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Profile Picture Art Request from Vextrium

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Request type:

Profile Picture



480 x 472 with an 8 bit depth and no bigger than 5 MB


Source image/render: 



Text *(optional):



Color scheme *(optional):

Grey and Black



So, its my best friends birthday in a few weeks and he's never had a custom profile picture. And hes a HUGE Naruto fan. (Minato specifically, the character I posted above) and he really likes the way that I have my profile picture made, he loves the drawing style of it and the black and grey color scheme of it. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to turn the picture I posted above into something thats similar to the way that I have my profile picture, or something along those lines that he can use as his own profile picture. Thanks!


Additional information: 


Vextrium ❤️


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