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Found 2 results

  1. Threat Level: 3, maybe 4. Brief Description: Ms. Sweetie is one of the little meisters from wondertainment. She claims she was made as a girls toy with 'special features' to prevent 'boys from damaging her'. Despite the usual nature of the majority of Little Meisters, Ms.Sweetie is incredibly dangerous and does not hide her desire to escape. Any male individuals near her end up in a diabetic coma, and she constantly generates 'candy' in a radius around her. If a male individual eats this candy they turn into a giant candy monster(sometimes a unicorn) that tries to break Ms.Sweetie out. Stats: Health: 3000 Movement Speed: Human walking speed Spawn: Not sure for site-19. Unused contaiment cell on 02 and 61. Can use items: See Special Can use healing items: See Special Special: Ms.Sweetie can press left click when near someone to put them into a coma. This blinds them and makes them unable to speak or move. While Ms.Sweetie is near them the duration never ends, but if she moves away(it should be a very close radius to keep the stun going) the coma ends instantly. SCP-2396-As constantly spawn around the map while SCP-2396 is alive. Only SCP-2396 can pick these up and use them. When SCP-2396 has one of these candies equipped, they can right click in order to forcibly feed the candy to someone in a coma, turning them into a SCP-2396-B instance. Additionally she spawns with a single guarateed SCP-2396-A in her inventory. There is two kinds of SCP-2396-B instances. The first and most common one is essentially a SCP-049-2 except with 100 more health. The second, and rarer one(Its decided by random which spawns) is the Unicorn SCP-2396-B. These ones have higher health than the other instances(having 300 additional health in comparison) and can move at human sprint speed, but cannot 1 shot like the other instance. Finally, SCP-2396, similar to 323, has a 'hunger' mechanic. Every minute SCP-2396 starts taking damage over time unless she eats a SCP-2396-A or right clicks on a SCP-2396-B to take a bite out of them. Doing this heals her by 100 health. Gameplay Description: I wanted to start adding some more little meister suggestions as there is a surprisingly large amount that can work. Regardless im starting wtih SCP-2396. While i'm aware theres a general dislike of infection scps, this one is a bit different in that it has to work to get minions and it constantly has to micromanage its own hunger/sugar meter in order to survive. She has to track down candies and decide how many she is willing to use to create minions and how many she wants to use for herself. As without the candies she is effectively only a short range stun machine who has no real defense or offense against attacks. The random chance to get a Unicorn candy monster instead of a normal one adds a bit of fun to her minion summoning to make it stand out even mroe from SCP-049, and adds more risk/reward. Do you get greedy and spam a bunch of candies hoping to get one of the unicorn minions(which even if th ey cannot 1 shot are a million times better than the normal minions due to their speed) or do you play it safe and ensure you dont find yourself starving to death or eating your own minions. The fact she can heal herself by using her candies and minions also adds a gameplay element, as shes defenseless without both. Even if she wants to fully heal herself, chances are she's gonna lose all of her minions trying to do so or end up in trouble later. She is also slow which means she tends to get shot a lot more than other scps. Overall I think she would be unique and add a bit of varity and flavor to rounds. Models: For SCP-2396: Can't find the model right now, but basically some fat looking lady. I know i saw it somewhere but considering the results i got on the gmod workshop searching for "Fat", ill rather try to find it after i have recovered from the horror. For SCP-2396-B(Normal): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1349762141 Except colored pink(I know we use the red version of this model for a special round but i can't think fo a better model for it)> For SCP-2396-B(Unicorn): Some pony model colored all pink I guess. Shouldn't get people too triggered considering it would be very similar to the model for 334(retextured completely).
  2. My Basic Idea of this character is well Mr Headless. Team: Scps (but on occasion can spawn on NTF team for his cooperation with the foundation.) Ability: Immune to headshots (if a player could land one.) Health: 250-350? Unique feats: can pick up items like a normal player. can sprint and walk same as any other has a flashlight unlike 035 spawns with a Random sidearm named "A Gun" as stated in his documents he doesnt know what a "Gun" is. Downside: screen is slightly dark as he doesnt have much of a head to see with. PM: uhhhh idk
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