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[Announcement] Mapeadores Zombie Apocalypse ZE Map Contest

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Hello! I'm happy to announce that GFL will be co-sponsoring the Mapeadores Zombie Apocalypse ZE Map Contest.


Participants will create a CS:GO Zombie Escape map where a feasible zombie apocalypse could take place. Mappers will have 3 months to create their maps. Final submissions must be submitted by October 1. The prizes are as follows:


1st Place - $350
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $150

Best Up-And-Coming Mapper - $150
Most Innovative Runner Up - $50
Best Aesthetic Runner Up - $50


GFL will be contributing $150 to the prize pool.


If you're interested in participating in the event (or are interested in following the event), we invite you to join the contest Discord, where you'll find rules and other important information about the competition.


If you have any questions about the event, we ask that you direct those to the #questions chat within the contest Discord as the event organizers will be able to respond to you there.


Contest Discord: https://discord.gg/4yM9cfswQD


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