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24/7 Office DM MOTD

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Welcome to the GFL 24/7 Office DM Server.


  1. No Hacking: Aimbots, Wall Hacks, Bhop Scripts, ect.
  2. No Bhop assist such as Macros. Scroll Wheel and Space bar are the only allowed methods
  3. Be respectful of players
  4. No discrimination: Racism, Sexual Orientation, Religion, ect.
  5. No Child Porn shit
  6. Don't Mic Spam
  7. Don't Harass other players
  8. No advertising - this includes throwing your twitch info out there
  9. Lets keep it English over the mic. Any language is okay over the chat.
  10. Listen to the admins, don't disrespect them. They have the final say.
  11. Don't be a toxic player, nobody likes that shit
  12. If you use Awps/Autos we will probably make fun of you


General Info:

Forums: GFLClan.com

If you want to see something changed on the server. Take it to the forums. Create a topic and we will discuss it there.

Problem with an admin? Take it to the forums. Have a demo or some sort of proof of the issue.



Warn players before doing anything to them.

You are their to enforce rules, not make up new ones. However use good judgment, if someone is killing the server population address it.

Don't abuse your admin powers. Or you wont have them anymore

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