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gug_official's Hightower Player Report

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Name doubtful
ID STEAM_0:0:447031397


Tell us what happen 

Very obvious cheats and admitted to it on recording
in the first clip he admits then in the second one, very obvious cheater backstab



Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 



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Hello, after reviewing the evidence present, we've come to the conclusion that the reported player is not cheating, and we have come to this conclusion for two reasons.

1. A player saying that they use cheats isn't enough for us to ban them, as it would have to coincide with proof of them having a hack client. Simple admission is not enough.

2. In the clip where you are backstabbed by the reported, after looking over the video, we noted that the scout that was in-front of you was not actually the reported player, meaning that the backstab is legitimate. (See image attached)

Thank you for your report though, and if you suspect anyone else of cheating in the future, you are free to report them, however we ask that you have more solid evidence for any future reports.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 11.47.41 PM.png

gaming time hee hoo

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