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Marshalmaniac's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Marshalmaniac


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 76561198200224591


Banned by: System


Ban Reason: Punishment evasion


Why should you be unbanned

I may have mistaken by the system. Without any warning right when I join into a new map I get permabanned, I only received one karmaban on TTT Rotation for accident mass RDM of T buddies via jihad and that's it. I look into the matter on Discord and according to wyan, Prophet of the Box the Steam ID listed from the system is 76561198200224591 despite my Steam ID being different. TFallen states the Steam ID belongs to a Gary Noonan, I do not know who that person is. There's speculation in Discord that it may either be a bug in the system or someone used a VPN and I got thrown under the bus for something I didn't do, and no I don't use VPNs. Around the same time Meoww states he couldn't open Steam, I'm not sure if it's related or not but might as well bring it up. It's plausible it may be a system issue, I talked to JapherGaffer and he stated he's having issues with mutes and how they are inconsistent. SirQuaren states that someone on TTT Anarchy named "blablabla" got banned over an hour ago and thinks the system mistook me for him, how that is I don't know. Avi states that someone by the name of "ArcticWeasel" got banned and says that player was connected to the same account that I got banned on. So far Discord cataloged three accounts being banned under on IP. I need to point out I live in an apartment so that may explain the IP situation, but I have no proof to show for it. My theory based on the evidence is that the system thought I was "blablabla" and booted me and the use of a VPN on someone else (possibly ArcticWeasel") exacerbated the issue. I request that I be unbanned since I have been thrown under the bus for an major infraction I did not commit and whoever framed me be punished to the highest degree on GFL. I'm not amused by the situation at all I want to figure out what has happened and how it will be resolved.

I'm a total wild card.

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you are 76561198200224591

blablabla is 76561198271412735

and arcticweazel is 76561197995246996

Courtesy of Wyan via Discord, to correct the typo in the report

Business Kirby

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IT Certified professional. Advanced Python, C# - Intermediate LUA, GLUA - Proficient/General PHP, HTML, XML 
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