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banning for no reason

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Reported Player(s) Name: donchill

Reported Player(s) Steam ID (Type "status" in console to see this):  STEAM_0:0:15380487

Reasoning:  bans me for a day because i disrespected him? how can i disrespect an admin whose inactivity on the server leads to a ban where he does not follow the standard rules of admin satus on the server. If i remember carefully on the forums to becoming admin, it is said that you have to play at least 3 days a week and when i mean 3 days a week i do not mean play 8 hours a day, i mean play 10 mins on the server and then leave. That short amount of playtime on the server is enough said. how can my opinions lead to a disrespect to an admin who actually cussed at me whereas i was trying to be productive on the matter? how can you ban a player based on his opinions? i was not being rude nor salty and nor toxic towards him. you tell me!

Evidence (MUST have picture or video evidence): i wish i was more aware but i do not have any! check the logs please! 

thank you and have a nice day!

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