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  • CS:GO ZE Mapping Contest


    CS:GO ZE Mapping Contest

    We're excited to announce that GFL is partaking in a CS:GO ZE Mapping Contest alongside GUC, ggeasy, Mapeadores, Net4All, Revenant, Steam-Gamers, Supreme Elite, Zeddy Gaming, and Zombie Rage.


    How do I enter the contest?

    To enter you must create a ZE map and follow these rules:

    • Include this banner somewhere prominent in the map: https://i.imgur.com/vvlbYV9.png
    • Upload your map to https://gamebanana.com/maps/add?gameid=4660 with "CSGO ZE MAPPING CONTEST" in the description before December 7th, 12 AM CEST.
    • Follow the other rules listed in the spoiler box below:
      • Submissions must support up to 64 players.
      • Submissions must be considered "original"; rethemes, version 2's or copies of other ZE maps are not allowed.
      • Submissions can use pre-existing assets models, textures, or ZE prefabs (example) but enough work must be done to consider the submission new.
      • Each entrant may submit more than one map.
      • Each entrant's highest-ranking submission is the only one that will count. (This is to prevent entrants from winning multiple prizes)
      • Team-based entries are allowed, but the entrants will have to decide and agree on how to split any prize awarded. 
      • Entries can be modified after the deadline if it's to fix big issues (ex: server crash), but a penalty will be applied.
      • Judges cannot enter or assist entrants.
      • The size of the map may not exceed 150MB.
      • The map must be compiled with HDR lighting.

    Optionally, you can also:



    There will be five contest winners. Every community involved has pitched into the prize pool and GFL contributed $150. The prize pool is currently at a total of $600 which will be distributed as follows:

    • 1st place: $260
    • 2nd place: $175
    • 3rd place: $90
    • 4th place: $50
    • 5th place: $25

    The prize pool is subject to change as communities may join and contribute at a later date. This post will be updated to reflect any changes.



    Maps are judged against four criteria:

    • Aesthetics (Does the map look beautiful and well designed?)

    • Gameplay (Is the map balanced and fun?)

    • Replayability (Can the map be enjoyed in many ways, more than once?)

    • Originality (Are the map's assets and theme overused or original?)

    2 judges will come from each community involved!


    If you have any questions, please ask by responding to this topic or ask in the aforementioned CS:GO Mapping Contests Discord.


    Thanks to @Liloz01 for writing this announcement.

    Edited by Nick


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    Two more rules have been added to the contest:

    • The size of the map may not exceed 150MB.
    • The map must be compiled with HDR lighting.


    This is to avoid issues with FastDL and client crashes.

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    I was wondering, can I submit an old map I was working on 3 years ago but then left. The map is called ze_megaman_x and I promise it is nowhere near done, prob 10-20% done kekw.

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