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Jr's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Jr - Edit Reason: Steam ID didnt link

Name: Jr


Steam ID (or steam profile link): https://s.team/p/fwfc-wkrc/bpnbtnmd


Banned by: 




Ban Reason: RDM/L


Why should you be unbanned


The reason I should be unbanned is because I was slain for accidental RDM  so heres what happend dude killed some other dude for not searching a body I didnt see a body in sight atm all I saw was him one deag the other dude in the dome and I waited for him to search the body and the dude he one deag'd was inno so I called a KOS on him so I understand after the fact what I did was wrong on my part and I was going to get slain for it next round comes and I haven't been T in like 8 rounds the one round I get T instant Slain I was so pissed I just left not knowing it was a bannable offence now that I understand you cant leave while slain it will not happen again.

I understand now why I was banned but if I knew that I would've got banned for leaving I wouldn't have left If it makes it any better I will take a slay once I get back in  


Edited by Jr
Steam ID didnt link

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I believe that there was no malicious intent meant by both punishments, your ban and your slay i could see it was an accident also.

I'll Accept this appeal and unban but I will put another slay on you when you come back and this time dont leave xd

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