday 3rd February