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  • Permanent VIP is back!

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    In honor of GFL's 10th anniversary, we are happy to announce the return of permanent VIP ranks. If you intend to purchase VIP frequently, this is the way to do it! For just $79.99, you will gain VIP perks on our servers for as long as GFL remains in operation. We're only going to be offering this for a limited time, however, so if you think you might be interested in this, be sure to act before February 3, 2021. The benefits of VIP vary throughout GFL, but, in general, you can expect the following perks:


    • A reserved slot, which allows you to join servers that are full
    • Gaining access to certain VIP only events and servers
    • Custom chat tags in game
    • Player models and skins
    • A forum tag
    • The ability to skip the queue on our rust servers
    • A custom Discord tag


    Purchasing permanent VIP is just as easy as purchasing normal VIP.




    In order to purchase VIP, enter any amount into the amount field (at least $1.50), select VIP, and check the box that says "Purchase permanent VIP ($79.99)." You will be sent to paypal to pay the one time price of $79.99. Once everything is all said and done, your VIP should be working immediately. If you're currently on a games server, you will need to rejoin first.


    (NOTE: Due to a visual bug, it will say that you are donating the amount you entered in the text box and will receive VIP for a certain amount of days. As long as you have the Purchase permanent VIP option checked, the next page will display the correct summary.)


    If you have any issues with VIP after having purchased it, please post a topic here describing your issue, and I will work to get it resolved for you as soon as possible! If you have any questions or concerns, please message myself or @Liloz01


    Thanks for the great many years so far and we hope to share many more with y'all! :furretlove:


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