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Infamous Echo Unreal Intro

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Honestly been way to busy to even do this, I use to play heavily on GFL a very long time ago then went to a community called Browntown so really dumb crap went down and etc etc, so I move through some communities was admin for one there and developer for another, but the eventually died out like most communities due after a while, and me being busy with during that time period working on my master's degree getting out of a really bad relationship before I met my soon to be wife in a couple of months while also juggling work which being a Director of human resources makes me want to play Russian roulette with all six rounds in it, but it's not so bad the pay is good and etc wouldn't suggest it to anyone. Now present I'm currently 24 years old I've been with my fiancee for now about 2 years going on three popped the question I believe 4 or 5 months ago and going to be married on her birthday. I'm originally from Pennsylvania so yes I'm an asshole, but for different reasons we all have our own past and let's be honest this isn't story time kiddo's. Alot of people tend to get offended with what I say and honestly couldn't give a flying fack, I'll be honest I'm a sadistic asshole, so basically a troll. And I'm fully aware of the improper sentences and stuff, and here's a retort you're not my English professor so bite me. Next I've played a decent amount of video games and have of coursed watched anime only one that mainly interests me is dragon Ball series and my favorite genre of video games is Horror. And also currently Head Developer of Panda's Ttt, but it's one of the new ones and my friend had asked for my help so I agreed

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