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    I'm happy to announce that we (Council) have recently decided to acquire Physion. Physion is an Unturned community that is currently hosting 8 servers (3 of which are down right now due to limitations, read on). For now, Physion will remain somewhat distinct from GFL in that the servers and Discord will continue to be branded as Physion for the foreseeable future, however, there will still be some crossover. We have already invited the GFL Senior Discord Moderators to moderate the Discord server and we intend to use the GFLClan forums to host things like admin applications, ban/mute appeals, and (eventually) donations for Physion servers. Chances are, you will see a Physion section popping up within the next couple of days somewhere on these forums.


    We do not want to make any unnecessary drastic changes, particularly in relation to how the servers are setup, however, we do have some plans for Physion

    • The only staff that the community had prior to us were the owner and a developer, neither of whom are staying on board. We intend to build out a staff team for the Physion community to moderate the servers and ultimately handle the game server management, content updates, and future servers.
    • We intend to have the community adopt the GFL donation perks going forward. Previously the community had VIP, VIP+, VIP++, MVP, MVP+, MVP++, and God donator rank along with several vault upgrades. All of these will be replaced with supporter and VIP at their regular rates. Players who have purchased perks previously with Physion will retain these. It will be the same system, so any GFL donations will also have donator perks on Physion.
    • The entire community is currently ran out of a Windows VPS. The WIndows VPS is currently at its limits, partly due to having very little RAM. We have decided that the least popular servers, servers 6 - 8, will remain offline for now in order to improve performance on the more popular servers (1 - 5). We intend to replace the VPS with a dedicated Linux machine that will integrate with GFLPanel like the rest of our services. The end goal is to improve performance and to re-open servers 6 - 8. We are currently evaluating exactly how we would like to do this as we do have a few options, but we intend to move on this relatively quickly.


    Currently, myself and @Salad will serve as the community managers of Physion. @Salad will be leading the project, while I will be taking more of a support role (specifically, I intend to mostly focus on Physion's technical needs, as I do GFL). I'd also like to thank @Infra for his help in getting the Discord server organized.


    If you'd like to check Physion out, you can join their Discord using this link: https://d.physion.gg/


    We also recommend that you check out their servers (click IP to connect):


    Physion #1 - PEI (

    Physion #2 - Washington (

    Physion #3 - Russia (

    Physion #4 - Germany (

    Physion #5 - Elver (


    If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below as a comment or address them via Discord DM to myself or @Salad




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