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Mystaldi's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Mystaldi


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:39581064


Banned by: System


Ban Reason: Karma Ban


Why should you be unbanned

Had super bad luck - first round of the map a detective attempted to RDM me after me and another innocent player had a crowbar fight that was announced and agreed upon. Other innocent players attacked me after this round and I killed them, ultimately getting my karma to about 800. After this I shot an innocent player who was T baiting and another player who shot me for it which ended in me getting karma banned. I have been keen to not cause any trouble, I promise I was not trying to get banned, again it was just horribly awful luck.

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Based on the testimony given here and the one verified by the admin present during the time of the ban (Ketter), I will be removing this ban. However, there are a couple things that I would like to address.


The first thing you mention here is the detective attempting to RDM you after you had a consensual crowbar fight with a player (and I assume you killed them after that). I would like to make it clear that although it was consensual between the two parties, it does not excuse the fact that it is still RDM. That player has every right to kill you, unless it was in the middle of a gunfight that they joined in or didn't let you ID the bodies. So please be aware of that next time, as I've tended to notice you kill proven players like that even though they're in the right for trying to kill you.


The second thing which follows this is your excessiveness of carrying unid bodies. Yes, in this situation and from what I've been told, this did not occur. However, it's been continuous behavior that many players have been concerned about, and given that most of the time you do this the player is a traitor that you killed, many people have been hesitant to kill you if it means losing a proven player. It's also a worry that you'd kill them for trying to kill you, similar to the situation above, even though they're completely in the right for it, and sometimes it's just for IDing the body for that matter. It's something that we as staff have resilient to address for a while but I would to bring it up now because we will be warning for this if this does not stop. At the end of the day it's karmabaiting in it's simplicity, and the players are just in as much of the right to kill you for it even though it means you'd be taking the death like a chump. 


With that being said, appeal accepted, and please keep these in mind when you're playing and to watch out for your karma.

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