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New Ability for SCP-079

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So SCP-079 is currently WIP and while it's WIP I got this totally o r i g i n a l idea that SCP-079 would shut down all of the lights for a couple of seconds similar to SCP-173's blind ability but everyone will get blinded.




SCP-079 Ability:

Power Outage:

This will blind everyone inside the facility for 4-7 seconds and of course it will have a   L      O     N     G  cooldown.

But since the power is out and the lights are off it will have an effect on some SCPs while the lights are off.

This will not effect any SCPs. Only players in the Class-D, Researcher, MTF Guard and Chaos Insurgency team will be blinded.

SCP-079 can access this ability in any camera by pressing 5.



Speed Boost



Can move freely



Cannot be raged



Can teleport freely



Damage Boost



Speed Boost



That is all. The rest of the SCPs get NOTHING special.

Have a fantastic wonder great happy amazing pleasant joyful day.

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