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Captain007's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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Posted  Edited by Captain007 - Edit Reason: Punishment reason was changed from RDM to MRDM

My in-game name: 327th TS SSGT 1128 Captain

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:100804055

Reason: Attempted MRDM 1st

Admin: PapaBear

Why this should be revoked:

I was in a passive rp event when the gamemaster spawned droids almost directly on top of me. As a member of Talon squad I used my grenade launcher to kill the droids without issue. I then pressed up against the gamemaster, who was a merchant and released the droids from his crates, to help form a prisoner diamond. Although at that moment, it was just myself and 1 other blocking him in. I still had my grenade launcher out and when I clicked to swap to my pistol side arm it fired my gun instead and the grenade killed two people nearby. A Shock and a 104th who were coming to help detain the merchant. I immediately apologized and explained that it was a missclick and the other guys around understood this. The 104th in particular was in a private call with me and was cool. I genuinely did not mean to fire the grenade and PapaBear understood this and directed me to appeal here. I will be more careful in the future with swapping my weapons to avoid this situation. I really didn't mean to blow up anyone as there was not threat. Had I wanted to mass rdm, I would have kept firing as there were many others nearby. Instead, I got the medics to come over and defibrillator the guys I killed and apologized profusely. I have always tried to be careful with my aim to avoid situations like this and I never though it would come from a failed gunswap. Thank you for your time reading this and may you have a good day.
- Sincerely,


Edited by Captain007
Punishment reason was changed from RDM to MRDM


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Posted  Edited by Papabear

Hey staff bear here; I am glad you put your appeal in so fast. With that said with the circumstances of the passive and how saiyan spawned some of those droids out of nowhere and really if saiyan wanted combat. He should of done a mini event. Now i have no say in your appeal, its up to seniors. You did ardm and by guidelines, i had to ban you. My personal opinion due to what saiyan did, i feel that your ban should be reduced to 3-4 days. Still accidents do happen, and we try to be understanding but if the gm didn't spawn those, you wouldn't of pulled your ping launcher.  Good luck to you.

Edited by Papabear


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