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Found 3 results

  1. ban appeal

    In Game Name: BadD Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69847853 Banned By: Harakoni Ban Reason: Trolling, Staff impersonation, encouraging rule breaking, constant rule breaking while no staff are on, toxic attitude and actions towards other players Why I should be Unbanned: 1/3.a)trolling/encouraging rule breaking: I told the first seeker to type retry in console(did it only once when I was new to the server and didn't know rules that well, haven't done it since then) 1 b).trolling: I kept sending links somebody didn't want(won't do it in future) 2.trolling/staff impersonation: I DIDN'T I've never told anyone that I'm an admin nor that I was demoted(more below) 4.i wasn't constantly breaking rules unless it's about sprays then I would like to make a separate appeal for that 5th. the only time I was very toxic is when I decided to attack wuffy with manzy because he warned him for prop surfing and we took it a little bit too far Other than that I was only calling new players noobs(It encouraged 1guy to "get good", also fags sometimes but in last weeks I tried to not use it that much)and about "There will now be zero tolerance for the use of Nigger, Nigga, Faggot, Fag, Chink, Coon, and whatever else you can think of under the sun in an aggressive context. " "There will be now" i was banned before it was posted in discord and even tho i can't be nice 100% of time i can try to "improve" And this is the end of me "impersonating staff" thing it's just this guy spreading it But speaking of new players(and somebody saying that i'm one of reasons why server is dead)even tho I was calling them noobs I was also doing everything I could to help them when they were asking for it(whenever it was how to: go into 3rd person,become member,fix chat/missing textures or ban/mute/gag appeals)
  2. LIST OF COOL GUYS Goodbye Breach. @ericthe1234 Coolest guy @Cpt.Haxray the CEO of the Coolest guy @Ravelord Cool guy and nigga face @Lipquip Cool guy and gay @Xy_ Cool guy and also Gay but the cool type of Gay @COSMICMISTRESS Cool guy and extremely gae @AtomicHeadphones Cool guy and nigga sex 2 @RaeTheGay Cool guy and poop sex @Supreme leader 049 Cool guy and rarted @The Templar Cool guy and omega gay @TheSnivyBro Cool guy and cool guy and cool guy and cool guy and cool guy @chan_man1 Cool guy who I didn't totally forget @Potato Masher Cool guy made funny and laugh @GlazedGoat Cool guy and co-yiff writer @Klourice Cool guy who doesn't have a GFL account and is probably mentally insane. @VilhjalmrF Cool guy who probably doesn't like me but still cool. @Pizzy Cool guy who thinks of cool only and not uncool @Dex Dex Dex Dex Dex Dex @Pyros COOL GUY YES VERY COOL @Banjo Kazooie COOL GUY YES YES YES YES YES YES Also if you ever get the impression that I hate you, you know I could never be angry. I don't dislike any of ya'll really. I'm looking at you specifically @Nicole Or you @EvilCheeseBurger, like I'd care about who banned me @wolfblade109 gay sex GAY BABY JAIL @RainGamma Made me resign. @Jameskii, fuck you Jameskii. @THE MAJORITY OF THE SERVER
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