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Global Server Rules

Hacking & Scripting
Do NOT hack or script on our servers.
Chat & Mic Spam
Do NOT chat or mic spam. This can include: screaming, playing music, making random noises, reading stories out loud, prank calls, singing, holding down the talk button for an extensive amount of time, etc.
Inappropriate Content
Do NOT post explicit images/links that include nudity, overt sexual imagery or morbidity within GFL or in private messages via GFL. This criterion also applies to signatures, profile pictures, and banners.
Do NOT come on to a server with the sole intention of starting trouble or to annoy others.
Harassing & Disrespect
Do NOT disrespect or harass other players.
Impersonating Players
Do NOT Impersonate other players or staff members.
Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Minor jokes are fine.
DDoS & Dox Threats
Do NOT make DDos threats to the server or GFL as a whole. We take these very seriously and will punish accordingly.
Advertising Other Communities
Do NOT link to another community to recruit other people. Sending a link to another community because you want to show something is fine.
Arguing With Admins
The admin's word is final. If an admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't covered elsewhere in the server’s MOTD.
Do NOT exploit or show other players exploits.

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