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Nintendo64 Mapping Tool



All updates will be on Gamebanana only now:






Here is a google sheet where I listed few games that can be ripped or not:



If you are interested in ripping Rayman2,  it's a mess to do with N64 but not on PC.
Someone already ripped all areas, so you can check this: https://raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=25072


Check out the other guides:


In the other guides, I talked about a tool I was making to make some process of ripping N64 models faster.

So here it is.


Update: January 2020, the tool was updated with a remade GUI and new options


Here is a preview of some parts of the tool











So what can it do ?


  1. Convert wrl file to obj - Better than importing in Blender
  2. Delete all materials from an obj - Way faster than deleting all manually
  3. Delete all unused materials from an obj - Makes it easy to clean a obj file from useless materials
  4. Automatically create and apply materials for every objects of the model - Does it in less than a second, whereas it could take me 1 hour to texture a whole area
  5. Modify the obj file:
    • Reverse Vertex Order (explained in the guide, it can be needed for some models)
    • Scale Uniformly or Non Uniformly the model by given values
    • Rotate the model by given values
    • Merge all objects sharing a texture together
    • Sort all objects and materials by their name (alphabetically)
    • Blacklist = Delete parts of a model that use a list of given texture
  6. Obj To Smd - Convert a obj file to smd
  7. Copy all textures used by an obj file
  8. Merge together multiple obj files - You can either:
    • Merge all obj files located in a folder of your choice
    • Merge the obj files you want located anywhere
  9. Mirror a given picture - Horizontally and/or Vertically
  10. Flip a given picture - Horizontally and/or Vertically
  11. Create a transparent png picture from a bmp and its alpha (the files you get in the vrml dump)
  12. Blacklist Settings - Add games, Add textures to its blacklist (to use in Modify Obj), and copy all textures from a blacklist into a given folder





  1. October 2018 - Made the tool with Python3, command prompt. Required Python to be installed on a computer to be useable so it was meh
  2. End of 2018 - I made a C# WPF app and used IronPython to load the python script, so it didnt need Python installed to be useable by anyone
  3. April 2019 - I finally completly made it in C# with WPF
  4. January 2020 - I rewrote it completly, still in C# WPF. The tool is even faster now



How to use it


It's pretty straight-forward to use the tool, I even added small paragraph explaining what is the goal of each part of the tool. 

And some tooltip on the checkboxes of Modify Obj


No point in explaining how basic stuff work, just load the wrl/obj/picture and press buttons.



Flip Picture & Mirror Picture


The tool now include really clear examples of what Flip and Mirror do.


Texture Transparency


The tool also include example of what that does


Textures Blacklist Settings


It could be confusing on what exactly is the goal of that part of the tool, but the main goal here is for game like Rayman 2.

That game has an issue when loaded with the vrml plugin, all playermodel (and dynamic enemies) get completly distorded, so not only is it impossible to see a thing in the game, but it's also a mess in vrml dump.


Below is a model you would probably get




And here is the result after my tool deleted objects that use specific textures




So instantly, all the useless garbage gets removed.


Obviously, my tool cannot guess which texture is bad and which is good, so that's where the blacklist comes in.

You can add new games, and specify a list of textures that should be blacklisted.




In my case, I manually checked which textures were used by the distorded models and added them to the blacklist.


I also added an option to copy all blacklisted texture into a folder of your choice because why not.



Download Link


Here is the Tool: 


It comes with a .exe, a .dll and a .xml used for the texture blacklist




Old Versions:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnsbmsa5ycdnrtf/N64MappingTool_v2.rar?dl=0 (First C# WPF version)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1y59rywc8kcx67w/N64MappingTool.rar?dl=0 (IronPython version)


Original python scripts:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpa4g4ze018g6cx/N64 Converter Python2.rar?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yntubhymxqn2tjq/N64 Converter Python3.rar?dl=0






Thanks to Saddong for testing the tool when it was only Python and help me find bugs.

Thanks to 44 Colt for testing the first .exe tool and helping me figure the problems.








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Posted  Edited by Moltard

Updated the tool to be only programmed in C#

Also now it calculates the 'normals' of triangles in a model when you Apply all materials or Modify the obj.


Also updated pictures and text in the post.

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  • Added "Reverse Vertex Order" in the Wrl to Obj to be able to directly reverse on the first obj export (since some game requires it)
  • The 'select box' in Copy Texture of the Blacklist settings is now disabled if there is no game in the blacklist


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Posted  Edited by Moltard

New Update:

  • Added a Flip tool to flip texture. Which is different from Mirror
  • Added pictures of example of Flip and Mirror (see below)
  • Added pictures of example of Texture Transparency (see below)






That should be enough to explain exactly the difference between flip and mirror







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