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Organic's Art Request

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Type:  Logos and Banners

Size: I need a

64x64 logo

512x512 logo

32x32 logo

64x256 banner with logo and GFLClan


It is really important they are all of the power of 2. If they aren't hammer will not accept it and yea.


(this is for the purge map btw)


Image(s):  (Insert link after the colon.) Just GFL Lookin Logo Please

Text (optional):  (Insert any text you want on your request after the colon.) GFLClan or GamesForLife

Other preferences / specifications:  (Mention any colors, themes and such that you'd like the work to be pronounced in.) GFL Theme

Requester(s):   Anyone who can make GFL Logos and Banners


Thanks <3

I may give you stage 7 cancer 

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Posted  Edited by Azura

@OrganicMartin I've made something, not sure if that's what you had in mind with this, we usually use the same logo as you can see at the forum header for everything.


Full Size (512x512)



  64x64        32x32

fihzlij.jpg     fLbiBpW.jpg









Edited by Azura


If you wish to talk to me, send me a PM but it's easier to reach me on Steam.





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