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MC FACTIONS EVENT (April 2022) - Rules

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Faction Rules 

(subject to change)



All main GFL rules apply. (This includes rules about explicit content, racism, etc)


Duping of items is not allowed.


Raiding bases is allowed during wartime.


Exploiting the game in unintended ways is prohibited


Using third party “hack” clients is prohibited. This includes anything like Kill aura, mining bots, pvp bots, xray, etc. 


Insiding (The act of joining a faction simply to destroy it) is prohibited. (This includes, but is not limited to, using alt accounts to join other factions to “inside” other factions.)


Griefing is prohibited.


Combat logging, and Combat Teleporting (via commands) is not allowed. 
(Note, getting to a hiding spot where the other combatants cannot find you, waiting for 60 seconds then starting your TP timer is not combat teleporting. Thats escaping.)


Getting to the roof of the nether is not allowed, as well as building below the Bedrock layer.

Crashing the server intentionally, for any reason, is strictly prohibited and will be met with an immediate ban.


Finding an exploit with the plugins and abusing it instead of reporting it is met with a ban. 


Factions may claim large areas based on their power (1chunk/1power), however, placing random small chunk claims around the map is considered clutter/griefing.

Nicknaming yourself as another players nickname to get teleport access to others bases is not allowed. /Nick is a privilege right now.


Alting, even when not abused, is not allowed. This is due to farming FACTION POWER, Invincible banks, bypassing intended limits with home teleports, and AFK farming.


To start a raid - Please post in chat that you are raiding. This is how we can officially note the raid has started. A message such as "Time to get raided, imperial GFLDS scum!" works. A message of "lol rot" is not acceptable. (also just a personal thing pls tell me so I can record thx)
Using TNT to get into peoples bases is fine, but raids are not the time to completely wipe out another faction. Especially considering this could be an offline raid. Some minor destruction when breaching in, and getting loot is acceptable. Cratering a base during a raid is not.
If you raid another, it gives them the right to call for war against you. This is a time when both bases will be able to be destroyed by eachother. 

Blockspamming during a raid to trap people is not allowed.

TPing out of combat during a raid is not allowed.

To call a war, post it publicly on the server AND Discord, with an @ to the faction being declared on. Polo, Avi, and Myself can all help to set the time of the war as we do want a 2-3 hour period for this to occur (this way so we get some SICK camera shots)
During this time, your goal is to force your opponent to submit. At the end of the war, which is called by either faction to go to negotiations, we will utilize a discord channel for terms between the two. Either peace, surrender, or what have you.

This is not something to be done lightly. This likely will result in massive damage to your base, and your economy. 


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