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my BASED idea for making restless more aggressive

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right now the restless starts with 5 revives for free, and what i often see is that restless players often sit and wait until most other players are killed before they go off to eliminate the rest


i think people don't really do this consciously, it's just how the mechanics of the role encourage you to play


my epic idea is to make it so the restless starts with NO revives, but can earn up to 5 revives by killing players, and in return maybe give the restless the radar so they can find players to kill


i think this would make the restless a much more active role early in the round instead of late in the round since now they're encouraged to start killing immediately to secure some revives, and if it makes the restless too weak maybe they can start with 1 revive in case they get unlucky and just die in the beginning

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ik this is unlikely to be implemented in the server but if other people think it's a good idea then i will find the author and blackmail them into implementing it

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