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yupyup0666's Hightower Player Report

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Player Name ice11dragonalt

Player Steam ID STEAM_0:0:650336364


Your Name yupyup0666

Your Steam ID STEAM_0:0:615267396


Tell us what happen 

Dude's cheating


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 



Also u can review the demo obviously, probably looked much more suspicious than what I was seeing since he definitely was looking at ppl thru walls

also a previous nickname of him is "cl_interp 0.5", which is what many cheaters who use backtracking/fake latency use as an excuse. increasing cl_interp can only give you a disadvantage as you're seeing things with a *delay*, and whilst you can get some unfair kills once in awhile the vast majority of the time you'd just end up dying to a person you couldn't even see yet. with backtracking however, you can see the person in realtime, the past and in between. there's no disadvantage to that, making them hit shots extremely consistently *which you can't do with cl_interp manipulation*

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Posted  Edited by Dragoon

When it comes to this evidence, there are a few things that I'm unsure about. I'm going to summarize a few points that someone else helped with some advisory on as a reason why I'd like to hear a response from you before going any further.

1: The Server itself has some lag. You're going to see what the Server sees in Spectator Mode, and as a result, things can be a bit behind what's actually going on. A good example would be that kill at the end. Although it doesn't really look good, it can also still plausibly be an extremity of this point.
2: Wallhack and Backtracking aren't provable here. This is due in part to the fact that your Mods remove the outlines of Players in Spectator, which means that we can't see if they are particularly following anyone from behind the Hightower during the few times that it happens. Otherwise, adding onto the aforementioned lag, they're also looking at areas that are normal for people to be searching around at.

3: There's not really a large amount of things that stand out and definitively show anything to garner a good amount of suspicion, even if there is always the occasional shot which looks questionable. It's entirely possible that the user is an experienced Sniper using a newly created account just to mess around with other people, and some of what's presented hints that it is one possible scenario... Additionally, the section at 2:23 looks to be cut, and it's usually strange to see in a report.


I'll follow this post in order to see a response quicker. If there's anything else that you have that can show that the user in question is cheating, I ask that you please put it here once you have the time. Thank you for reading.

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