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Found 4 results

  1. ban appeal

    In Game Name: BadD Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69847853 Banned By: Harakoni Ban Reason: Trolling, Staff impersonation, encouraging rule breaking, constant rule breaking while no staff are on, toxic attitude and actions towards other players Why I should be Unbanned: 1/3.a)trolling/encouraging rule breaking: I told the first seeker to type retry in console(did it only once when I was new to the server and didn't know rules that well, haven't done it since then) 1 b).trolling: I kept sending links somebody didn't want(won't do it in future) 2.trolling/staff impersonation: I DIDN'T I've never told anyone that I'm an admin nor that I was demoted(more below) 4.i wasn't constantly breaking rules unless it's about sprays then I would like to make a separate appeal for that 5th. the only time I was very toxic is when I decided to attack wuffy with manzy because he warned him for prop surfing and we took it a little bit too far Other than that I was only calling new players noobs(It encouraged 1guy to "get good", also fags sometimes but in last weeks I tried to not use it that much)and about "There will now be zero tolerance for the use of Nigger, Nigga, Faggot, Fag, Chink, Coon, and whatever else you can think of under the sun in an aggressive context. " "There will be now" i was banned before it was posted in discord and even tho i can't be nice 100% of time i can try to "improve" And this is the end of me "impersonating staff" thing it's just this guy spreading it But speaking of new players(and somebody saying that i'm one of reasons why server is dead)even tho I was calling them noobs I was also doing everything I could to help them when they were asking for it(whenever it was how to: go into 3rd person,become member,fix chat/missing textures or ban/mute/gag appeals)
  2. Name: DeadlyAWPer Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:513417324 Admin who banned you: Vin What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): CT perm ban, perm mute, perm gag Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: He did all of this because I asked him to stop false warning me. I'd like to be unban because I feel this punishment is very harsh and way over the top. Vin also told me that this wasn't entirely my fault, he is just tired of people disrespecting him. After this I realized how unprofessional Vin is because hes punishing me based on others. This isn't me saying that I am never rude to vin and im not saying I havent been toxic to Vin in the past, but basing your decision to permanently silence me on the disrespect you received earlier from people is wrong. About a week ago Bam asked me to lay off VIn and I have. I've only been toxic to him when he starts stuff (have many clips) for example I joined the game for the first time in 2 days and I go CT, Vin instantly vg's me and tells me im one of the worst CT's the server has had (while i'm dead). Another recent one was when he kicked me mid round because I renamed T's to potato's and told all T's to go to a marker. I pardoned everyone in that marker but I renamed again and said the exact same thing and killed the people in the marker because they weren't T's. Vin instantly kicks me from the game causing me to drop my weapons somewhat near T's and the round goes to chaos. He said "I warned you and it kicked you...?" Overall This should be ruduced because this is 100% personal bias from Vin. Over half the community doesnt like him as and admin and he lets his emotion cloud his professional judgement. I feel like the benefits i've brought to the GFL jailbreak outweighs the somewhat toxicity i've brought to Vin. Even thought i've been toxic to Vin, its mostly justified. Down below are tons of clips of Vin abusing or not doing his job. A few admins who I expect to comment are chef, bam, vin. Chef doesn't take my side for anything so have that in mind, bam is more of a middle ground seer, and vin is like chef on cocaine, his responses will be funny af. Sadly I clipped when vin banned me but its just audio. The entire chat was supporting me and I think spooky even asked vin to define "harass" it was funny. First game of the day where he LG's me - https://medal.tv/clips/6966061/d1337hM6e78j I have a bunch of false warning clips from Vin but I feel like that would be posted under admin abuse and not here. The main one is there. Edit: Got a picture from someone of the aftermath
  3. Yes. I'm already aware of what all of you are going to say. Im aware of what all of you are going to think. 'THIS IS STUPID, WE CAN'T REMOVE SCP-173, HES CORE TO THE GAMEMODE, HES CORE TO THE SCP FOUNDATION AS A WHOLE, HES AN MASCOT!" And i say fuck all of that. I dont care about any of that. People are fine with him not spawning on every single round. People wont suddenly throw a giant fit if scp-173 was removed. And as his current state is, I frankly think he should be removed. I've had discussions about it before. Basically 173's core mechanics are fucked as all hell due to the coding, and have no way of being fixed. My previous suggestions to remove scp-173 were also denied, due to him being core to the gamemode and all that stuff. The fact remains. He is a broken mess that is completely RNG dependant for his core mechanics to even work properly. The following are all various bugs related to scp-173. -Been blinded by scp-173 no matter where i was on the map, even after i died i continued to be blinded whenever scp-173 used his special (related to weeping angels special round, not a normal bug. Doesnt count) -Encountered people completely immune to blind. other people around them will get blinded, but this person will never get blinded. Alone staring at each other? Wont blind them. In a small room together? Wont blind them. Group of players? Wont blind them. -Blind range having a serious case of bipolar syndrome. Sometimes it hits the whole hallway down, sometimes it wont work unless you're right inside of someone already. -Scp-173s lagging so fucking badly that the blink meter is effectually worthless, or even to the point that they never stop moving even when being stared at down the entire length of the hallway leading from the corner near the armory to the doorway leading to 870(i think thats what it is at least) and making it the whole way down while being stared at the entire time. -Having scp-173's attack decide to simply not work on a specific person, even if said specific person is afk, and no matter how you attempt to make the attack work. -Numerous bugs with eyedrops including: People claiming they went blind permanently after they wore off, eyedrops never wearing off, eyedrops somehow unsynching blink timer, etc. Enough is enough. SCP-173 being removed would be a blessing if there is genuinely no way to fix his broken mechanics at this point.
  4. Test Guide

    This is just a test guide. This is just some test images. Just seeing how things would look.
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